Simple Analog Clock 11 5

Opera widgets in Internet

Simple Analog Clock is an Opera widget that puts an analog clock in your desktop. As every Opera widget, this application will run even if you do not have the Opera browser running (but you will need to have it installed). Each widget runs like a desktop application in a separate process, providing more speed, security and stability. This widget does not allow to input any particular setting. It will just display a simple analog clock,...

Related Software

Yahoo! Analog Clock 2.7.2 Yahoo  Home & Personal

A simple Analog Clock that allows you to change its face and rim color. Part of the Yahoo! Widgets 4 installation, but offered here in the event you've lost the Widget.

QtClock 1.1 Anand Bose  Desktop Tools

QtClock is a simple analog clock built in Qt. This clock is compiled with Qt 4.6.2. This clock uses several Qt classes such as QTime , QTimer , QPainter etc....

Tiny Ben David Taylor  Desktop Tools

Really simple analog clock: -no alarms -no Internet time -no Atomic time -no calendar

Analog Night Clock SimzzDev Studios  Productivity

Simple analog clock which can be used for a night clock, screensaver, or any kind of clock app. Features: -9 colors to choose from -live tile -fast app resume -free!

HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC 1 23 Adrian DC  Utilities

HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC is a simple analog clock for your Windows PC. HTC Hero Clock is a grey and black clock widget with big bold numerals. You can easily change its appearance by simply clicking on the clock. In order to work properly you should install JavaScript and Adobe...

EclipseClock 1.3.1 Masataka Hakozaki  Utilities

This is a simple analog clock which imitated a total eclipse of the sun. A corona (a ring of the light) changes form and wavers gently. Please feel a flow of time to advance relaxedly. FEATURES: - Three types of corona. - Show or hide the glare of the sun. - Show or hide the scale. - Three...

Analog Clock Scr 1.04 Segobit Software  Screen Savers

This screen saver shows an analog clock.Screensaver shows analog clock.Screensaver has alarms.You can specify the time when the alarm should be running.Analog Clock Scr can show messages with your text.Using this screensaver you can run applications and documents automatically.Also Analog Clock...

Infinity Customizable Analog Clock 1 FlashDo  Flash Tools

This is an analog clock created in Flash 8 and Flash CS3 with Action Script 2.0.Features:• Highly customizable clock, with more than 10 XML editable option, all colors are changeable from the XML file "customize.xml", visible or invisible for the seconds arm, minutes points, hours...

Analog Clock-7 2 2 style-7  Utilities

Analog Clock-7 is simple but cool screensaver that displays a big analog clock in the center of the screen showing the current time. The clock has fosforecent green borders and hands, and a black background. It also shows the time in the digital form within it, but the analog clock offers no...

Elegant Analog Clock 1.1 Cheah Kar Weai  Utilities

'Elegant Analog Clock' is a simple yet elegant analog clock. This clock contains dual clock background. Tap on the '12' to change clock background. Besides, this clock does support both landscape and portrait orientation.