Bat Charger

Mobile Master Light 5.1 

->Synchronize you phone/address book of your mobile phone with: -Outlook, -Lotus Notes, -Palm Desktop, -Outlook Express, -Motzilla/Netscape, -The Bat, -Eudora, -Opera oder einer Textdatei. ----------------------------------------------- ->many settings and filters. --------->support for multiple profiles.. Free download of Mobile Master Light 5.1, size 0 b.


GJ Compilation 2 1 

GJ Compilation 2 contains three of our bat and ball games, which include:GJ Funball V2, GJ Powerball and GJ Breakdown V2You pay HALF PRICE, when purchased as a compilation, on the individual games.. Free download of GJ Compilation 2 1, size 0 b.

Musikapa 1.0 EleFun Multimedia 

Some time ago everyone believed that arkanoid was a bat and a ball only and the main goal of the game was to destroy blocks with the help of the bat and the ball. But it is not like that! Modern games are a new way of human self-realization. Do you think this process needs only ball, bat and blocks? What about the intentions to behold unknown, to. Free download of Musikapa 1.0, size 5.84 Mb.

Hockey Pong 1.4 PELLENC 

Hockey Pong is an ultra-fast ball and bat game in which you try to score as many goals on your opponent as possible.Two teams meet 3 times for 20 seconds. Each team controls two bats: a forward and a goalkeeper. Each bat you control behaves the same way as in a breakout game, and you must try to direct the ball into your opponent's goal.Hockey Pong. Free download of Hockey Pong 1.4, size 1.31 Mb.

EMCO Remote CmdLine 1.1 EMCO 

Execute program files simultaneously on remote computers, (EXE,BAT,MSI etc...).Capture Software and Hardware information from all computers, use data filters toselect the target computers (NT4,W2K,XP). Feedback status can be saved to filefor follow up.Actions like:Run Process (under current user or administrators account).File action (Copy, Move,. Free download of EMCO Remote CmdLine 1.1, size 1.36 Mb.

Dr.Batcher 2.3.2 Mental Works Computing Software 

Dr.Batcher is a utility that helps you to create batch file in a fast and simple manner. Dr.Batcher is designed both for users that have never created BAT files before and for those who know their syntax very well. Dr.Batcher provides you with two different modes: simple and professional. In the first mode you can edit batch script with visual. Free download of Dr.Batcher 2.3.2, size 6.25 Mb.

Stellar Phoenix Mail Recovery 2.0 Stellar Information Systems Ltd. 

Stellar Phoenix Mail Recovery is an advanced, easy-to-use software that recovers lost or accidentally deleted emails from databases files of 'Pegasus', 'The Bat', 'IncrediMail', and 'Thunderbird'. The software can also recover all inaccessible mail items if there is some corruption in these files. This utility employs non-destructive algorithms to. Free download of Stellar Phoenix Mail Recovery 2.0, size 3.15 Mb.

4XPipSnager 3.0 4XPipSnager 

You'll learn how to trade with the near term trend right off the bat! A critical factor in the choppy Forex Market!
You'll learn how to buy only when you're suppose to be buying, and you'll learn how to sell only when you're suppose to be selling. That alone will reduce your losses by 70%!
You'll learn the exact. Freeware download of 4XPipSnager 3.0, size 1.37 Mb.

Witricity Power 1.0 Witricty Power 

The Witricity Power Calculator is used to find the power consumption of various electrical devices like Laptop, Computer, Cell Phone, Ipod charger and many many other electrical products used at home.

The software allows you to select the device you want to check the power comsumption. You can enter the the total time of usage and the. Freeware download of Witricity Power 1.0, size 3.25 Mb.

Cyber-D's RandoMP3 3 4 Dario Volaric 

RandoMP3 is a package of two tools; \"Audition\" and \"Charger\".

