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wlppr7 tyrodev 

Display the last wlpprs from and allows you to save it just by tapping on an image. One new wallpaper every day !

### 1.1 ###
- Add the possibility to name the wallpaper before saving into your album.
- Add an ad banner.
### 1.2 ###
- Fix the issue of getting wallpaper since update of the. Freeware download of wlppr7, size 1.05 Mb.


Mota Wallpaper Changer 1.0.1 Mota Software 

The name says it all, Mota Wallpaper Changer changes the Windows desktop wallpapers in regular periods of time. The time period is customizable. There are two modes which can be used for changing the wallpaper. The modes are the "Wallpaper of the Day" and the "Wallpaper List". When Wallpaper of the Day is selected a new. Freeware download of Mota Wallpaper Changer 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Random Name Selector Pro 1.6 Walsall Academy 

The Pro (Ad Free) version of the popular Random Name Selector. A Fun classroom management tool for Teachers, that will engage and entertain students. The Random Name Selector is a Fun (and fair) way to select students for that special task or to answer that question.

Has anyone not answered yet?, did everyone get a turn? Bring your. Free download of Random Name Selector Pro 1.6, size 65.75 Mb.

Alan Ad? Sorgula Huseyin Ozer 

With this program you can control whether or not the domain name.

Note: Application language is Turkish.

Bu program ile almay? dusundugunuz alan ad?n?n baska biri taraf?ndan kullan?l?p kullan?lmad?g?n? kontrol edersiniz. Ayr?ca birden fazla uzant? secenegi mevcut.

Not:. Freeware download of Alan Ad? Sorgula, size 1.05 Mb.

Tiled Wallpaper SimzzDev 

Tiled Wallpaper is a 100% free and ad-free lockscreen generator app for Windows Phone 8 devices. It lets you make Windows Phone inspired lockscreen with colored squares of varying transparency. You can even put an image behind it.. Freeware download of Tiled Wallpaper, size 2.10 Mb.

Babylon Gates - Animated Wallpaper 5.07 EleFun Multimedia 

"Babylon Gates" is an Animated Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the historic theme.In ancient times Babylon was the largest centre of the Middle East. Babylon's residents were very proud of their city, and it was not in vain that its name meant "The Gates of God". The talk about Babylon - this "queen of. Free download of Babylon Gates - Animated Wallpaper 5.07, size 5.59 Mb.

AssistLabs Wallpaper Calendar 2.8 AssistLabs Inc. 

Is the program forming the image of the current month of a calendar on a wallpaper of a desktop. You can adjust in details any characteristics of a calendar - size, position, fonts for display of the month's name, the days of week, weekdays (working days), the current day, the days off, change a background in cells, their transparency. Besides you. Free download of AssistLabs Wallpaper Calendar 2.8, size 1.94 Mb.

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.3.508.1 boostsolutions Co., Ltd 

Have you found a method to list AD users in SharePoint? Or would you like an easier and more convenient way to update your AD information and simultaneously update lists in SharePoint?
SharePoint AD Information Sync provides permitted users bidirectional synchronization therefore, keeping your AD information and SharePoint updated (which. Free download of SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.3.508.1, size 1.03 Mb.

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0 2.0.1223 SharePointBoost Co., Ltd 

Have you found a method to list AD users in SharePoint? Or would you like an easier and more convenient way to update your AD information and simultaneously update lists in SharePoint?SharePoint AD Information Sync provides permitted users bidirectional synchronization therefore, keeping your AD information and SharePoint updated (which includes. Free download of SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0 2.0.1223, size 1.03 Mb.

Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver and 3Planesoft 

Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper, as its name implies, is a wallpaper and screensaver that displays animated 3D tropical scenery. This wallpaper displays an exotic picture of a Caribbean location with mountains, exuberant vegetation, intense blue sky, transparent water, unspoiled coral reef, and thatched houses typical of. Free download of Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver and, size 30.22 Mb.

