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**Added music and beautiful CGs!! (translate revised)**
==The Plot of 'Purelove'==
"I would like a take out...and by that I mean YOU! "

Debuting in Japan's entertainment world !?
The heroine (you) is a foreign student that came from another country that arrived to Japan. There was a day that when she was suddenly scouted when a client (President of a Leading Entertainment firm) came into the place where she is working.
Adult love is to be taught to the three beautiful and older idols named "Pureness". Single-minded love to be nurture with two idols named "PureBoys" who are like young classmates.
With a pure ray of light... you finally debut on the stage of love in the entertainment industry that full of lies and maneuvering!

*****Here are your TARGETS in 'Purelove'!*****
A member of the idol group "Pureness"
Although he's calm and collected, there are times when you can feel that he's actually looking out for you.
His younger brother is in ""Pureboys"". Are they going to become rivals, or...

The leader of the idol group "Pureness"
He's very popular and charismatic, but is this just an act?
He will teach you all there is when you fall in love with an adult.

A member of the idol group "Pureness"
Perhaps one can say that he's the angel of ""Pureness""? He gets along quite well with the heroine since they are both foreigners in the country.
Although he looks sweet and kind, you might learn a thing or two from his pushy side...

The leader of the idol group "PureBoys"
Energetic and cute
He is the younger brother of Masa in "Pureness". Is he jealous of his older brother? Can you and him get through all the obsticles and find the true love?

A member of the idol group "PureBoys"
He's a trickster...especially to the pretty girls who are in his target range...
There's a secret to his birth. He's always around the heroine, but some people say that he's actually the thoroughbred of the show business...

==You are the heroine!==
You will become the heroine in the novels, and you will be able to have a lot of interesting romantic experience! There are novels where your choice will affect the ending. Moreover, there are more than one character you can go after. The more you play, the better you can understand the story!

== There are many Romantic illustrations in this application!==
We aim to provide you with the best quality from popular artists and illustrators! These illustrations can be seen if you use items to collect them into the ALBUM. You can view them any time you like!

== Let's get the party started!==
You will be able to see everyone's comments LIVE! You can comment as much as you want per scene. Don't like that? No problem, just go to SETTINGS and you will be able to turn off the comment ticker.

==It's all for free!==
This application is free until midway through the story. However, if you spend 'JEWEL', you will be able to read the stories for free. As a login bonus, you can also earn 'JEWEL' for free.
For those who would like to read at their own pace, it is possible to purchase an item called the 'NOVEL PASSPORT'. This will allow you to read ahead even when you are out of 'JEWEL'. Besides, you can read as many times as you want! Now that's a great deal, isn't it?

==More Stories await you!==
Right now, we have novels in the categories of school life, first love, idols, suspense, history, comedy...etc. More stories will be added each month! Check them out when you can!


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