New Files

PSPad editor 4.5.9 Jan Fiala 

Development \ HTML Editors

PSPad editor is a programmers editor with support for multiple syntax highlighting profiles. It comes with a hex editor, CP conversion, text differences, templates, macros, spellcheck option, auto-completion, Code Explorer and much more. The program is pre-configured for the most popular programming languages (VB, C++, SQL, PHP, ASP, Python etc.). Free download of PSPad editor 4.5.9, size 4.73 Mb.

FrostWire SpeedUp Pro 4.0.0 Boost Your Downloads 

Internet \ File Sharing

FrostWire Speed up Pro is a must-have add-on module for the FrostWire p2p client users who want the most out of their file sharing application. Its functionality supports that of your p2p client, meaning that you get to download your files faster and safer since this light utility flawlessly integrates into FrostWire native client solely with this. Freeware download of FrostWire SpeedUp Pro 4.0.0, size 800.77 Kb.

eDonkey Acceleration Patch 6.4.0 Download Boosters 

Internet \ File Sharing

eDonkey Acceleration Patch is a powerful accelerator designed to speed up your eDonkey file sharing program. You will download MP3s, movies and other desired files faster than ever. The add-on will ensure that your bandwidth is used to its highest capability. Also the booster will help you find more sources to download. It is free and do not. Freeware download of eDonkey Acceleration Patch 6.4.0, size 2.02 Mb.

eMule Acceleration Tool 3.4.0 P2PAccelerators 

Internet \ File Sharing

eMule Acceleration Tool is a new add-on for eMule file sharing program. Latest technology implemented will enable you to download MP3s, movies and other desired files faster than ever. The program will ensure that your bandwidth is used to its highest capability. Also the booster will help you find more sources to download. It is free and do not. Freeware download of eMule Acceleration Tool 3.4.0, size 2.06 Mb.

Hidden Windows 7 Features 1.0.0 Theropods Ltd 

Utilities \ Tweaks

Many useful features in Windows 7 are hidden. These features can be enabled by editing Windows registry. Manual editing of Windows registry is long and not so easy process. With Hidden Windows 7 Features are hidden features available with one click. Hidden Windows 7 Features allows: add items to My Computer such as recycle bin, control panel, run,. Freeware download of Hidden Windows 7 Features 1.0.0, size 15.75 Mb.

Traffic Travis 4 Myrasoft 

Web Development \ Site Administration

Traffic Travis is an all-in-one SEO program that will help you improve your website's search engine rankings. This software uncovers profitable keywords and easily optimizes your website for those new keywords opportunities. It performs a full SEO health check on any website, uncovers technical mistakes that may affect your rankings, finds out. Free download of Traffic Travis 4, size 657.39 Kb.

UltraBooster for Shareaza 3.3.0 UltraBoosters 

Internet \ File Sharing

Shareaza UltraBooster is a very helpful download-enhancer patch for Shareaza P2P file sharing application that uses advanced technology to improve connection to peers, supplement the download sources and bump up your download speeds. While being extremely low on resource consumption the app hides a well-built engine designed to. Freeware download of UltraBooster for Shareaza 3.3.0, size 845.82 Kb.

Vuze Download Thruster 2.9.0 Download Thrusters 

Internet \ File Sharing

Vuze Download Thruster is currently one of the most dedicated p2p plug-in for Vuze file sharing program meant to increase the performance of the latter and help it overcome the speed barriers. Simple and convenient from its interface to the mode it operates, Vuze Download Thruster comes as a strong recommendation for file sharers looking. Freeware download of Vuze Download Thruster 2.9.0, size 843.78 Kb.

Miraplacid Text Driver SDK 6.0 Miraplacid 

Development \ Components and Libraries

SDK generates virtual printer driver with all the functionality you find in Miraplacid Text Driver. You can customize it and embed into your software to extract text from documents. SDK supports plain and formatted text extraction in all major code pages as well as Unicode. SDK is free, but you will need a license to use or redistribute the printer. Free download of Miraplacid Text Driver SDK 6.0, size 6.84 Mb.

Opera Mac Opera Software ASA 

Internet \ Web Browsers

Opera for Mac is a fast and refined web browser that has been crafted with individuals in mind. It offers a secure, efficient and personalized way to browse and comes with features that help you get the most out of the web. *The Discover. Freeware download of Opera Mac, size 667 b.

First PDF 3.5 Sautin Software 

Utilities \ Text Editors

First PDF will allow you to convert your scanned PDF files into word documents, HTML, Excel files and various image formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF etc. One of the things that makes it very handy is that it supports batch conversion. This means that you will be able to simultaneously convert as many files as you desiread simple!

