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This is the free version with limited features and has advertisement. For completed features, please purchase the full version.

Finally windows phone 8 has a real aquarium. You have played aquarium apps on iOS and android before, and now you can get one for your windows phone. This aquarium app has more advanced features than those on iOS and android. You can get all features below in the full version .

*Disable lock screen to become a screen saver
*Select from 4 backgrounds
*Select from 180+ fish and 20+ categories.
*Have at most 20 fish swim in the tank
*Support portrait/landscape
*Single/batch select/add/update/delete fish
*Set swimming targets, including out/edge/inside of aquarium
*Set swimming areas, including normal/bottom/top of aquarium
*Set food types, including normal/purple/azure windows icon
*Learn fish categories and names
*Save/load your favorite fish.
*Set the speed of fish, bubbles, light and food
*Switch on/off the light and bubble.
*Turn on/off vibration when a fish speeds up upon being touched on.
*Transform fish into ghost
*Lock orientation and movement of the aquarium.

It's fun to see fishing season when you set all speed factors to big numbers, like 9 or 10. Customize and watch the effects.


Recovered back to the original revenue model.


Make settings and fish swap available in free version with time limit of 2 days.


Added Disable lock screen option in settings page.


1. Added loading screen for devices with lower specification.
2. Fixed a bug that causes app crash when it's reactivated after the home button is pressed in landscape.
3. Fixed touch accuracy issue on WXGA and 720p


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