Audition helps you in auditioning your MP3 archive. With the click of a button it selects a random album for you (folder with mp3's) and plays it in winamp. You can decide if you want to keep the folder, relocate it or delete it. Additionally you. Freeware download of Cyber-D's RandoMP3 3 4, size 0 b.

BatSound 4 1 Pettersson Elektronik AB 

t is suitable for sound analysis in general, but also includes a number of features particularly useful to analyze bat calls recorded from a bat detector or recorded directly with a D500X or D1000X ultrasound detector.Analysis of the bat calls may be required in some situations e.g. in order to positively identify a certain species. I. Free download of BatSound 4 1, size 5.18 Mb.

Trippy Ballz 3.0.246 Clickteam 

Trippy Ballz is a wacky freeware bat-and-ball style arcade game created in a proud tradition resonant of several truly classic arcade and console games throughout the history of video gaming. Trippy Ballz however, is never the same game twice and you never know for sure what will happen next: from flying purple dolphins to robot kitties to little. Freeware download of Trippy Ballz 3.0.246, size 9.63 Mb.

Hyperion EOS Control Data Suite 1.0 Hyperion 

The EOS Control suite is a program that allows you to take control of your Hyperion EOS charger via your computer, including keeping records of your charges and to be able to create powerful graphs.

Use the menu to the left to navigate between the different functions of the program.. Freeware download of Hyperion EOS Control Data Suite 1.0, size 6.98 Mb.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor SolarWinds 

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor makes it easy to monitor the real-time performance and health of a single device on your network with a cool desktop dashboard that sends up a bat signal when your device is in trouble.
You can quickly and easily create a custom monitoring template for your chosen network device and then share it with your. Freeware download of SolarWinds Network Device Monitor, size 64.67 Mb.

Email Address Processor 1. 10. 4513 TweakMarketing 

This program intended for extracting owner's names and e-mail addresses from the local email clients databases (Microsoft Windows Mail (Windows Vista), Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange (via MAPI), Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc.) and store it to file or MS Excel document.. Free download of Email Address Processor 1. 10. 4513, size 8.37 Mb.

CellPro 10S - 1 5 FMA Direct 

The Cellpro 10s charger may be used to charge any brand of Lithium pack using either the Cellpro adapters or pigtails. The charger includes two 5s output connectors and includes two simple 5s-to-4s adapters. This enables automatic support for any current Cellpro 2s-4s battery sold in the past. These extra accessories also enable you to connect any. Freeware download of CellPro 10S - 1 5, size 48.33 Mb.

Excel on Multiple Monitors 1 1 Brett Batie 

Opening Excel in multiple windows makes it easier to use Excel across multiple monitors and gives back the standard alt tab to flip between Excel Spreadsheets.

This solution installs a program instead of using a bat file. This program has an icon so all the associated Excel files will also use that icon.. Freeware download of Excel on Multiple Monitors 1 1, size 361.47 Kb.

TempSense Desinger 1.20.0117 Texas Instruments Inc 

The TempSense Designer software allows the user to easily design temperature sensing circuits for many of the Texas Instruments battery charger devices. A full listing of the supported devices is included under the "Support" menu in the program. The user can use the thermisters included in the database or add to the Excel spreadsheet.

Business Analysis Tool Desktop 1 9 BIT Impulse 

BAT Desktop is a Business Intelligense software for data visualization and OLAP reporting. You can analyze your data by building pivot tables, charts, treemaps, scatter diagrams, filtering/sorting/searching for patterns, etc.

Product features:
- Reports are generated quickly on a vast amount of data;
- You can easily. Free download of Business Analysis Tool Desktop 1 9, size 0 b.

BatSound Demo 4.1.300 Pettersson Electronics and Acoustics AB 

Analysis of the bat calls may be required in some situations e.g. in order to positively identify a certain species. The software BatSound is an efficient, high-performance tool for various types of sound analysis. It is suitable for sound analysis in general, but also includes a number of features particularly useful to analyze bat calls recorded. Free download of BatSound Demo 4.1.300, size 5.18 Mb.