Ban Ten Game

Maxwell's Demon 2.07 

A nice and entertaining game that has a bit of science behind it. It requires really good reaction from the player, and is fun just to watch.Install and uninstall support included.Maxwell's Demon has been around when our Universe was born, and will still be there at the very end of everything, till he finishes his arduous labor of resisting the. Free download of Maxwell's Demon 2.07, size 665.60 Kb.


Rummi 6.0.36 YPR Software BV 

In this addictive Tile Rummy game, you try to get rid of your numbered tiles by playing them in groups of three or more. You can try and beat the computer players, in different levels of skill. You can also play online with your friends, over the internet or your home network, or with other Rummi fans from all over the world.Tile Rummy is a game of. Free download of Rummi 6.0.36, size 3.34 Mb.

Duong len dinh Olympia VTV Mobile 

Phien bản Duờng Len Dỉnh Olympia chinh thức từ VTV Mobile da ra mắt

- Duờng len dỉnh Olympia l? một game mo phỏng Gameshow Duờng len dỉnh Olympia do VTV3 thực hiện.
- Trong game con co sự gop mặt của 2 MC rất quen thuộc. Freeware download of Duong len dinh Olympia, size 11.53 Mb.

Flitty Birds Sivago Entertainment 

What's New in v1.0.5.0:
- New "Twisting" Fun Game-Mode, with Powerups.
- New Theme and Audio Track for it.
- Small improvements on gravity and game-play.

Flit, flap, flop those wings!

Flitty Birds is the #1 endless-dodging platformer, which will put you right away in the adventure !

Meet. Freeware download of Flitty Birds, size 3.15 Mb.

Ten Thousand Dice 2.4 ENW Software 

Ten Thousand Dice - A Game of Temptation and Chance for up to 6 human or computer players. The game is played with six dice, and is a race to score at least 10,000 points. You can play with any combination of human or computer players, and with the registered version, remote network players. To win you will need equal parts strategy, luck, and. Free download of Ten Thousand Dice 2.4, size 1.14 Mb.

Ten Ton Ninja 1 1 Addictive 247 Games 

Ten Ton Ninja is a wonderful free game for people of all ages, in which players assume the role of a fat ninja, who jumps on platforms and collects stuff while avoiding the enemies. The game includes 22 levels of action with different scenarios and enemies to avoid. It also comes with a level editor that allows players to create their own. Freeware download of Ten Ton Ninja 1 1, size 20.06 Mb.

Free Poker Deuces Wild Ten Play 1.0 Free poker 

Free poker game Deuces Wild is a Ten Play online poker game where all 2's are wild cards. Play free poker and enjoy Deuces Wild's beautiful fireworks graphics and sounds.You may be playing free poker, but it feels like casino poker. Our free poker games are playable directly out of the browser--play poker online with absolutely no need to download!. Freeware download of Free Poker Deuces Wild Ten Play 1.0, size 2.56 Mb.

Ten Hand Poker 1.0 Free Casino Games 

Ten Play Bonus Video Poker is a ten hand video poker game you can play for free, online from Free Casino 1. Bonus Video Poker is similar to Jacks or Better Video Poker, but 4 of a kind combinations are worth more than in Jacks or Better. In exchange you lose some value for Flush, and Full House hands.. Freeware download of Ten Hand Poker 1.0, size 2.93 Mb.

Ten Amazing Fruits 2.2 FruitFrolic 

Ten Amazing Fruits is a fascinating game for young children. This game stimulates imagination and develops eye-hand coordination. Controlling and changing the cartoon graphics fascinates children for hours.The different, funny Fruit faces that the children create can be printed or saved to disk. The cartoon graphics are easy to manipulate with a. Freeware download of Ten Amazing Fruits 2.2, size 4.30 Mb.

Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0 Mahjongg 

Decuple Mah Jongg is named as such because of its ten layers at the game's highest peaks. This game is for the most seasoned mah jongg player, as there are many layers to navigate through to win this mah jongg game.

