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Perfect for your Super Bowl party. Ideal for football games throughout the weekend and Monday night. This UNIQUE app provides extra fun for all ages and with any number of friends while watching the game and will keep you engaged. I can almost GUARANTEE to you this app is not what you expect it to be. I say this because I literally made it up. Its not a typical app. No matter who you are I truly believe this app will appeal to you. I know because I've used it with buds and had fun. I've used it with my son's friends and they had fun.

First off, I hope you enjoy using these apps! Get a few friends and give it a try. I love the concept of multiple phones working together socially. That is why I wrote this app to work on the iPhone, Windows Phone, and HP/Palm Pre. But I also wrote it so that the phones work together. The general idea is that you invite a bunch of friends over for a football game (Super Bowl for sure). You decide a prize and start up the app. With each score on the field, someone playing your game wins. This could be something good, like choice candy, a cup of quaters that everyone chipped in, or a special trophy until the next winner. Or it can be something bad, like a a wig or clothing they have to wear until the next winner.

The cool part is that everyone you want to play that has a iPhone, Windows Phone, or a HP/Palm Pre will be able to join you. They can be in your house or across the world. Start this app and enter the same game name and password. Pictures will rotate from phone to phone every 2 minutes (or whatever duration you set as the host). When a team on the field scores, the phone with the picture to match the way the point were scored wins. They get that cup of quarters, candy from the grab bag, or they get to wear that crazy rainbow wig until the next winner, etc... Keep playing until the real football game ends.


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