Amvo Killer

PANDA RAMPAGE 1.0 Whiter Shores Limited 

Killer Panda with a taste for human flesh is on the loose! A funny & gory beat em up Indie Game!

Panda is constantly starving and loosing health: The goal of the game, is of course to kill all Humans on each level before your life runs out.
You can walk around by moving the mouse or pressing the arrow keys, and attack by. Freeware download of PANDA RAMPAGE 1.0, size 30.63 Mb.


Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0 Waresoft Software 

Clean your start menu and desktop the quick and easy way with Bad Shortcut Killer from WareSoft Software. Just simply click on the Find Bad Shortcuts button and Bad Shortcut Killer quickly searches your entire start menu and your desktop for invalid shortcuts. All shortcuts found to be invalid are displayed to you in an easy to understand manner.. Freeware download of Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0, size 1.76 Mb.

Contact Form Killer 1.4 Implied By Design LLC. 

Contact Form Killer is a nice little tool you can add to your web site to easily generate contact forms with all that messy form validation already taken care of for you. You can also let your site visitors use the tool to create forms themselves. It's super easy to use, just select what inputs you would like, and Contact Form Killer generates a. Freeware download of Contact Form Killer 1.4, size 12.29 Kb.

Killer TLK Editor 2.0 Axe Murderer's Killer Company 

Axe Murderer's Killer TLK Editor v2.0 by Axe
Please don't use this product to mess up your dialog.tlk and/or CEP.tlk files and then come complaining to me when your game won't run. Those files should never ever be edited -- you should make copies of them under a different name and edit the copies instead.. Freeware download of Killer TLK Editor 2.0, size 6.09 Mb.

Hitware Popup Killer Lite 3. 1. 2003 Right Utilities Inc. 

Like its name reads, Pop-up Killer Lite kills unexpected pop-ups while navigating on the Internet. For a few times those may appear mere advertisements, but on some occasions they are adware - anyways, they are annoying and steal a user’s bandwidth, or even lock the browser. So this lite program will ensure the user against this, and best. Freeware download of Hitware Popup Killer Lite 3. 1. 2003, size 2.02 Mb.

Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Bigfoot Networks 

Built from the ground up to give you unequalled speed, intelligence and control over your online game data, Killer Network Manager shows you the health and performance of your online gaming PC and gives you the controls to optimize it. Killer Network Manager’s Applications Tab uses exclusive Visual Bandwidth Control Technology to let you. Freeware download of Bigfoot Networks Killer Network, size 10.49 Mb.

Fast Killer 2. 6. 2003 Ruchira Hasaranga 

Fast Killer is an efficient USB malware removing tool for Windows NT platform. It’s virus detection method based on hash matching theory.
Main features:
- Free online updates
· Automatically update definitions by reading autorun.inf file
· Automatically fix corrupted registry settings
. Freeware download of Fast Killer 2. 6. 2003, size 2.79 Mb.

Threat Killer 1. 7. 2003 NoVirusThanks Company Srl 

Threat Killer is a fully-scriptable malware remover able to remove persistent files, kernel drivers installed by rootkits, registry keys and values, terminate processes (even if critical), delete an entire folder (also using recursive) and much more by executing custom scripts.

Main features:

- Backup Files Folders and. Freeware download of Threat Killer 1. 7. 2003, size 78.64 Mb.

Start Killer 3 2 Tordex 

Start Killer removes the Start button from your taskbar. When you run Start Killer it remove the Start button from taskbar and give you additional space on taskbar, when you close Start Killer the Start button is again shows.
Though the Start Button is removed, you can still open Start Menu using CTRL ESC or WIN key. StartKiller place icon. Freeware download of Start Killer 3 2, size 20.23 Mb.

4Team Outlook Express Duplicate Killer 1.02.0154 4Team Corporation 

Outlook Express Duplicate Killer can find and remove and merge the duplicate items automatically.

