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PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite 3.5.3 PC Diag Inc 

Computer Diagnostic, PC diagnostic and benchmarking tool. PC Diag Ultra Lite is a fully automated, and instructional 32 and 64 bit Windows software used to troubleshoot and diagnose computer hardware problems. The products rigorous testing features will allow the user to immediately identify and single our faulty hardware areas right down to a. Free download of PC Diag Windows Ultra Lite 3.5.3, size 9.41 Mb.


VeeSee Vee Software Corp. 

VeeSee® Hardware Information is a utility designed to display hardware information. The main function of VeeSee® Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware’s information, such as the detailed information of CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics card, display…; viewing the raw date about I/O, and the data in physical memory;. Free download of VeeSee, size 4.06 Mb.

PF Auto-Typer 4.0 Beneton Software 

The PF Auto-Typer application simulates key presses on your computer so you can send fake, fun messages to friends. It is easy to install and includes third party software that monitors Internet usage, demographic, hardware, software, and application information about the computer it is installed on. If you don't want to be monitored, watch. Freeware download of PF Auto-Typer 4.0, size 3.52 Mb.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 Lavalys 

Lavalys EVEREST Ultimate Edition is the best software for viewing system information.

We have a lot of software like the Sisoft Sandra which can be used to view the information about the hardware present in our computers. Now, it is very difficult to design a program which can really find out the hardware details. Most of the details. Free download of EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100, size 10.26 Mb.

reconserver ReconServer 

ReconServer internet activity monitor surveillance software is like a voice activated tape recorder for your computer.
ReconServer will discretely monitor a computer for alarm words/phrases, and will send you photo alerts and information about the computer activity.. Freeware download of reconserver, size 5.22 Mb.

IHMC MAST Client 1.0 Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) 

The MAST project proposes a novel security tool that serves two purposes: (a) Help system administrators find vulnerabilities and possible attacks on systems and networks and (b) Teach students and novice administrators about security concerns. In the first use case, administrators will be able to use the tool to check for known vulnerabilities on. Freeware download of IHMC MAST Client 1.0, size 37.83 Mb.

FAST Defrag Professional 2 25 AMS 

Fast Defrag Professional is an easy-to-use program that will help you to recover the lost memory of your computer and return your PC to its optimum speed and stability. This program uses low system resources and has a simple and intuitive graphic interface with icon style commands. The Fast Defrag application includes the right utilities for. Free download of FAST Defrag Professional 2 25, size 1.16 Mb.

Auto Monitor 1. 1. 2006 Brynt Younce Software 

Auto Monitor can track the parts you replace on your vehicles and document the information for convenient referencing. With it you can determine how much your vehicles cost you, how long parts last (measured in time and mileage), and which parts break. All you have to do is open it up and enter your current mileage. Data is stored in XML format.. Freeware download of Auto Monitor 1. 1. 2006, size 82.16 Mb.

Pelagian Dictionary 2 7 Pelagian Softwares 

This software is an electronic searchable Hindi-English and English-Hindi e-dictionary. Using this dictionary you no longer need to spend hours looking up a word. This is the most comprehensive, highly valued edition which is useful for Professionals, Industrialists, Computer Users, and Hindi - English Learners, Higher study Students and children.. Freeware download of Pelagian Dictionary 2 7, size 0 b.

Small Computer Icons 2011.1 small-icons.com 

All applications, even the most specialized ones, have much to do with the operating systems and computers they work on. While there may be quite a lot of program-specific features, user interfaces have a multitude of common elements. If you are a developer of computer-related applications - be it file managers, media players or personal finance. Free download of Small Computer Icons 2011.1, size 2.57 Mb.

AutoShutter 2.0 SOFTRECKON 

While performing tasks like Burning a DVD or downloading a large file from the internet, you need to wait till these tasks to complete so that you can shutdown your Computer, AutoShutter is simple freeware utility with intuitive user interface lets you schedule shutdown, restart, log off or standby operations so that you can leave your Computer and. Freeware download of AutoShutter 2.0, size 9.44 Mb.

SIW 2011 1029j 1.0 Gabriel Topala 

SIW - System Information for Windows SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows tool that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely comprehensible manner. Everything you want to know about your computer SIW can create a report file (CSV, HTML, TXT or XML), and is able to run in. Freeware download of SIW 2011 1029j 1.0, size 5.85 Mb.

ChicaPC-fix 1.1.77 ChicaLogic 

ChicaPC-fix maximizes your computer's speed and performance, prevents system failures, and will have your computer system running like new in just minutes. ChicaPC-fix makes optimizing your PC safe and easy by automatically scanning your registry for errors and applying fixes even when you're away. A startup manager allows you to control the number. Free download of ChicaPC-fix 1.1.77, size 1.22 Mb.

Blancco - Pro 4.6 Blancco Oy Ltd 

Blancco - Pro is a powerful data erasure solution for the server environment and RAID systems. Extensive server support guarantees high-speed, simultaneous disk sanitization of up to 16 hard disks of any size per computer server. Blancco Pro provides the erasure of locked and hidden sectors on a hard disk such as DCO, HPA and remapped sectors.. Free download of Blancco - Pro 4.6, size 1.51 Mb.

Test My Hardware 3.0 testmyhardware.com 

Test My Hardware collects and displays system configuration information for your computers. This includes information about system configurations, computer components, and operating system. When support technicians troubleshoot your system configuration, they require specific information about your computer. You can use Test My Hardware information. Free download of Test My Hardware 3.0, size 1.23 Mb.

Windows Doctor 2.6 EasyTime International LTD. 

Still frustrated by slow computer and PC errors? Worried about your computer security and privacy? Tired of switching among dozens of tools to maintain your computer? Windows Doctor can set you free from all those problems. Windows Doctor is a comprehensive PC care utility that can help you easily protect, maintain and optimize your computer. It. Free download of Windows Doctor 2.6, size 7.68 Mb.

Registry Easy 5.6 Qiwang Computer LTD 

Registry Easy is an excellent Windows Registry Cleaner that scans your PC and safely cleans errors&invalid entries that cause system slowdowns, freezing and crashing. Registry Easy repairs registry problems to make your computer run like new again!The Windows registry is a database repository of information about a computer's configuration.. Free download of Registry Easy 5.6, size 1.47 Mb.

lanchecker 2.3 Paramount Software Corp. 

1.Search all the active computers in the LAN and show important information such as Computer name, IP address, Group/Domain the computer belongs to and MAC address of the computer. Search all the shared documents like Word files or other files in the LAN. 2.Communicate with other person in the LAN by sending messages .You can send same massage to a. Free download of lanchecker 2.3, size 365.57 Kb.

Arm Whois 3.0 ArmCode 

Arm Whois 3.0 is an efficient utility, designed for network administrators and computer security professionals. Arm Whois provides correct and fast retrieval of all country information for an IP-address or hostname, allocated IP-address blocks and other network data details. Arm Whois is a real must-have tool not only for network and PC security. Free download of Arm Whois 3.0, size 968.37 Kb.

ThinkVantage Productivity Center 3 11 Lenovo 

Productivity Center guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.

The Productivity Center portal organizes your top tasks, most frequently used applications and help and support tools with the press of a button:

* Quick. Freeware download of ThinkVantage Productivity Center 3 11, size 14.11 Mb.

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