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BridgeEngineeringCalculator Download

Bridge Engineering Calculator contains 90 Calculators and Converters, that can quickly and easily calculate and convert different Bridge, Suspension Cable and Civil Engineering parameters. Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. Available in Imperial and Metric Units. Most Comprehensive Bridge and Suspension Cable Calculator.
Bridge Engineering Calculator contains following 58 Calculators:
Shear Capacity of Flexural Members
Critical Ratio
Effective Length Factor
Slenderness Ratio
Allowable Stress - Concentrically Loaded Columns (Slenderness Ratio < Critical Ratio)
Maximum Load - Compression Members
Buckling Stress (Slenderness Ratio <= Critical Ratio)
Q Factor
Buckling Stress (Q Factor <= 1)
Moment Gradient Factor
Allowable Unit Stress in Bending
Moment of Inertia (Longitudinal Stiffeners)
Allowable Bearing Stress for Bolts
Maximum Bending Strength (Compact Moments)
Minimum Web Thickness (Compact Moments)
Allowable Bearing Stress (Milled Stiffeners)
Allowable Bearing Stress on Pins subject to Rotation
Unit Stress in Steel (Shored Members)
Horizontal Shear Range at the Juncture of Slab and Beam
Horizontal Shear (Allowable Range) - Channels with Fillet Welds
Force in Slab - Maximum Positive Moment (Steel Section)
Number of Shear Connectors
Ultimate Shear Strength of Connectors in Bridges (Welded Studs)
Allowable Shear Stress (Highway Bridges)
Midspan Cable Tension
Tension at Supports of the Cable
Cable Length
Catenary Parameter
Catenary Cable Sag Distance
Span Length
Tension at any point
Elastic Elongation (Parabolic Cable)
Change in Sag
Initial Shape of Cable
Vertical Deflection of Cable due to Live Load
Natural Frequency of Cable
Change in Tension

Bridge Engineering Calculator contains following 32 Converters:
Flow Rate (Mass)
Specific Volume
Viscosity (Dynamic)


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