Outlook Express Duplicate Killer is a powerful plug-in for searching, managing and eliminating any type of duplicates (e-mails, contacts) across all or chosen Outlook Express or Windows Mail folders.. Free download of 4Team Outlook Express Duplicate Killer 1.02.0154, size 5.95 Mb.

Window Killer 1.00 unknown 

Window Killer will close any opening window whose caption contains words specified by the user. Great to automatically close program "nag" screens, or kill annoying pop-up ad windows and undesirable web sites while surfing the internet.Its a great program to have on your computer.. Free download of Window Killer 1.00, size 23.48 Mb.

Instant Virus Killer 3.0 The Real Soft 

First time in Pakistan now you can give the students/employees full administrative access to computers with no fear 100% Guaranteed Instant Virus Killer instantly revives computers in case of failure in just 10 seconds. “ The Real Soft” gives 100 % guarantee to users if “Instant Virus Killer” is installed in any computer. Free download of Instant Virus Killer 3.0, size 1.02 Kb.

Yam The Killer Potato 1. 7. 2003 jalada GmbH 

Yam - The Killer Potato. Take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his homeworld and rescue as many MIAs as possible. Yam is a solider in the Potato Army. Many years ago the Potatos' Homeworld was invaded by a race of symbiotic cybernetic organisms. Since then the Potatos have faced a. Free download of Yam The Killer Potato 1. 7. 2003, size 63.19 Mb.

Yam The Killer Potato For Windows 1. 7. 2002 jalada GmbH 

Yam - The Killer Potato. Take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his homeworld and rescue as many MIAs as possible. Yam is a solider in the Potato Army. Many years ago the Potatos' Homeworld was invaded by a race of symbiotic cybernetic organisms. Since then the Potatos have faced a. Free download of Yam The Killer Potato For Windows 1. 7. 2002, size 37.52 Mb.

Color Sudoku 3 1 Petr Lastovicka 

Sudoku puzzle games - Killer, Greater Than, Consecutive, Odd/Even, Diagonal, Double, Triple, Butterfly, Flower, Windmill, Samurai. You can choose letters or colors instead of digits. Board size can be from 4 to 20 (default size is 9). Every puzzle has unique solution. The right mouse button is used to draw pencil marks. This program also contains. Freeware download of Color Sudoku 3 1, size 75.78 Kb.

DFK: Duplicate File Killer 0.9.5 

DFK: Duplicate File Killer will search a user specified directory/drive for duplicate files of any kind. It will eventually utilize image recognition for image comparison, audio matching algorhythms for sound file matching and CRC/MD5 hash testing.. Freeware download of DFK: Duplicate File Killer 0.9.5, size 2.21 Mb.

Hidro Killer Kombat 1.0 

Hidro killer Kombat is a Versus fighting videogame with highly detailed digitized sprites, graphics based on CRM32Pro from megastormsystems and SDL. can easily ported to linux.. Freeware download of Hidro Killer Kombat 1.0, size 417.40 Kb.

Killer Instinct 1.0 

Killer Instinct is a 2D shoot-em-up tank game with Internet/LAN multiplayer support.Written in C# and uses .NET Framework v1.1 with Managed DirectX 9.0 with 2003 Summer Update.. Freeware download of Killer Instinct 1.0, size 1.02 Mb.

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) 2.0 

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) is designed to switch datagram based on the incoming network interface. The switch will not check the IP (or MAC) address of those datagram. It will forward the packages to the proper outgoing network interface(s). Thi. Freeware download of Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) 2.0, size 80.51 Kb.

Weed Killer 

Weed Killer is a .NET solution to prune aged files from folders, working equally well on a single workstation, or multiple data centers. It has an MDI form to build / edit / test / execute configurations, a console worker for delegated removal , and a class for direct use in an application.Feature include:- Enhanced multi-layer wildcard support for. Freeware download of Weed Killer, size 448.83 Kb.