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Bible Analyzer 4. 4. 2003 Morton Publications 

Bible Analyzer is a free program for reading and studying the Bible. Unlike many other Biblical software, this one features an attractive and functional interface that lets you read any Bible book or chapter, consult one of the included dictionaries and commentaries, and write your own notes, all in the same, four-panelled window. In fact, one of. Freeware download of Bible Analyzer 4. 4. 2003, size 15.16 Mb.


Daily Praises 1.0 Word Of God Team 

Daily praises software is a free program for religious people with some useful features. It loads automatically when your system/laptop starts. Daily loads 30 praises for God. Available in many Indian languages including urdu. Easy to use and intuitive for everybody.. Freeware download of Daily Praises 1.0, size 79.69 Mb.

RemoteVNC 1.0 Chris Waters 

RemoteVNC is a free program that allows you to remotely control a Windows computer across the Internet using the VNC protocol, even through firewalls or NAT. Contains a VNC server and VNC viewer managing VNC sessions between Windows computers. Based on Tight-VNC.. Freeware download of RemoteVNC 1.0, size 1.38 Mb.

JDs Auto Speed Tester 16 1 GMW Software 

With this free program you can do regular internet speed tests in the background. It logs all your data and enables you to see at a glance what your speeds are doing over the course of the hour/day/week/month etc. It will test your download & upload speeds your ping times, packet loss and jitter.. Freeware download of JDs Auto Speed Tester 16 1, size 2.11 Mb.

K-5 Video Reversal tool K-5 Computer Lab Technology Lessons 

The K-5 Video Reversal Tool is a free program to reverse videos . It will reverse your video files in one step. Just input the video file click the Reverse sound check box and press "Start". The K-5 Video Reversal tool will convert the video and audio so you can play them backwards.. Freeware download of K-5 Video Reversal tool, size 218.93 Mb.

Find my Font (Free) 2 2 Softonium Developments 

Find my Font (Free) is a program that can find the font used in a given bitmap image.

You can use any JPG or BMP file that you have in your computer, select a font displayed in that image, and search your installed fonts looking for the name and characteristics of this font.

The program will prepare a list of the fonts. Freeware download of Find my Font (Free) 2 2, size 15.40 Mb.

Scott's Windows Startup Program 1 1 SB-Software 

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager, as its name indicates, is a free program that gives us the opportunity to view and fully manage all the items that we have installed in our Windows Startup. This utility can be very helpful and convenient for advanced users as it provides an instant access to our Startup entries so we can remove/kill. Freeware download of Scott's Windows Startup Program 1 1, size 55.07 Mb.

Subtitle Renamer 0.9.9 Tomi Tilli 

Subtitle Renamer is a free program to rename video and subtitle files. Subtitle Renamer easily renames subtitle files to correspond the names of the video files. Subtitle Renamer can also rename video files. Currently there are string replacement, change case and numeration features.. Freeware download of Subtitle Renamer 0.9.9, size 2.64 Mb.

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program 1.0 TERRASCIENCES Inc. 

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program is a free program that can be used to convert values of one type of unit to another. All units are grouped into categories for easy location of the needed conversion. The program supports many different categories of unit conversions. Freeware download of TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program 1.0, size 744.45 Kb.

AutoSync File Backup 2.0.2 Impact Software LLC 

AutoSync File Backup is a free program that allows you to back up all your imporant files with just a few clicks. AutoSync is easy to use, and can save your files if something crashes your computer. This program also allows you to back up your files to network drives, or network attaches storage. It can also automatically back up your files. Freeware download of AutoSync File Backup 2.0.2, size 5.91 Mb.

HumanConcepts OrgPlus Reader 9.0.1594 HumanConcepts 

OrgPlus Reader is a free program that allows you to read OrgPlus charts. By using this program you will be able not only to view the charts generated with OrgPlus, but to use the data contained in them. You can view the charts choosing the levels you want to see. You can also look for someone in the chart, by typing a name or choosing a photo. It. Freeware download of HumanConcepts OrgPlus Reader 9.0.1594, size 10.00 Mb.

