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DenoiseMyImage Photoshop Plug-In x64 3.0 Filip Krolupper 

DenoiseMyImage is an application that is translated to: : English, Norwegian, Czech, German, Polish, Chinese, Slovak, Swedish, Russian, Magyar, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, French and Portuguese.
Now the DenoiseMyImage is implemented as a plugin for Photoshop and as a standalone application with GUI as well.
. Freeware download of DenoiseMyImage Photoshop Plug-In x64 3.0, size 556.03 Kb.


DAoC Log Parser 029 

A chat log parser for DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot, a game by Mythic Inc.), reporting combat stats and anything delved to the log (items, spells, etc.) to be viewed and saved as XML files suitable for use with other apps such as Loki and Kort's.. Freeware download of DAoC Log Parser 029, size 67.75 Kb.

XWC-X WinCommander-International version 386 

XWC is a File Manager with Windows Explorer style. Very fast and easy to use. Now it has internacionalization support (via gettext routimes). Messages in English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Afrikaans and Portuguese (BR). New translators are welcome!. Freeware download of XWC-X WinCommander-International version 386, size 1.21 Mb.

WSpel 4 Johan P. Visser 

WSpel are fully reviewed and comply with the stipulated rules of the 2009 African Glossary and Game Rules (AWS) in respect of words, spelling, writing characters, abbreviations, and dashes. There is also provision for alternate spellings. Old spellings of words such as pepsin, okside, aspirin, odysee etc.. was removed, and it is no longer in the. Freeware download of WSpel 4, size 5.80 Mb.

Aspose.Spell 1.8 Aspose Pty Ltd 

Aspose.Spell is a .Net multilingual spell checking component. With it, you can: Check spelling in more than 20 languages, including Afrikaans(ZA), Catalan(ES), Danish(DK), Dutch(NL), English(AU), English(NZ), English(US), English(UK), Faroese(FO), French(FR), Galician(ES), Germany(DE), Greek(GR), Irish(IE), Italian(IT), Latin(LA), Norwegian(NO),. Free download of Aspose.Spell 1.8, size 1.29 Mb.

Write Source 5.2.6 Alcoda Software 

Write Source is a highly configurable and centralized (entire suite available from Tray Icon & SmartBar) word utility spell check, thesaurus, dictionary, text editor utility and optimized word repository. New: Compatibility Mode enhances spell checking Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express. SmartBar provides Desktop visibility for. Free download of Write Source 5.2.6, size 9.95 Mb.

EditExt 5.5b Alcoda Software 

EditExt (formerly EditorPro) is an advanced multi-tabbed text editor for programmers or plain text file editing, with full color syntax highlighting and code handling features for 9 different programming languages and multiple file types, HTML, Visual Basic and more. EditExt features over 25 available spelling dictionaries. It also includes an. Free download of EditExt 5.5b, size 7.69 Mb.

Spell Magic 5.3.1 Alcoda Software 

A Spell Checker for everything and everyone. Everyone has a favorite application that doesn't include spelling. Spell Magic easily spell checks a word, paragraph, or entire document; in any Windows program. With a minimal learning curve, standard Windows user interface and unparalleled options, you'll be an expert in no time at all and be spell. Free download of Spell Magic 5.3.1, size 1.95 Mb.

Word Spring 5.3.1 Alcoda Software 

Word Spring is an easy to use, highly configurable Spell Check, Definitions Dictionary, Thesaurus and mini-editor at your finger (or mouse) tips to aid your editing and compositional endeavors. Word Spring is a central word repository consisting of 4 applications, tightly integrated into a fast, intuitive and powerful Windows central word. Free download of Word Spring 5.3.1, size 7.48 Mb.

Aspose.Spell for .NET Aspose Pty Ltd 

Aspose.Spell is one of the .NET components offered by Aspose that supports multilingual spell checking in 22 different languages. The list of languages include: Danish(DK), Dutch(NL), English(US), English(UK), English(NZ), English(AU), Germany(DE), French(FR), Italian(IT), Polish(PL), Portuguese(PT), Russian(RU), Spanish(ES), Swedish(SE).. Free download of Aspose.Spell for .NET, size 576.51 Kb.