Winter Wonderland 3D Screensaver and 3Planesoft 

Winter Wonderland 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper, as it name implies, is a screensaver and wallpaper that displays a 3D winter landscape with animated characters. This wallpaper displays a nice picture of a snowy forest with old trees and bushes. The leaves move, and the winter birds fly to the branches. Suddenly, we can hear the sound of a. Free download of Winter Wonderland 3D Screensaver and, size 23.35 Mb.

The Great Lake Free Animated Wallpaper 5 11 EleFun Wallpapers 

The Great Lake is a Free Animated Wallpaper by EleFun Wallpapers devoted to the nature theme, namely, to the lakes. In one of the endless plains of the North America there is an unnoticeable at first sight lake. Nothing, it would seem, could distinguish it from other similar lakes. But it is not at all like that. The thing is that in ancient times,. Freeware download of The Great Lake Free Animated Wallpaper 5 11, size 6.61 Mb.

Promo Screen Calendar 7.5 FeatherySoft 

Are you looking for new advertising method and willing to surprise your business clients? Try Promo Screen Calendar - software which creates an active desktop calendar with your company s logo, info and your product images set as desktop wallpaper. This ad calendar is the best present you can give to your clients. Screen Calendar will serve as a. Free download of Promo Screen Calendar 7.5, size 5.44 Mb.

Celeb Challenge HD 1.0.2 Hidden Game Company, LLC 

***** Youve seen them. Can you name them? *****

Guess the names of hundreds of celebs! Challenge your friends to see who knows the most celebs!

Over 200 celebs to guess! Get them all before your friends do!

Start playing instantly! No ad breaks and no. Freeware download of Celeb Challenge HD 1.0.2, size 2.73 Mb.

My DNA 1.8 H. Rock Liao 

"My DNA" for iPhone/iPod Touch uses your name, birthday & height to create personalized DNA icons. Your genetic barcode. Unique. Colorful. Very cool. Used as profile picture, eSignature, art display & wallpaper.

"its definitely different and pretty cool looking" - theiphoneappreview

Each persons DNA. Free download of My DNA 1.8, size 5.56 Mb.

Beer Me wildentertainment 

A quick search (either by scanning a bar code or typing a beer's name) on the totally free, non-ad-sponsored Beer Me app surfaces beer ratings and additional information like alcohol percentage and style that will guide you to the perfect frosty beverage. It also enables you to save a rating and review for beers that you like (or dislike) and you. Freeware download of Beer Me, size 2.10 Mb.

Cloud Emoticon 陈思萌(Simon Chan) 

Cloud emoticon, as its name, is a useful cloud-based emoticon dictionary.

*Trial version is not ad-driven, but if you like it you can buy for $0.99 as a donation. Thanks!*

+ Sync with online repositories, you can also create your own repositories following the XML format.
+ Android and iOS versions are also. Free download of Cloud Emoticon, size 1.05 Mb.

Custom lock screen Free RS Technologies 

Personalize yours lock screen's wallpaper.
Add a few pictures of yours loved ones and text label with your name or phone number.
Combine with elements of Metro design.
Immediately verify how it looks with standard labels and notices of the lock screen.
Save as image in photo gallery or use as wallpaper.
Share screen. Freeware download of Custom lock screen Free, size 2.10 Mb.

Pughop PRO Bitrogue 

This is the Ad free version of Pughop with 16 extra skins to unlock!

Help Mr.Pugsly achieve his dreams of becoming the next big name in the agility business! Simple yet challenging gameplay with skin rewards based on your pugs achievements. Will you be the first one in the whole world to unlock the infamous Batpug or the Puginator?

Scrambles Pro Indispensable Studios_Cancel 

Enjoy Scrambles - Ad free for 10 days or permanently with paid license!
Automatically saves game progress!
Win Achievements!
Share your wins and challenge your friends through Facebook!

With Scrambles for Windows Phone 7, the name of the game is to unscramble the photo of your choice as fast as you can in as few moves. Get. Free download of Scrambles Pro, size 8.39 Mb.