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We know what its like: youve got your shoes laced up, your favorite jam blasting, and youre ready to pound the pavement but even with a healthy diet and consistent exercise, youre still not working as hard as you could and getting the results you want. Its not a magic fat zapping bullet, but with 20Fit well help you push yourself beyond what you thought possible.

20Fit's built around a 20 minute interval system, alternating periods of sprinting and running and so producing the same cardiovascular impact as 2 hours of road running. Its based on a recent study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where researchers discovered that certain timed intervals of high and low impact cardio allowed the body to produce higher levels of catecholamines (a fat burning hormone).

So just to reiterate: with 20Fit, you could potentially reduce six hours of jogging into just 60 minutes of intense, sweat dripping bursts and get the same results which leaves you more time to do everything else, whether thats power lifting, yoga, or just looking at pictures of cats on the internet. But the best part? It's free. So if youre not satisfied, well, at least youve got doughnut money.

The study can be found here: http://goo.gl/Hq7zw

How do I use 20Fit?
While 20Fit is great for running and bicycling, we think 20Fit works best on the elliptical. Simply choose a comfortable resistance to start off on and when the app instructs you to sprint, give it your all until the app instructs you to walk again. As easy as pie!


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