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In this course, trainer Joe Albano explains how sound interacts and is modified by the listening environment. Learn the powerful influence of acoustics on our perception and the propagation of sound. How we hear sound is greatly influenced ...


In this course, trainer Joe Albano explains how sound interacts and is modified by the listening environment. Learn the powerful influence of acoustics on our perception and the propagation of sound.

How we hear sound is greatly influenced by where we are physically in relationship to where the sound emanates from. Understanding how sound is shaped, colored and transformed by the listening environment is essential knowledge when designing a studio and recreating acoustical phenomena in sound design and mixing.

In this course, you learn all about the wavelength, absorption, reflection, transmission of sound in the real world. You also learn all about phase, polarity and interference and how these physical properties determine why sound "sounds" the way it does!

From there, expert engineer Joe Albano dives into phenomena like Comb Filtering, the Haas Effect, Standing Waves and other phenomena that can impact direct and reflected sound. The final two sections in this course zoom in on Room Treatment and Sound Proofing - essential knowledge for anyone designing or modifying a listening space or designing their own studio.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Acoustics: Wavelength
2. The Inverse Square Law: Audibility of Level Differences
3. Sound Waves: Absorption, Transmission, Reflection
4. Reflection & Phase Interference: Phase vs Polarity
5. Comb Filtering
6. The Haas Effect
7. Standing Waves (Room Modes)
8. Standing Waves
9. Mid/High-Frequency Reflections
10. The Sweet Spot; Near-Field Monitoring
11. Soundproofing a Floating Room
12. Constructing a Soundproof Studio

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