Animasi Atom

Atom MP3 Player 1.0 Privatep2p 

Atom MP3 Player is a peer to peer network MP3 Player where a user can play not only their local MP3's, they can also play other peer's MP3's. The MP3's seemlessly download while u listen to music.

Atom MP3 Player 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Atom MP3 Player 1.0, size 0 b.


Abdera 1.1.2 Apache Software Foundation 

The goal of the Apache Abdera project is to build a functionally-complete, high-performance implementation of the IETF Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) and Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) specifications.

Give Abdera a try to fully assess its capabilities! for WindowsAll

. Free download of Abdera 1.1.2, size 0 b.

chemCLEAN 1.0 National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research 

chemCLEAN is a handy and easy to use application that allows you to open and draw chemical atom structures.

The application supports MOL and MOL2 files. It can be used for optimizing aliphatic compounds, thus building the geometry on the basis of constant bond length.

. Freeware download of chemCLEAN 1.0, size 0 b.

BondInfo 3.0 Vitaliy Romaka 

BondInfo is a handy software that can calculate the relative contribution of covalent, ionic and metallic bonding between two atom.

BondInfo is a software that can analyze the interatomic distances with the help of the covalent / atomic radii and electronegativity.

. Freeware download of BondInfo 3.0, size 0 b.

Multiharmonic New David A. Kofke, Andrew Schultz 

Multiharmonic is designed as an easy-to-use, small and useful instrument that lets you simulate and analyze atom harmonics.

Multiharmonic is written in the Java programming language and can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

. Free download of Multiharmonic New, size 0 b.

Dual Control-volume GCMD New David A. Kofke, Andrew Schultz 

Dual Control-volume GCMD was designed as an accessible and useful instrument that is able to simulate atom diffusion.

The atoms must diffuse through a tube composed of hexagonally arranged atoms. Module completed as a project in CE 412 - Molecular Modeling. The software is built using Java.

. Free download of Dual Control-volume GCMD New, size 0 b.

OpenSearch for Confluence 1.0.8 Atlassian Software Systems 

OpenSearch for Confluence is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to retrieve the search results as RSS or Atom feeds.

By using OpenSearch for Confluence you have the possibility to configure the search option with the SharePoint Connector for Confluence.

. Free download of OpenSearch for Confluence 1.0.8, size 0 b.

Pure RSS Reader 1.1 Tomasz Kapusta 

Pure RSS Reader is a handy and useful RSS / Atom reader which allows users to view and read feeds in plain text.

With an intuitive interface, Pure RSS Reader is an easy to use utility where you can view the latest news from a specific address. All you have to do is to add your channel and read your favourite articles.

. Free download of Pure RSS Reader 1.1, size 0 b.

LuckyGeek 0.234 Beta Christian Voigt, Christopher 

LuckyGeek was designed as a simple and easy-to-use software that is able to download and merge the Geek&Poke comics from the Atom feed.

Now you can make use of this handy Open Source software to download all your comics in no time at all.

. Freeware download of LuckyGeek 0.234 Beta, size 0 b.

Atom Imp Text Editor 1.0 Atom Imp Software LLC 

The Atom Imp Text Editor/Encoding Converter is a straightforward text editor/encoding converter that keeps things simple yet offers a number of features useful on a daily basis.

From the ubiquitous Notepad and its many enhancements to some highly specialized (and complicated) text editors there is a legion of both free and expensive. Freeware download of Atom Imp Text Editor 1.0, size 42.69 Mb.

Atom Quotations & Invoices 1 3nity softwares 

Atom is a very easy, simple and user friendly invoice software. It helps to speed up billing process by let you to create quotations and invoices in minutes. Assign payments to invoices and use the built in reports facility to monitor which invoices are paid. Print, save or email your PDF quotations and invoices. Atom is very handy and capable of. Free download of Atom Quotations & Invoices 1, size 14.00 Mb.

Chaos Wallpaper 2.1.003 Elgorithms 

Chaos Wallpaper the free RSS/Atom news aggregator and desktop wallpaper shuffler is capable of displaying RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom 0.x feeds. This RSS/Atom reader will change your Windows desktop wallpaper while displaying your RSS and Atom news links. Chaos Wallpaper does not require installation, simply copy it to the hard drive to run. All. Freeware download of Chaos Wallpaper 2.1.003, size 3.27 Mb.

Newzie 0.99.5 Newzie 

Newzie allows you to monitor hundreds of RSS and ATOM formatted feeds as well as normal web pages. It enabels you to read retrieved content fast thanks to the various reading techniques, such as NewsBar, Popup Notifier, News Highlights, and News SlideShow. Newzie allows you to monitor special words in retrieved content thru virtual channels and. Freeware download of Newzie 0.99.5, size 2.30 Mb.

Market News Analyzer 1.2.2 OLSOFT 

OLSOFT has released Market News Analyzer that analyses market and any other news. The news is downloaded from free or fee-based sources in xml, rss, atom formats. Using Market New Analyzer you can monitor how news correlate with the prices, why the news explosions taken place and manipulate the knowledge mined from the news. The program allows. Free download of Market News Analyzer 1.2.2, size 11.27 Mb.

Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11 ExtraLabs Software 

Easy RSS Content Generator is an easy-to-use program for creating new unique content out of news feeds (the RSS, Atom, and RDF formats are supported). You can use this product, for instance, to create completely autonomous, automatically updated sites, to increase the amount of content on the topic, and to earn money with Adsense. Easy RSS Content. Free download of Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11, size 1.69 Mb.

Chemical Formula Tutor 1.3 Chemware Ltd 

Makes learning formula writing easy, at home or in class. Students will appreciate the intuitive, interactive drag-and-drop interface. Helpful tips and cursors, built-in Atom Counter, Learn Mode, Test Mode (with or without timing), and scoring. Customise Levels and Formulas.. Free download of Chemical Formula Tutor 1.3, size 886.78 Kb.

AoA MP4 Patch 

AoA MP4 Patch - A FREE and EASY solution to fix the 'Error 2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie' problem with MP4 video in iTunes / Quicktime on Vista. Have you ever been going mad having problems importing video files into iTunes? You try to import a video file into iTunes, nothing happens. If you try to open this 'bad file' in. Freeware download of AoA MP4 Patch, size 4.11 Mb.

Snarfer 0.9.0 Snarfware LLC 

Snarfer is an easy, fast and FREE (no adware or spyware) approach to enjoying RSS, ATOM and XML feeds. Snarfer comes with hundreds of feeds to choose from, includes a tabbed browser and has wizards to help you construct complex searches for EBay and Craigslist that update as new results become available. Snarfer can synchronize with the free. Freeware download of Snarfer 0.9.0, size 413.70 Kb.

logview4net 7.14 jsiSOFT 

A free (open source) log monitor/log viewer for:

* Files
* Incomming UDP traffic
* EventLogs
* SQL- Server tables
* Atom and RSS feeds

Listens to UDP ports either in broadcast or single endpoint mode.
Monitors an eventlog, uses events on the local machine and. Freeware download of logview4net 7.14, size 125.95 Kb.

Fresh Reader 2.1.10021800 sidefeed, Inc. 

Fresh Reader is a RSS and Atom feed reader designed to boost your productivity.
Fresh Reader runs on your server or PC, which means you can host or install a web-based feed reader exclusively for you.

It is up to you where you host your Fresh Reader. It runs in your intranet as well as internet, not just for yourself, but for. Freeware download of Fresh Reader 2.1.10021800, size 5.53 Mb.