The rules are the same as all mah jongg games. Match pairs of tiles to get rid of them and then once all tiles are gone,. Freeware download of Decuple Mah Jongg 1.0, size 2.55 Mb.

Ten Card Keno 3.0.0008 One Stop Keno Shop 

Ten Card Keno allows you to play ten cards at once. The game is full featured with adjustable game speed, autoplay, and the ability to save the games.

Adjustable Autplay Automarking interval.

PC Requirements: Windows XP, 98, 2000 and should run on most Vista machines.. Freeware download of Ten Card Keno 3.0.0008, size 2.26 Mb.

Top Ten Solitaire Big Fish Games 

The worlds 10 most popular solitaire card games just got better! With amazing graphics, animated cards, soothing music, great features and polished game play, Top Ten Solitaire is the best solitaire game ever. Play Klondike, Pyramid, Scorpion, Accordion, Penguin, Canfield, Golf, Monte Carlo, Free Cell, and Yukon all in one collection. This. Free download of Top Ten Solitaire, size 0 b.

Deuces Wild Bonus Poker 4 1 Relm Gaming LLC 

Relm Gaming is offering this game as a try and buy. The game comes with 53 Video Poker Games including 100 Play, 75 Play, 50 Play, 25 Play, Ten Play, Five Play and Single Play. It also has 3 versions of Spin Poker, 20 line, 9 line and 99 line spin poker. 10 Play, 5 Play, Four Play and Triple Play Mega-Multiplier. 10 Play, 5 Play, Four Play and. Free download of Deuces Wild Bonus Poker 4 1, size 18.08 Mb.

a2z5x5 1.0 Ihsan 

a2z5x5 is an entertainig game developed by Ihsan
With a2z5x5 you have to do ten words by filling a 5x5 grid with letters A to Z (no Q). Some letters in the grid are shown. A word must be made by a chain of cells linked vertically, horizontally or diagonally.. Freeware download of a2z5x5 1.0, size 6.90 Mb.

Break-A-Block Game 1 FlashDo 

This game was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3. I have provided a Flash CS3 version also.The object of the game is to demolish the blocks by hitting them with the sphere via the paddle. This game has ten levels. After the fifth level the speed of the sphere increases to make the game more challenging.This game is designed to be embeded directly. Free download of Break-A-Block Game 1, size 447.49 Kb.

Faiths - Strategy Game 1.0 Faithgame 

A turn-based strategy game where ten nations of differing beliefs clash and aid one another through conquest and conversion. When complete, it will boast an adaptive storyline and many different character classes and abilities.

Faiths - Strategy Game 1.0 License - Adaptive Public License. Freeware download of Faiths - Strategy Game 1.0, size 0 b.

10-Add To Ten 1.0 Boya Tan 

-Add the number to mutile of ten ,but no more than 40,
-Brand new brainwash game! you can't even stop!
-Pass the mission mode you will upgrade and increase you number upper limit!!!. Freeware download of 10-Add To Ten 1.0, size 4.51 Mb.

2-10 : A Times Tables Game 1.01 Heli Apps 

A fun game that helps children revise the times tables to ten.

Hints show number groupings, giving the child a visual representation of the question.

Multiple virtual stickers rewards for playing at different levels.

Featured by : "Times Table Game, a simple, easy to use and very. Free download of 2-10 : A Times Tables Game 1.01, size 5.03 Mb.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle - Funny game for toddlers, young kids and children 1.0 Banana Apps 

* Awarded with best Halloween game for kids of age 0-5 by Mommy's and Daddy's in 2013.
* Number 1 in the Educational category in more than ten countries.

Trick or treat! Welcome to the best Halloween Puzzle for toddlers and young kids!

"A fun and educational puzzle for children of 0-5 years of age!"

Hanto: Free Amazing Hex Board Game 2.0 Raul Ignacio Verano 


Featured on Nine over ten (9/10) "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED".

DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! No reason let this one slip by!!!

Hanto is a revolutionary strategy board game that you will love.

Put your cunning and your strategic skills to the test with this brain. Freeware download of Hanto: Free Amazing Hex Board Game 2.0, size 42.99 Mb.