Spanish Phrases Buddy 1.0 Sierra Vista Software 

Spanish Phrases Buddy is a light, simple yet useful free program for learning many of the most useful phrases in Spanish. It has a very straightforward interface in which you will find 49 commonly-used English phrases. You only need to choose the phrase you want to translate to Spanish and click on it. The interface has two blank spaces at the top.. Freeware download of Spanish Phrases Buddy 1.0, size 1.37 Mb.

Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator 2 3 Katmar Software 

This free program will calculate the steam consumption for a turbine of known power and efficiency. The required data are the inlet steam pressure and temperature, and the exhaust pressure. The program will determine the specific and actual steam consumption, and the outlet steam enthalpy, entropy, temperature and quality. The program is very easy. Freeware download of Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator 2 3, size 74.72 Mb.

Mortgage Loan Calculator Plus 2.0 

This is a free program featuring a collection of mortgage and general mathematics calculators. With this program you can create a customizable amortization schedule for your home mortgage loan and much more. Mortgage Loan Calculator Plus works on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.. Freeware download of Mortgage Loan Calculator Plus 2.0, size 35.33 Mb.

AutoSync Music Backup 2.0.2 Impact Software LLC 

AutoSync File Backup is a free program that allows you to back up all your imporant files with just a few clicks. AutoSync is easy to use, and can save your files if something crashes your computer. This program also allows you to back up your files to network drives, or network attaches storage. It can also automatically back up your files. Freeware download of AutoSync Music Backup 2.0.2, size 5.84 Mb.

Math Practice 2 1 Ruskin Janowski 

Math Practice is a totally free program which is user friendly, colorful and easy to use. Note that you MUST have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed for this program to work. The JRE is also totally free. Math Practice has three basic sections. There are worksheets, basic math and questions. Basic math is perfect to learn how to quickly. Freeware download of Math Practice 2 1, size 1.25 Mb.

Joy To Mouse Free Marcello Pietrelli e Gianni Baini 

Completely free program designed for people with disabilities who have difficulty using the mouse. Joy To Mouse allows you to use a joystick or joypad as if it were a normal mouse by transferring the operating system movements and clicks. In the "Options" window, accessible through the icon in the system tray, you can customize the. Freeware download of Joy To Mouse Free, size 566.27 Kb.

wReplace 1.2.Free 1.0 SharkTime Software 

Free program, which allows you to change/replace multiple letters and phrases at a time. It is easy to create and save lists of changes/replacements, so that you can reuse them. You can even paste replacement table from your spreadsheet (e.g. Excel/Calc). wReplace resembles Notepad. Like Notepad, it works with plain text Unicode files.. Freeware download of wReplace 1.2.Free 1.0, size 839.68 Kb.

Context Free Art 3.0beta3 

Context Free is a program that generates images from written instructions called a grammar. The program follows the instructions in a few seconds to create images that can contain millions of shapes. Context Free is, well, free! You can download the software and start creating art on your computer right now.. Freeware download of Context Free Art 3.0beta3, size 2.09 Mb.

My Irish Pub - Easy, Fast & Free b.0.5 

Easy, Fast and Free program to manage your Pub, Fast Food or Restaurant. Take control of your businnes, now! ( Based on php+apache+mysql ). Freeware download of My Irish Pub - Easy, Fast & Free b.0.5, size 30.79 Kb.

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Methodus 3

Free program that has AOL enhancements like faders, useful tools like a web server and ftp server, and it also has a file sharing network similar to Napster.


Free program that automatically checks up to eight AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, or POP3 email accounts simultaneously and notifies in the Windows taskbar.

Lyx - The Document Processor

A free program that provides a more modern approach of writing documents with a computer.


A free program for learning touch typing quickly. For all age groups. Additional features when registered.

International Xyber Space Station

XYSP planet exploration, hotel rooms and orbitting spaceship are interactively linked to an Internet radio-tv station. Multimedia crossover with voice-plugins, webcams, streaming audio and video....

Listen to or create your own audio broadcast for free.

Self-Help for Headaches

Common causes of chronic headaches and a simple voice therapy by streaming audio or telephone. All free.