A Script For Why Is Hindi Important Freeware

AqualitePro 1.0 aqualitepro.sourceforge.net 

A simple python script for aquarists that figures tank volume, salinity, converts temp & volume, and calculates substrates based on their specific gravity.. Freeware download of AqualitePro 1.0, size 13.71 Kb.


ARSdoc 1.29 arsdoc.sourceforge.net 

ARSdoc is an ARSperl script for documenting a Remedy ARS server as a set of interlinked web pages.. Freeware download of ARSdoc 1.29, size 60.97 Kb.

audenc 3.1 audenc.sourceforge.net 

Batch script for audio encoding. Supports MP3, AAC, Vorbis, FLAC, AC3 and WAV (decoding) output and is intended to be used on directories with audio files. Filtering through MPlayer and automatic tagging with MediaInfo is also supported.. Freeware download of audenc 3.1, size 15.82 Kb.

backupdvdram 1.0 backupdvdram.sourceforge.net 

Simple backup script for DVDRAM media written in Perl.. Freeware download of backupdvdram 1.0, size 142.60 Mb.

bashseti 0.2 bashseti.sourceforge.net 

Script for control of seti program, support multiseti, smp, dial connect, process idle, proxy, work offline, nice, stats. etc.... Freeware download of bashseti 0.2, size 9.68 Kb.

Bolt Factory 1.00 boltfactory.sourceforge.net 

Bolt Factory is a Python script for Blender 3D. The script allows the user to create models of various types to screw fasteners.. Freeware download of Bolt Factory 1.00, size 9.00 Kb.

BSD process limiter 0.1 bglimiter.sourceforge.net 

'bglimiter' is a Perl script for monitoring and limiting of background processes. Code is mainly based on the 'bgcheck' Perl script by blue@blue.dhs.org , the script was modified so it would work on BSD's.. Freeware download of BSD process limiter 0.1, size 4.15 Kb.

Cache and Carry 1.0 cacheandcarry.sourceforge.net 

Python script for Geocachers. Takes GPX file (eg from Geotoad), downloads waypoints to Garmin Etrex, and produces OpenOffice quick-reference document with the descriptions and hints.. Freeware download of Cache and Carry 1.0, size 5.65 Kb.

cbgp-rpsl 1.0.0.beta cbgp-rpsl.sourceforge.net 

This project consists of a compiler which generates a script for the C-BGP simulator from a RPSL specification.. Freeware download of cbgp-rpsl 1.0.0.beta, size 3.39 Mb.

cd2mp3 3.beta3 cd2mp3.sourceforge.net 

no-nonsence perl script for ripping a cd to mp3'ssmall and easy. Freeware download of cd2mp3 3.beta3, size 76.66 Kb.

Checkout - a simple file checkout/editor 0.21 checkout.sourceforge.net 

Checkout - a simple file checkout script for the korn shell. This script makes it so that only one person can edit a source file at a time. Supports file history and a login system. Should also work in bash if you change the first line in the script.. Freeware download of Checkout - a simple file checkout/editor 0.21, size 8.95 Kb.

chinook, SVG export from powerpoint 11 chinook.sourceforge.net 

SVG export script for powerpoint. You create a diagram using powerpoint's shapes, text boxes, drawing tools, etc. Then you run export_to_svg (a macro) and bingo you have an SVG fragment that you can view in your favourite browser.. Freeware download of chinook, SVG export from powerpoint 11, size 8.34 Kb.

cool3s - smart snippet system 0.2.0 cool3s.sourceforge.net 

Cool3s - Smart Snippet System - a bash script for shell based snippet proccesing.. Freeware download of cool3s - smart snippet system 0.2.0, size 19.34 Kb.

csv2cssh 04 csv2cssh.sourceforge.net 

Ruby script for converting csv lists of computer names and their other attributes into a cluster ssh or .csshrc file.. Freeware download of csv2cssh 04, size 17.16 Kb.

debsysinfo rc08 debsysinfo.sourceforge.net 

Debsysinfo is a system information gathering script for GNU/Linux Debian . It is non-intrusive and simply gathers information from commands that are already available.. Freeware download of debsysinfo rc08, size 4.40 Kb.

djBurn 1.0 djburn.sourceforge.net 

Bash script for cdr/cdrw burning. Can burn data and audio, and use multisession. Can also rip to ogg vorbis.. Freeware download of djBurn 1.0, size 3.78 Kb.

DMZ Backup 0.3.1.beta dmzbackup.sourceforge.net 

Backup script for disk-to-disk backups of multiple remote hosts. Simultaneous encrypted data flows per remote or local host. Supports full and incremental backups of regular files and mysql data. Offline indexes to search for specific data.. Freeware download of DMZ Backup 0.3.1.beta, size 17.76 Kb.

drobo-utils 1.0 drobo-utils.sourceforge.net 

A library, GUI and sample cli script for managing Data Robotics storage units on Linux. (http://www.drobo.com)There is a library, Drobo.py, which implements the ioctl interface defined in the published specs and code samples.. Freeware download of drobo-utils 1.0, size 152.10 Kb.

dvpod 1.0 dvpod.sourceforge.net 

dvpod is a simple wrapper script for Handbrake specifically designed to allow easy ripping of DVD tracks for use on video iPods.It's particularly useful for batch ripping multiple tracks from a single disk to individual files for the iPod.. Freeware download of dvpod 1.0, size 8.32 Kb.

Easy Web Application Builder 1.0 easywebapplicat.sourceforge.net 

Create Web Appliaction by XML Script for JAVA.. Freeware download of Easy Web Application Builder 1.0, size 4.53 Mb.

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