Applikasi Java Tools Jar Untuk Handphone

Cide Java RPG Engine 1.0 

A role playing game engine in Java along with necessary design tools to allow even beginner game designers to start into the world of game development and design. Based loosely on early Final Fantasy engines with enchancements.. Freeware download of Cide Java RPG Engine 1.0, size 54.07 Kb.


Cojen - Java bytecode generator 2.2.3 

Dynamic Java bytecode generation and disassembly tools. A builder allows code to be generated more easily, instead of having to select exact instructions. Utility classes are provided which demonstrate the code generator and loader.. Freeware download of Cojen - Java bytecode generator 2.2.3, size 387.21 Kb.

CSV For Java 

CSV for Java provides a Java API for reading/writing CSV files as well as command-line tools supporting transformations and file comparisons. Useful for both developers and testers using CSV files for their work.. Freeware download of CSV For Java, size 414.08 Kb.

End User Java ZIp Compressor 0.1.3 

A Zip/Jar Compressor developed in java for End Users.Un Compresor Zip/Jar desarrollado en java para Usuario Final.. Freeware download of End User Java ZIp Compressor 0.1.3, size 2.37 Mb.

IntelliX Java collaborative editor beta2 

IntelliX Java collaborative editor is the first editor for Java that uses multimedia tools for development. Main features of IntelliX editor are java files editing and bookmarking in standalone mode or over LAN or Internet with others.. Freeware download of IntelliX Java collaborative editor beta2, size 799.71 Kb.

Jar Browser 1.0 

Jar Browser is a Java development utility for searching and browsing the contents of a set of jar and zip files. It supports searching for classes across multiple jars, plus a variety of other features. Great for solving CLASSPATH issues.. Freeware download of Jar Browser 1.0, size 373.46 Kb.

JAVA - PRC automate compilation (Linux) 0.5 

Bash script that uses various Linux tools regarding Java programming for PDAs and Palm devices to automate the process of creating a PRC file out of the JAVA files.. Freeware download of JAVA - PRC automate compilation (Linux) 0.5, size 3.53 Kb.

Java Archive Grinder (jarg) 0.9.14 

jarg reduces a jar file that have java class files.It remove debugging informations.It remove unnecesary attributes for execution.It remove unused fields and unused methods.It remove unused entry in the constant pool.It rename fields and method. Freeware download of Java Archive Grinder (jarg) 0.9.14, size 273.17 Kb.

Java Code Meta Checker 0.2 

MetaCheck is a java code checking utility to convert results from various code checking tools (jcsc, pmd, checkstyle, findbugs, ...) into one uniform xml/html result for each of the checkers and for the generated meta result.. Freeware download of Java Code Meta Checker 0.2, size 258.85 Kb.

Java FileTools 0.3.0 

A set of tools written in Java to manipulate files, finding duplicated files into two directories, finding duplicated files in a single directory, finding duplicated files out and in .ZIP files, etc.. Freeware download of Java FileTools 0.3.0, size 7.27 Kb.

Java JarWizard 1.0 

JarWizard is a small Java Application that takes the hassle out of creating executable JAR files. In just a few clicks, your Java application will be packed and made executable when users double-click on its JAR file.. Freeware download of Java JarWizard 1.0, size 93.99 Kb.

Java Roundtrip Engineering 0.3.1 

The goal of this project is to build a set of tools that makes it possible to move between a UML model and Java source code during development without having to update duplicated information by hand.. Freeware download of Java Roundtrip Engineering 0.3.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Java SE MIDP2 2.0.1 

An implementation of the MIDP2 specification on top of Java SE, to make it possible to use the same development tools during most development phases of a MIDlet as for a normal Java SE application.. Freeware download of Java SE MIDP2 2.0.1, size 23.21 Kb.

jdbmigr - Database Command-Line Tools 0.3 

java/jdbc command-line tools to export and import database data (formats: xml and fast-infoset (webrowset schema), csv and dml). You can synchronize changes in the webrowset document (insertRow-, modifyRow- and deleteRow-tags) back to the datasource.. Freeware download of jdbmigr - Database Command-Line Tools 0.3, size 1.53 Mb.

JDBC Tools 1.1.1 

JDBC Tools is a proxy driver framework for monitoring Java database access. It has pre-built JDBC logger and SQL query planning modules, but can be extended through a simple API to perform other monitoring operations.. Freeware download of JDBC Tools 1.1.1, size 201.64 Kb.

JDO Learning Tools 1.0.beta.2 

The JDO Learning Tools demonstrate the behavior of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO). Explore the query language and the persistence manager. Contains prototypes for client/server, web, and EJB architectures. Works with several JDO implementations.. Freeware download of JDO Learning Tools 1.0.beta.2, size 384.05 Kb.

JEC - Java Expression Compiler rc 

JEC is a Java Expression Compiler library (a JAR) that allows bidirectional expression evaluation and assignation (like book.pages[selectedPage].text). It was designed for mapping HTTP parameters to class fields in the model for a Java web controller.. Freeware download of JEC - Java Expression Compiler rc, size 59.55 Kb.

JLex and CUP Java based Decompiler 1.0 

Java decompilation tools from 'Decompiling Java' book published by Apress.. Freeware download of JLex and CUP Java based Decompiler 1.0, size 15.51 Kb.

JMX Console Tools 0.1.5 

This project consists of some rather trivial console tools that connect via JMX to Java applications and provide an easy interface to integrate JMX-enabled applications into other applications (e.g. for monitoring etc.). Freeware download of JMX Console Tools 0.1.5, size 2.36 Mb.

JSelfModify 1.0 

Dynamic tree of Java objects encapsulates hard-drive and Jar/Zip files (and their inner files) and Java objects all the same way. Create new ways of communication as executable Jar files, like a paint program that creates/uses paint programs as tools. Freeware download of JSelfModify 1.0, size 173.56 Kb.