Autodesk Maya

DigiMode Maya 2.2.0 DigiMode Media Players 

DigiMode Maya is a scaled down version of DigiMode ream Mass Media player, however this player while concentrating on on small download size it kept most necessary features and the sleek design, in addition we incorporated larger size buttons and a different skin than DigiMode Ream. The player has fast search for Audio capability and fast album. Free download of DigiMode Maya 2.2.0, size 807.40 Kb.


ToDoT start for Autodesk Inventor EN 1.0 Singeca sas 

Convert drawings from IDW to PDF,DWG,DXF,DWF from an assembly or a directory. ToDoT speeds up work when exporting drawings created with autodesk inventor to other formats, choosing all parts of an assembly or all drawings in a directory.
Components are shown on a tree-like view, as well as drawing found, user can select which ones to convert. Free download of ToDoT start for Autodesk Inventor EN 1.0, size 11.92 Mb.

Evening at Maya Valley 1.0 NevoSoft 

Marvellous living screensaver from Nevosoft with beautiful nature scenes of South America will help you to relax and achieve peace of mind. Enjoy wonderful evening at Maya valley, living waterfalls and sunset scenes.. Free download of Evening at Maya Valley 1.0, size 3.47 Mb.

Amethyst DWG--DWF 2 CA Desgn Assoc 

Amethyst DWG-2-DWF is a powerful Windows program that enables you to quickly and easily batch convert drawings to the Autodesk Design Web Format (DWF). Support for all versions of AutoCAD. Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD is NOT required.. Free download of Amethyst DWG--DWF 2, size 9.00 Mb.

Amethyst DWG-2-DWF V2 CA Desgn Assoc 

Amethyst DWG-2-DWF is a powerful Windows program that enables you to quickly and easily batch convert drawings to the Autodesk Design Web Format (DWF). Support for all versions of AutoCAD. Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD is NOT required.. Free download of Amethyst DWG-2-DWF V2, size 9.00 Mb.

3D Ripper DX 1. 8. 2001 Roman Lut 

With 3D Ripper DX you can capture all geometry, textures and shaders, rendered during single frame, import captured geometry into 3D Studio Max or Maya, see what exactly has been drawn by each individual draw call; and see renderstate, textures, vertex streams, index stream, vertex declaration, vertex and pixel shaders (including HLSL source code. Freeware download of 3D Ripper DX 1. 8. 2001, size 2.07 Mb.

DWG TrueView 2010 18.0.55 Autodesk 

Autodesk® DWG TrueView™ software is a free* stand-alone DWG™ viewer. Built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD® software, DWG TrueView enables you to view the latest DWG and DXF™ files, just as you would in AutoCAD. By also installing the free* Autodesk® Design Review software, you can then. Freeware download of DWG TrueView 2010 18.0.55, size 190.72 Mb.

DWG TrueView 2007 Autodesk 

DWG TrueView : This official Autodesk free application allows the user to publish, plot and view Autodesk AutoCAD drawings such as DWG (generated by Autodesk programs), as well as DXF (also generated by Autodesk applications for interchanging design drawings). The publishers offer total compatibility to the current AutoCAD version in the market.

AdvancedSkeleton 3.700 AnimationStudios 

AdvancedSkeleton is a collection of Maya tools for doing character setup.AdvancedSkeleton creates a complex motion system: AdvancedSkeleton from a simple joint chain: FitSkeleton.This tool is a very stable one and very easy to use even for those with less knowledge in animation.. Freeware download of AdvancedSkeleton 3.700, size 4.56 Mb.

Cult3D VIZ Exporter 5 3 Cycore Systems AB 

The Cult3D VIZ Exporter offers a tighter integration of the Cult3D technology with two of the major 3D software tools on the market, Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max. The new product provides an integrated exporter that enables users to make interactive walkthrough presentations in 3D-ready for instant publication on the Web. Cult3D VIZ Exporter opens new. Freeware download of Cult3D VIZ Exporter 5 3, size 1.77 Mb.

Raider3D Viewer 1. 4. 2006 OKYZ 

Raider3D is the only 3D collaboration solution that works with any 3D application including CATIA V4/V5, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, VisView, I-DEAS, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, Rhino, 3DS MAX/VIZ, Maya, FormZ, Ansys CAE, Abaqus, Pam-crash, Patran, Gocad and Petrel. Models captured with Raider3D are saved in a lightweight and secure. Freeware download of Raider3D Viewer 1. 4. 2006, size 90.00 Mb.

