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Prolist is Auto Check Update Apps from list prolist

Prolist the apps that integrate with popular applications by separating them into groups as follows
- Group Nokia
- Group HTC
- Group Samsung
- Group Apps Hits
- Group Games Hits
- Group New Today
- Group Update Today
- Group The Big Thing
- Group Favorites

** Register for Add favorites to Database when your Hard-Reset you can login with username and show favorites again **

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New Future Prolist 5.3.15
- You can share link My Favorites
[Prolist > Page Favorites and share below]
link example:

Future Prolist 5.3.0
- Transparent Icon
- Performance improvement

Future Prolist 5.2.0
- Add Page Promotion
- Performance improvement

Future Prolist 5.1.0
- Add System Member
• Login
• Register
• forgetPassword
• Profile
- Performance improvement
- Other

New Future Prolist 5.0.0
- Change Icon and App UI
- New Setting Set Theme Light
- New Setting Set Startup MainPage
- Performance improvement

Future Prolist 4.9.0
- Tile amendment which would each category separately. (Ex. pin tile Nokia, it only shows Nokia)
- New Setting Menu Show History maximum 5 day and Setting Sort By..[Default, Data add, Download]
- New Page Microsoft and Dev Thai
- Performance improvement

Future Prolist 4.7.9
- Add Reload Button
- Add Pin TIle Favorites
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Future Prolist 4.7.8
- Add Page Favorites
- Add Search (Search for Prolist Only)

Future Prolist 4.7.5
- Available on the website at
menu > Gen Password for Use On Web
Noet: One-time Password
- Fix Bug when tap some app it will open for first time then we tap back and again tap to same apps means it won't respond and not opening

Future Prolist 4.7.3
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Future Prolist 4.7.2
- Change to New Server

Future Prolist 4.7.1
- Chang UI
- Remove notification application updates Tile and balloon
- Add Pin Tile
- Add Group 'The Big Thing'
- Add menu 'CuteDev Apps'
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Future Prolist 4.6.7
- Add Show only popular apps for Apps Hits
- Add Show only popular apps for Games Hits
- Move Settings Menu
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Future Prolist 4.6.2
- Show Star Rating


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