Ant Vedio Downloader

ant-dialog 1.0 

Ant dialog is an ant task with extended features to the standard input ant task. The dialog tasks supports Combos, Radio-Buttons, Checkboxes. Additional validation of required fields is supported.. Freeware download of ant-dialog 1.0, size 182.65 Kb.


ant-extra 0.1.3 

Extra tasks for ant.. Freeware download of ant-extra 0.1.3, size 1.83 Kb.

Ant-JMS 0.7 

ant-jms is a simple ant task to send jms messages. Freeware download of Ant-JMS 0.7, size 27.19 Kb.

ant-python 0.1.4 

Ant tasks to create Python distributions, run unit tests, run coverage, build Sphinx documentation, etc.. Freeware download of ant-python 0.1.4, size 29.43 Kb.

ATG Ant 1.0 

A set of Ant tools to help build ATG Dynamo projects: compiling java, running tests.. Freeware download of ATG Ant 1.0, size 18.38 Kb.

BlackBerry Ant Tools 1.2.13 

Simple yet powerful custom ant tasks for building BlackBerry applications.. Freeware download of BlackBerry Ant Tools 1.2.13, size 51.87 Kb.

BlueJ Ant 1.0 

The BlueJ Ant extension gives the developer more control over the compilation of their projects from within the BlueJ IDE by using ant build files.. Freeware download of BlueJ Ant 1.0, size 2.57 Mb.

Chown Ant Task 1.0rc3 

An Ant task for changing the ownership of files on Unix.. Freeware download of Chown Ant Task 1.0rc3, size 12.94 Kb.

Edit Properties Ant Task 1.0 

Ant task to edit properties file.. Freeware download of Edit Properties Ant Task 1.0, size 5.27 Kb.

EL4Ant, an extension library for Ant 0.9.3 

EL4Ant is a light and efficient build system based on Apache Ant. A project is described in XML as modules with transitive dependencies. Features are provided thanks to plugins: Java execution, JUnit reports, EMMA code coverage, Eclipse integration.... Freeware download of EL4Ant, an extension library for Ant 0.9.3, size 6.42 Mb.

Erlang Ant Library b.0.2.14 

Currently Erlang Ant Library contains one task for compilation Erlang source files. In near future will be added task to generate documentation for Erlang programs by EDoc. In some later release a task to run unit test by EUnit is planed.. Freeware download of Erlang Ant Library b.0.2.14, size 5.77 Kb.

External Ant Tools for RMI 1.0 

The EATRMI project is an effort to provide tools enabling the management of an RMI activation system and registry within Apache Jakarta Ant. The project also addresses the ability to spawn background processes and effectively manage them within Ant.. Freeware download of External Ant Tools for RMI 1.0, size 11.32 Kb.

fikin-ant-tasks 1.7.3 

collection of various libraries (javadoc and velocity, sqlpipe) and ant tasks (multi-part http post, xpath, javadoc, certificates handling, sql, xml) and more. Freeware download of fikin-ant-tasks 1.7.3, size 13.76 Mb.

Generic ANT Project (GAP) 0.9 

GAP is a Generic Jakarta ANT Project file for the complete building of a Java Application from your source to executable jar by simply modifying a simple properties file with details on your project. No knowlege of ANT is required. Great way for the novic. Freeware download of Generic ANT Project (GAP) 0.9, size 49.51 Kb.

Generalized (Langton) Ant 0.5.1 

This is a generalized version of the famous Langton Ant, which is a FSM (Finite State Machine) with two states. This little program give you the change to describe a FSM with up to eigth states.. Freeware download of Generalized (Langton) Ant 0.5.1, size 10.45 Kb.

GUI Ant-Miner 1.2.1 

GUI Ant-Miner is a tool for extracting classification rules from data. It is an updated version of a data mining algorithm called Ant-Miner (Ant Colony-based Data Miner).. Freeware download of GUI Ant-Miner 1.2.1, size 78.65 Kb.

HelpStudio Ant Task 1.2.0 

Ant task for compiling HelpStudio projects. Freeware download of HelpStudio Ant Task 1.2.0, size 37.49 Kb.

JAM - JavaGen Ant Modules 2.1 

JAM, JavaGen Ant Modules, is a modular Ant toolkit for developing and testing Java/J2EE applications. JAM supports EJB and Servlet/JSP development using XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, Maven, Castor and UML code generation on various servers including JBoss.. Freeware download of JAM - JavaGen Ant Modules 2.1, size 1.23 Mb.

JBTask, ANT Tasks for JBoss App Server 1.0 

JBTask is a collection of ANT Tasks for JBoss Application server. These tasks enable developers to control JBoss and deployments from within IDEs like Eclipse.. Freeware download of JBTask, ANT Tasks for JBoss App Server 1.0, size 81.68 Kb.

Mandible for Ant 0.8 

Mandible is an ant driven project management tool. This project is defunct. See Maven.. Freeware download of Mandible for Ant 0.8, size 33.95 Kb.