blob, a StrongARM boot loader 2

Blob in Utilities \ Maintenance

Blob is a boot loader for SA11x0 (StrongARM) platforms. Blob isable to boot a Linux kernel stored in flash or RAM and provide thatkernel with a ramdisk (again from flash or RAM). blob, a StrongARM boot loader 2 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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AVR Hexfile Boot Loader 0.4 Kavr  Maintenance

kavr (pronounced caviar) is an Atmel AVR boot loader written entirely in GNU C. kavr is tiny (less than 512 bytes). No special tools are required on the host PC for updating AVR firmware. Any serial port terminal works fine with kavr. AVR Hexfile Boot Loader 0.4 License - GNU General Public...

GRUB for DOS 0.4.4 tinybit  Misc. Utils.

GRUB for DOS is a multi-boot loader or boot manager based on GNU GRUB. GRUB for DOS works in various environments like DOS, Windows9x/NT/2K/XP, and Linux.Because the booted GRUB is in real mode, GRUB for DOS can be used as a boot manager for almost all operating systems on the computer's disks.

Spark Loader 2.0 Osama's Lab  Misc. Dev. Tools

Spark Loader is a boot loader for AVR microcontrollers, it is used for programming flash and EEPROM using a serial link (USB to Serial converters can be used) between your computer and the microcontroller through any free COM (or USB) port. Spark Loader consists of two parts: 1. On - chip boot...

VistaBootPRO 3 3 PROnetworks  Utilities

Vista BootPro allows you to configure multiple operating system installations, this isnt something new but even thought Windows Vista improved a lot windows boot loader, it also makes it more difficult to configure or repair it. A bootloader is a registry on the computer hard disk that lists...

UMass Lowell Handyboard Loader 1.23  Science

Easy, reliable, and complete Handy Board / 68HC11 boot loader from UMass Lowell

MegaLoad 1.0.3256 MicroSyl  Web Development

MegaLoad is a Windows based boot loader for all Atmel ATMega microcontrollers that support the Bootloader function. MegaLoad is a solution for everybody who wants fast loading (~8k in 3 seconds) and easy software upgrade via MCU RS232 port. Main features: - support device larger than 128k...

openboot 0.4.0  Misc. Utils.

OpenBoot is a boot loader supporting multi CPU-architectures. It is configurable and portable, and its source codes are enough clear to read.

Universal JTAG Flash Programmer 1.0 Ujtagp  Science

PROJECT IS DISCUNTINUED This project is about to contain information how to write data like boot loader into various flash devices on diffrent CPUs trough JTAG interface Universal JTAG Flash Programmer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

aGRUB 1.0 Agrub  Misc. Dev. Tools

The goal of this project is to provide support to render correctly arabic glyphs in the GRUB boot loader. aGRUB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Fasting Bootup Code 1.0 Hyperwoo  PC Information

This is a project for developing fast boot up linux kernel. For fast boot up, it includes boot loader stage, kernel stage, and user space stage. For developer's convenience, several tools provided to measure the time stamps, and debugging. Fasting Bootup Code 1.0 License - GNU General...