CatsCradle 3.7 Stormdance 

Translate web sites without worrying about the HTML code.CatsCradle is written for professional freelance language translators and translation agencies - a dedicated web page editor that makes it very easy to translate web pages from one language into another.CatsCradle grabs all the text that requires translating from a web page, puts it into a. Free download of CatsCradle 3.7, size 1.40 Mb.

Sebran's ABC 1.40 Marianne Wartoft AB 

It's never too early for your child to become familiar with letters and numbers. Sebran's ABC's colorful pictures, pleasant music, and gentle games teach letters, numbers, simple math, and rudiments of reading. Sebran runs in Afrikaans, Breton, Croatian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian,. Freeware download of Sebran's ABC 1.40, size 704.51 Kb.

WebAPP 0995 WebAPP 

WebAPP is a popular, open source Content Management System (cms) written in the Perl programming language. The name WebAPP is an abbreviation of Web Automated Perl Portal. Available under the GNU General Public License, WebAPP is free software. Features Enhanced crypt, Articles, Forums and nested message boards, Private Instant Messaging system. Freeware download of WebAPP 0995, size 972.80 Kb.

Holy Bible Concordance 2 2 Datarizer 

Holy Bible concordance is a software application that makes it easy to search the bible scriptures and cross reference with other bibles.

-Simple and Advance bible searches.
-Talk to your Bible.
-Write and Save your own Notes, interface with Microsoft Word.
-Export and Import Microsoft Word Documents.
. Free download of Holy Bible Concordance 2 2, size 19.64 Mb.

DrDepth 4.0.10 Per Pelin 

The DrDepth software combines data from your sounder and your GPS to create accurate maps of your local waters. You can create map data and maps for your GPS or even bring a laptop or a Pocket PC onboard to get instantly updated maps of what's beneath your boat!

Main Features:
- Live mapping with NMEA 0183 data
-. Free download of DrDepth 4.0.10, size 0 b.

BibleMax Cebuano Bible 1.0 BibleMax 

Cebuano or Sungboanon is a language spoken in some parts of Philippines. This BibleMax free module features the Holy Bible's text translated to that language. BibleMax is a free program that allows you to read, study and compare different versions of the Scriptures. You only need to download the core program and then enrich it by downloading. Freeware download of BibleMax Cebuano Bible 1.0, size 2.06 Mb.

Tridentnav ECS Standard 1 2 Tridentnav Systems 

Tridentnav ECS Standard is a very powerful tool that makes your navigation safe and easy.
Main features:
- Chart plotter using the chart format S-57 giving a seamless presentation
- North or course stabilized chart presentation
- Possibility of manual updating of charts
- Chart updates via CD
- Vectorized chart. Free download of Tridentnav ECS Standard 1 2, size 10.19 Mb.

SwizzTool Jonas Andersson 

SwizzTool allows you to create personal reminders and automated tasks that can play a sound, display a message or launch a program at a specified date/time, weekday or after a countdown has elapsed. From the built in hotkey-editor you can create global hotkeys that can execute programs and alarms, hotkeys can also be set to control the volume among. Freeware download of SwizzTool, size 75.54 Mb.

Jaspell Jaldi Multilingual 7.0 Jaspell 

Jaspell Jaldi is a Windows® software package for word processing in English and many other languages.
Jaldi means quick. You will find our one common method is easy for a wide range of languages thanks to highly complex programming.
Asian:-Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, (Devanagari), Farsi, Gujarati, (Gurumukhi), Hindi, Hiragana,. Free download of Jaspell Jaldi Multilingual 7.0, size 9.73 Mb.

Minisebran 1 11 Marianne Wartoft AB 

Minisebran is a free suite of early learning games for kids 2-6 years old . It includes eight different exercises, including doodle drawing exercises and very simple games to get to know the numbers and letters, and learning to use the keyboard.
Minisebran runs in Catalan, English, Esperanto, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans,. Freeware download of Minisebran 1 11, size 9.79 Mb.