Vue xStream 9 50 e-on software 

Vue xStream is a professional program for landscape modeling, animation, and visualization of natural 3D environments and works with the following programs: 3ds Max, Cinema4D, LightWave 3D, Maya D? XSI. Vue xStream was developed for CG professionals. It can be used by architects, film makers and so on. Using this software you can create and edit. Free download of Vue xStream 9 50, size 0 b.

GelQuest SequentiX - Digital DNA Processing 

GelQuest imports trace data curves from the following formats:

Trace file formats: ABI FSA format, Beckman SCF files, MegaBACE RSD files
Gel images: BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SGI, Autodesk, Targa, PCX, PCD, Portable Map, CUT, RLA, Photoshop, Paintshop, PortableNetwork, EPS. Free download of GelQuest, size 4.77 Mb.

Scaleform GFx SDK Eval IME 4.0 Scaleform Corporation 

Autodesk Scaleform combines the power and performance of modern 3D graphics technology with the proven productivity and workflow of Adobe® Flash® and Creative Suite®, resulting in the faster creation of higher quality content. Its powerful features have made Autodesk Scaleform the trusted solution on over 800 projects, from. Freeware download of Scaleform GFx SDK Eval IME 4.0, size 21.63 Mb.

messiahStudio5 5.0 pmG WorldWide, LLC 

Whether you come from Maya, Softimage, 3DS Max, Lightwave or another CG software, you'll be amazed by messiah's innovative smart bones, realtime feedback, plugin ability and low learning curve. Feature Film, Television, Music Videos and Game Development; messiahStudio has been part of it all.
Dynamic Render Interactive rendering,. Free download of messiahStudio5 5.0, size 34.76 Mb.

ADA3D STL Viewer ADA 3D 

The STL Viewer is FREE software for visualisation of STL or OBJ meshes created in packages such as 3D Studio Max, MAYA and Z Brush, modeled in CAD systems or generated from 3D digitalization of physical objects.

With its simplified user interface, fast rendering and ability to handle even big volumes of data the STL Viewer is an ideal. Freeware download of ADA3D STL Viewer, size 579.58 Kb.

SVI Stereo 3D Renderer Plug-in for 2 2 Spatial View GmbH 

Animations, Visualizations and Models in Autodesk 3ds Max - brought to life in the third dimension and displayed in stereo.

The SVI Stereo 3D Renderer for Autodesk 3ds Max delivers an affordable edge. Prepare three-dimensional content for output to any auto-stereoscopic or stereoscopic display - directly in Autodesk 3ds Max - without. Free download of SVI Stereo 3D Renderer Plug-in for 2 2, size 57.99 Mb.

maxReality 6.0 Vuzix Corporation 

maxReality™ is a virtual and augmented reality authoring system that brings Autodesk® 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design® content to life.Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design are the premium application for the creation of 3D objects and creations ranging from equipment and architectural designs to life-like animated character or. Free download of maxReality 6.0, size 118.93 Mb.

Vasari Sliders Plugin 2 1 Autodesk, Inc. 

Autodesk® Project Vasari is an easy-to-use, expressive design tool for creating building concepts. Vasari goes further, with integrated analysis for energy and carbon, providing design insight where the most important design decisions are made. And, when it’s time to move the design to production, simply bring your Project Vasari. Free download of Vasari Sliders Plugin 2 1, size 56.24 Mb.

Revit 2011 EPix Plugin 1.0 Informatix Software International Limited 

Revit 2011 EPix Plugin is a free software that allows you to export a 3D view from Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 and 2012 to a Piranesi EPix file.You also need to install the FBX Converter from Autodesk because this will improve the naming of materials in the EPix file so that material locking works better.. Freeware download of Revit 2011 EPix Plugin 1.0, size 1.96 Mb.

Autodesk Maya Web Results

Maya Design Group

A product-design and development consultancy company that specializes in taming the complexity of technology.

Maya 3D Animation Software Training

Training for corporate professionals and Maya enthusiasts, offering 4 unique types of training in 3D animation software such as on-line instructor led, on-line via streaming video, on-site training...


PC based virtual reality software and data creation services. VantagePoint offers exporters for 3DS Max, AutoDesk Viz, Alias Wavefront Maya, and Mulitgen Creator.

The Autodesk File

A history of Autodesk and AutoCAD by John Walker, the founder of Autodesk.

Mayan Civilization

Information on the locations and developments of Maya civilization plus references to the history of the related archeological research.

The Maya Calendar

Information about the civilization from the Maya World Studies Center in Mérida, Yucatán. Describes the calendar, mathematical system, language, religion, and other aspects of Maya culture.

Mundo Maya Online

Maya culture past and present, with many historical articles. Available in English and Spanish.