Sentences 1.00

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The program "Sentences" allows users to have a database of various sentences in any language, and provides easy use of them. Generally speaking, it is an original dictionary of the typical sentences (or expressions). This program allows users to considerably reduce the amount of time of the creation of a text using these patterns. You simply select the necessary sentence, and copy it into the clipboard for use in other programs. You...

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English Sentences Quiz 1.10.0008 Image Intelligence Software Ltd.  Miscellaneous

English Sentences Quiz is an educational tool designed to help you improve your English language. The application also allows you to test your English vocabulary by answering a set of questions. Your task is to choose one of the four words / expressions that are suitable for the phrase....

ESL - Put the Sentences in Order 1.0.0005 Image Intelligence Software Ltd.  Miscellaneous

ESL - Put the Sentences in Order is developed as a small tool that allows you to test your English language skills by taking a simple quiz. All you have to do is to put the sentences in the correct order, for all the phrases in the quiz. ESL - Put the Sentences in Order is developed in the Java...

Japanese English Sentence Explorer 1.1 Mount WoodSong  Language

A software for learning Japanese and English by checking Japanese-English sentences. From our view, the best way is to learn how to use the most commonly used words by reading some examples that are used in normal life. The main features include: 1) Provide bilingual sentence pairs and...

Chinese English Sentence Explorer 2.0 Mount WoodSong  Teaching Tools

We design this software for the persons who want to learn Chinese and English. From our view, the best way is to learn the most commonly used words by checking bilingual sentence pairs that are used in normal life. Features include: * Provide Chinese word examination. * Provide bilingual...

Sentence Counter Software 7.0 Sobolsoft  Misc. Inf. Tools

Count the number of sentences in any length of text. Text can be loaded from file or pasted from clipboard.

Syntactic parser of English sentences  Science

Syntactic parser of English sentences is simple parser with enhanced Chomsky's grammar that generates tree structure based on input sentence.

Sentences calculator 1.0 Sentencescalcul  Misc. Dev. Tools

OpenOffice extension, which displays the result of a document sentences, in the purpose to practice the kind of brain training described in Sentences calculator 1.0 License - Creative Commons Attribution License

MoveEd 1.00 Artem Zankovich  Office Tools

MoveEd plug-in (32-bit) Navigates by sentences, paragraphs and functions Install: Run and extract files to the PlugIns folder.

365 Practical Chinese Sentences 1.0.3 Miracle Mandarin Chinese School  Education

First steps in China, Are you struggling with the language barrier? Miracle Mandarin 365 Sentences application whether in sightseeing, traveling, studying, or communication with others is your indispensable assistant! We selected a variety of 365 spoken phrases which cover 20 most practical...

GRE Verbal (Sentences) 1.1.0 Thanh Vu Truong  Education

GRE Verbal (Sentences) provides about 180 questions. The sentence completion questions ask you to choose the best way to complete a sentence from which one or two words have been omitted. You must be able to recognize the logic, style, and tone of the sentence so that you will be able to choose...