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SAPGUI for Java rev 5 7 20 SAP AG 

SAP GUI for the Java environment is a unified SAP frontend for multiple platforms. It is based on a platform-independent architecture and Java implementation. As a major benefit, it provides access to SAP applications that are based on Control-Enabling and therefore used to be reserved for Windows users in the past. Please, note that SAP GUI for. Freeware download of SAPGUI for Java rev 5 7 20, size 12.90 Mb.


Easy Coverage for Java 0.2.1 Alpha Romain Delamare, Armel & Sylvain Leroy 

Easy Coverage for Java is a handy Java framework designed to help developers save time by generating unit tests that can perform elementary verification actions.

Using this tool, you won't have to write the same basic verifications instructions over and over again. Easy Coverage for Java does all that for you.

. Freeware download of Easy Coverage for Java 0.2.1 Alpha, size 0 b.

XMLUnit for Java 1.4 Stefan Bodewig 

XMLUnit for Java extends NUnit and JUnit to enable unit testing of XML. It compares a control XML document to a test document or the result of a transformation, validates documents, and compares the results of XPath expressions.

XMLUnit for Java provides two JUnit extension classes, XMLAssert and XMLTestCase, and a set of supporting. Freeware download of XMLUnit for Java 1.4, size 0 b.

jlGui 3 1 Music Player for the Java(tm) Platform 

jlGui is a Music Player application for the Java™ Platform. It supports MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, MONKEY's AUDIO, WAV, AIFF, AU and SPEEX audio formats. Front-end is WinAmp skins 2.0 compliant. That's why one could say that jlGui is a Java WinAmp clone. You can select your own skin even with the WebStart launcher. As jlGui is. Freeware download of jlGui 3 1, size 2.42 Mb.

Eclipse IDE for Java 3 7 The Eclipse Foundation 

Eclipse IDE for Java has the essential tools for any Java developer, including a Java IDE, a CVS client, XML Editor and Mylyn. Eclipse projects now cover runtimes; static and dynamic languages; thick-client, thin-client, and server-side frameworks; modeling and business reporting; embedded and mobile; and the best Java IDE.. Freeware download of Eclipse IDE for Java 3 7, size 104.34 Mb.

Symbol Mobility Developer Kit for Java 1. 4. 2008 Motorola, Inc. 

The SMDK for Java provides a set of tools necessary to develop Java applications for enterprise mobility devices from Motorola. These tools include class libraries, sample applications, and associated documentation. SMDK for Java allows Java Micro Edition developers to programmatically access the enterprise mobility features on the devices.. Freeware download of Symbol Mobility Developer Kit for Java 1. 4. 2008, size 20.15 Mb.

A MOF 2 for Java amof2.berlios.de 

A MOF 2 for Java is an implementation of the new OMG MOF 2 Recommandations. It provides an enhanced JMI interface to utilize new Java features, such as generics, and new MOF/UML features, like property redefinitions and subsettings.. Freeware download of A MOF 2 for Java, size 4.28 Mb.

An i18n tool for java web application 1.0 i18n4data.sourceforge.net 

The i18n for data (i18n4data) is an i18n tool for java web application, which makes an existing web site to support multi languages easily. It supports not only for interface message, but also for user's data, such as product name.. Freeware download of An i18n tool for java web application 1.0, size 1.65 Mb.

ALF for Java 32..0.9.1 alfj.sourceforge.net 

ALF, The Automated Logging Framework, is a native logging framework for Java with the unique advantage of supporting automated method tracing. This platform-independent library allows developers to debug their applications quickly without adding code. Freeware download of ALF for Java 32..0.9.1, size 118.23 Kb.

ANNJ, Another Neural Network for Java 0.0.2 annj.sourceforge.net 

ANNJ, Another Neural Network for Java is a neural network framework for the Java programming language. It is still in an early development stage, currently supporting only feed-forward type networks, but will soon be able to handle many other types.. Freeware download of ANNJ, Another Neural Network for Java 0.0.2, size 90.36 Kb.