Wargame project Dark Ambassador Studios 

Games \ Strategy

WargameProject is a sophisticated turn-based strategy game in a pseudomedieval fantasy world. It can be played Single player (Campaign) or network multiplayer (Battle Server). There are 3 playing sides in the game - Men, Dwarves and Dark. Each has unique gameplay feel and mechanics. The key features are rich unit model and sophisticated weapon. Freeware download of Wargame project, size 22.58 Mb.

Elmedia Player 5.1 Eltima Mac Software 

Multimedia \ Video Players

Elmedia is a free media player for Mac that supports various audio & video formats, including FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, DAT, MP3, etc. The app features built-in web browser that allows you to watch online videos directly from the app, while Open URL enables you to do it without noisy ads. There is plenty Elmedia offers to enhance your. Freeware download of Elmedia Player 5.1, size 31.15 Mb.

Visual SEO Studio Federico Sasso 

Internet \ Search Tools

Visual SEO Studio is a desktop SEO Audit Tool, a Visual approach to make SEO tasks quick and easy. The program lets you Crawl one or more sites in parallel with its Interactive Web Spider, Spot on-site issues at a glance, Save Page Screenshot miniatures and see where the browser fold lays, visually edit robots.txt and XML Sitemaps. Free download of Visual SEO Studio, size 4.17 Mb.

BarDecode.NET 1.0.0 Bardecode SRL 

Development \ Components and Libraries

BarDecode.NET is a collection of libraries that enable you to add barcode recognition features to your application. With just a few lines of code you may read 1D and 2D barcode symbols from your images. Highly. Free download of BarDecode.NET 1.0.0, size 1.04 Mb.

PureVPN Windows VPN Software 4.1.2 GZ Systems Ltd. 

Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

PureVPN maintains over 450+ servers in 89+ countries. It offers over 77,000 IPs to access all restricted content with full anonymity and security. The Windows VPN software features include: 1- Free Trial: Users who want to experience the many benefits offered by PureVPN can avail PureVPN's Free 3-day Trial offer. The trial is available. Free download of PureVPN Windows VPN Software 4.1.2, size 11.31 Mb.

EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK EaseFilter Inc. 

Development \ Components and Libraries

A file system filter driver intercepts requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. By intercepting the request before it reaches its intended target, the filter driver can extend or replace functionality provided by the original target of the request. It is developed primarily to allow the addition of new functionality. Free download of EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK, size 1.70 Mb.

Take Command x64 17.00.77 JP Software 

Utilities \ Shell Utilities

Take Command offers a new approach to working in Windows, bringing users the power of the command line and the ease of use of the Windows interface. Take Command supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files, and adds thousands of new features, giving you more power and flexibility than you ever imagined. And CMD and PowerShell users will love. Free download of Take Command x64 17.00.77, size 23.45 Mb.

PayPunch Enterprise 9.34.238 Xpress Software Inc. 


PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees’ attendance. Instead of employees punching a time-card, they simply insert their hand into the reader and enter their employee number. PayPunch does the rest! PayPunch ROI is absolutely outstanding and it can pay for. Free download of PayPunch Enterprise 9.34.238, size 24.38 Mb.

SAM DJ 2014.7 Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

SAM DJ is a fully featured, professional DJ system designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding mobile DJs! If you are serious about your music, then SAM DJ is for you! Features dual decks, crossfading, beat matching, karaoke, gap killer, large media library support, drag & drop management, instant song search, album cover. Free download of SAM DJ 2014.7, size 18.90 Mb.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery MacOS 5 SysDev Laboratories LLC 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a full-featured software application designed exclusively for data recovery specialists. The application successfully combines law-level data analysis and data management functions with high-level data recovery tools. This is the only software of the UFS Explorer group that allows to alter original information. Free download of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery MacOS 5, size 11.66 Mb.

Middlesurf VPN 2.0 Middlesurf Inc. 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

Get a free limited Trial account now to test the quality of the service and unblock almost all websites in almost all countries. . Free download of Middlesurf VPN 2.0, size 5.42 Mb.

Citrio 41.0.2272.253 Catalina Group Ltd 

Internet \ Web Browsers

Citrio is a new generation browser that comprises a wide array of functions that reach far beyond simple web browsing. With Citrio you can download media files, surf web via proxy servers, grab video files without any additional software, instantaneously share link via social media and much more. Citrio is absolutely free, easy to use and has a. Freeware download of Citrio 41.0.2272.253, size 733.18 Kb.

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server 1.0 Devart 

Development \ Database

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server is a powerful GUI tool for a fast generation of large volumes of SQL Server test table data. dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server can save your time and effort spent on test data generation by populating SQL Server tables with millions of customizable rows of test data. *. Free download of dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server 1.0, size 16.38 Mb.