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QED Solver (FREE) 1.81 Cyrillian Inc. 

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This is the ad-supported version of QED Solver. QED Solver is a powerful calculation tool for science and engineering problems, as well as general math problems. Calculations have never been so easy - just enter your problem and tap Solve!? QED features a smart editor for. Freeware download of QED Solver (FREE) 1.81, size 7.76 Mb.


Quick Math - Multiplication Table & Arithmetic Game 1.2.5 Shiny Things 

"Quick Math is perfect for students to improve their all round mathematics ability" - Apps In Education

Kids and adults cant put it down!

Practice your mathematics while racing the clock in this innovative iPad app. Featuring advanced handwriting recognition and a beautiful interface, Quick Math will take your. Free download of Quick Math - Multiplication Table & Arithmetic Game 1.2.5, size 33.97 Mb.

Math Match Plus Red Phone Development 

Hello, I'm Math Match Plus. I use simple math concepts to add a fun and educational twist on the classic game of memory. I'm simple enough for kids and challenging enough for adults, simply change my difficulty and tile count options. Check out my screen shots below to see a sample of some of the tile colors and background choices you can set to. Free download of Math Match Plus, size 8.39 Mb.

Exam P/1 1.5.0 The Portable Actuary 

These flashcards are designed to help you prepare for Exam P and 1 on Probability as designed by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society. Studying the formulas provided will help you become familiar with the topics and ideas stressed on the exam. This app is meant to be extremely simple and is designed for a busy schedule and. Free download of Exam P/1 1.5.0, size 6.08 Mb.

QED Solver for iPhone (FREE) 1.81 Cyrillian Inc. 

**QED Solver Calculations have never been this fast or easy!**

Have an iPad? Check out QED Solver for iPad!

This is the ad-supported version of QED Solver. QED is a powerful calculation tool for science and engineering problems, as well as general math problems. Calculations have never been so easy - just enter your problem. Freeware download of QED Solver for iPhone (FREE) 1.81, size 8.49 Mb.

Mathematics - General Test 1.0.0008 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

The educational and useful Mathematics - General Test tool, gives you the possibility to test your math knowledge and skills.

Mathematics - General Test includes various question types, including multiple choice or yes/no.

Mathematics - General Test is written using Java and is available for all major platforms, including. Free download of Mathematics - General Test 1.0.0008, size 0 b.

3D Geometrical Objects 1.4 

The software is designed as a simple accessory for teaching math. The program can represent the following objects in 3D space: regular prism (3 to 10 sides); general three-sided prism; special four-sided prism (adjustable inclination of sides); regular pyramid (3 to 10 sides). For each geometrical object, certain parameters can be interactively. Free download of 3D Geometrical Objects 1.4, size 1.12 Mb.

Math Center Level 1 Tvalx 

Math software for students studying precalculus. Can be interesting for teachers teaching precalculus. Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2D, Advanced Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Rational Calculator, and Simple Integer Calculator called from the Control Panel. Simple calculator is a general purpose. Free download of Math Center Level 1, size 2.00 Mb.

Rapid Math Trainer 1.0 

Tiny Flash ActionScript Speed math program to train rapid multiplication and addition. Good for any age who wants to improve arithmetic and general maths skills. Quick mathematics is useful.. Freeware download of Rapid Math Trainer 1.0, size 61.53 Kb.

MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50 

MB Free Feng Shui Ba Zi is an interactive and an effective tool, which calculates your four pillars of destiny or Ba Zi based on the ancient art of Chinese Astrology. The program is useful in drawing up a map of your life and advises you on as to what is good and what is bad, on the appropriate action that needs to be taken during various phases of. Free download of MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50, size 1.37 Mb.

Elementary School Trivia 1.43 Hot Potato 

Test your skills against questions that a kid would normally know. Hundreds of general knowledge elementary grade questions in all kinds of categories like math, kid stories, measurements, cartoons, etc. will be sure to challenge you and your friends as you play in single or multi-player mode.

The question timer will challenge even the. Free download of Elementary School Trivia 1.43, size 314.57 Kb.

Gregg Alford DMD 1.1 DNT Media 

Dr. Gregg Alford is a graduate of the University of Louisville (DMD) and the University of Arkansas (BA) and specializes in dentistry and general dentistry. Dr. Alford is licensed to practice in AR and has been in private practice since 1988. Freeware download of Gregg Alford DMD 1.1, size 8.81 Mb.

I Am Smarter Than You - Free! 1.0.2 March Brothers 

Welcome to I'm Smarter Than You, not your average trivia game!

It's fast-paced, competitive and filled with brain-boosters. Compete on general knowledge, sports, math, arts, history and many more categories. Play on your own or with friends, and see where you rank against the whole world!

Free version comes with Ads.

Learn Numbers, Learn to Count 2.0 urbn; pockets 

A joyful introduction to the world of math!

Recommended for kids at pre- or elementary school or any child that shows a general interest in math and numbers they will have fun in exploring the foundation of addition.
A proven methodology to introduce your child to numbers and the basics of addition.
The exercises include all. Free download of Learn Numbers, Learn to Count 2.0, size 16.78 Mb.

iEngTech.Express iEngTech 

General purpose engineering tools.
1. Scientific calculators algebraic and RPN modes
2. Unit converter
3. Vector math calculator
4. More are coming, such as:
Construction calculator; linear equation solver; data interpolater and etc. Free download of iEngTech.Express, size 11.53 Mb.

Math Logic 4 Caltrox Educational Software 

Math Logic 4.0 is a Math Lesson Plans software for children that is an integral component of math lesson plans. Math Logic is a fun and straightforward computerized method of learning and solving math problems for school students and is used for math lesson plans in nursery and schools. The Math Lesson Plans software has been designed for ease of. Free download of Math Logic 4, size 6.34 Mb.

Speed Math 3 Caltrox Educational Software 

Speed Math 3.0 is a very easy and interesting Kids elementary math games for learning Arithmetic. The fun math games software has been designed for ease of use, fast setup and interactivity. Full Audio-Visual and Multimedia features have been built into the program to make learning the basics of Arithmetic an enjoyable learning experience for. Free download of Speed Math 3, size 4.78 Mb.

Math Center Level 2 Tvalx 

Math software for students studying precalculus and calculus. Math Center Level 2 consists of a Scientific Calculator, a Graphing Calculator 2D Numeric, a Graphing Calculator 2D Parametric, a Graphing Calculator 2D Polar, an Integer Calculator, and a Rational Calculator. The Scientific Calculator works in scientific mode. There are options to. Free download of Math Center Level 2, size 3.00 Mb.

General Aviation 2 1.1 NexusMedia 

25 professional general aviation photos in each of three series. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 25 photos of general aviation photographs and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus! support, the option to show images full-screen or at original. Free download of General Aviation 2 1.1, size 3.18 Mb.

+-+S+E Mental Math Essential 2.2 Appinnacle Inc. 

Mental Math Essential focuses on mental math of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division up to 9+9, 18-9, 9x9 and 81/9, which is an essential skill for any further math studies. This skill is so important that you are required to be able to have the answers in mind instantly without thinking. Mental Math Essential can help you achieve. Free download of +-+S+E Mental Math Essential 2.2, size 2.11 Mb.