BACnet I/P for Java 1.0 bacnet4j.sourceforge.net 

A high-performance implementation of the BACnet I/P protocol written for Java (minimum version 1.5) by Serotonin Software. Supports all BACnet services and full message segregation. Can be used for field devices or for control platforms.. Freeware download of BACnet I/P for Java 1.0, size 399.60 Kb.

BNF for Java 1.0 bnf-for-java.sourceforge.net 

BNF for Java is a BNF Compiler-Compiler, or Parser-Generator. It implements ISO Standard Backus-Naur Format, using Java. BNF allows you to create a syntax, or a complete language, to parse your data source. Your custom Java extensions generate output.. Freeware download of BNF for Java 1.0, size 469.48 Kb.

Boolean Expression Editor for Java 1.0 beej.sourceforge.net 

BEEJ is a Boolean Expression Editor for Java. This library provides a GUI interface to build complex (or simple) expressions with your options as a base component.. Freeware download of Boolean Expression Editor for Java 1.0, size 16.71 Kb.

Contract for Java 5.090 polyglotprogramming.com 

Contract4J is a build and runtime tool that supports "Design by Contract" for Java 5. The tests are defined using annotations. At runtime, AspectJ aspects evaluate the test expressions and handle failures. Note: The code is maintained at http://git. Freeware download of Contract for Java 5.090, size 173.09 Kb.

CyberVRML97 for Java 140 cybergarage.org 

CyberVRML97 for Java is a development package for VRML97/2.0 and Java3D programmers. Using the package, you can easily read and write the VRML files, set and get the scene graph information, draw the geometries, run the behaviors easily.. Freeware download of CyberVRML97 for Java 140, size 1.18 Mb.

CSV For Java csv4j.sourceforge.net 

CSV for Java provides a Java API for reading/writing CSV files as well as command-line tools supporting transformations and file comparisons. Useful for both developers and testers using CSV files for their work.. Freeware download of CSV For Java, size 414.08 Kb.

Dook: scripting language for Java 1.0 dook.sourceforge.net 

Dook is an embedded scripting language for Java platform. It is small and easy.. Freeware download of Dook: scripting language for Java 1.0, size 218.71 Kb.

Fast Image (JPG) Resizer for Java 1.4 fir4j.sourceforge.net 

The "Fast Image Resizer for Java Tool" has following features: resize all JPEG/JPG images of a directory, generate web galleries, store resized images in a ZIP file, add text or image watermark. The Tool is available in German and English.. Freeware download of Fast Image (JPG) Resizer for Java 1.4, size 762.78 Kb.

FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java 0.1 flisp-j.sourceforge.net 

Free & Compact Lisp Library for Java 5.0 and later. Freeware download of FLISP-J: Free Lisp Library for Java 0.1, size 23.35 Kb.

hotkeys for java 1.0 hotkeysforjava.sourceforge.net 

Hotkeys is a library for registering system wide hot keys for java applications. Offering a simple api for registering keys with the ctrl, alt and/or shift modifiers.. Freeware download of hotkeys for java 1.0, size 33.25 Kb.

Aplikasi Gps For Java Web Results

BNF for Java

BNF compiler-compiler is designed to conform to ISO-14977. It is implemented in Java, for Java programmers. [Open source, GPL]

Java.sun.com: The Source for Java Technology

Sun's home for Java. Offers Windows, Solaris, and Linux Java Development Kits (JDKs), extensions, news, tutorials, and product information.

Java.com: The Source for Java Technology

A resource for Java technology consumers, with a focus on mobile devices.

Advanced Installer for Java

Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java Applications, integrating them fully into the Windows OS and making them look and feel just like a native application. (Caphyon)

VisualAge for Java Tips and Tricks

A collection of tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a better VisualAge for Java user.

The Automated Logging Framework for Java (ALF)

A logging framework for Java written in Standard C++ and JVM tool that provides for filtered tracing of method invocations on the Windows platform. The major advantage of ALF is the automated...

Understand for Java

Reverse engineering, documentation, code exploration and metrics tool for Java source code. [Commercial]