Battery Calibration Tool

Thrustmaster Calibration Tool 1 3 Thrustmaster 

The Thrustmaster Calibration Tool software allows you to carry out manual calibration (which will replace the automatic calibration) on:
-The steering wheel of your racing wheel
(in order to center it perfectly and obtain the maximum left and right values)
-The pedals attached to your racing wheel
(in order to eliminate any. Freeware download of Thrustmaster Calibration Tool 1 3, size 3.16 Mb.


Battery Plus- BlackBerry Battery Booster 1.2 eMobiStudio Inc. 

Battery Plus is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for BlackBerry. Battery Plus automatically detects the type of your device (it differentiates between BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Bold and Curve series) and its active network (Edge, 3G, or Wi-Fi). Based on system specifics, Battery Plus then provides. Free download of Battery Plus- BlackBerry Battery Booster 1.2, size 232.45 Kb.

HP Battery Check Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. 

This package contains the HP Battery Check tool for the supported notebook models and operating systems. HP Battery Check is a utility that can be used to verify the functionality of the primary and secondary batteries installed in HP Notebook PCs. The battery test results indicate whether the battery should be replaced or calibrated. Information. Freeware download of HP Battery Check, size 7.13 Mb.

HCFR Colorimeter John Adcock 

HCFR Colorimeter was designed as an accessible and handy piece of software that is supposed to act as a video projector / monitor calibration tool.

The HCFR Colorimeter application is built to help you create plug-ins for meters, generators and blasters and offer minor UI and calculation improvements.

Also, HCFR Colorimeter. Freeware download of HCFR Colorimeter, size 0 b.

ColorAxis rc.alpha1 

Color/Colour Calibration Tool for use with the ColorVision Spyder 2 hardware sensor.. Freeware download of ColorAxis rc.alpha1, size 106.60 Kb.

Battery Status Tool 1.0 Batterymonitor 

A system tray application to monitor the battery charge level. Originally written to overcome a bug in Windows7 where the user was never notified of the battery getting to the low/critical state and havign the chance to save their work.

Select battery percentage to trigger a popup/audio alert, Select between a number in the system tray. Freeware download of Battery Status Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Smarter Battery 5.0 Microsys Com Ltd. 

A battery monitoring utility for portable computers, intended to provide you with all the battery data, to help prolong its life and save its energy. It shows you the evolution of the battery's capacity during the charge / discharge cycles and computes a few important battery parameters, such as the Wear level and Discharge Cycles count. It. Free download of Smarter Battery 5.0, size 1.42 Mb.

BitRule 1 1 Charten Software 

BitRule is a simple measurement tool to know the size of the screen. It measures the screen and the measurement can be seen in four different common measures - picas, cms, inches and pixels. The output of the measurement is presented in four values of horizontal, vertical, length and angle. In simple terms, the information in the selected measure. Freeware download of BitRule 1 1, size 2.46 Mb.

MICR Font Suite 4.05 Match Software 

This package contains a set of high precision MICR fonts for corporations and developers who want to print their own checks through their own software. Also included is an exclusive calibration wizard to pick the best font for any configuration among the 15 available. Plus, to securely print amounts, a set of 14 exclusive SecureAmount fonts with. Free download of MICR Font Suite 4.05, size 31.20 Mb.

PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts 2.1 PrecisionID 

This MICR font package contains one multi-purpose MICR E-13B font and 10 additional variations of this font which include light, bold, wide and narrow versions. All of these fonts are provided in both TrueType and PostScript format. We also provide placement instructions and a MICR calibration tool, which can be used to determine if you need to. Free download of PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts 2.1, size 531.46 Kb.

EZcolor 2. 6. 2005 X-Rite 

Dealing with ICC color profiles is a task for designers and color experts who need to get the maximum color accuracy and consistency, this is very important in serious print-out jobs based on standard color palettes like PANTONE.

That's where EZcolor comes to scene: you can create several color profiles for all your devices,. Free download of EZcolor 2. 6. 2005, size 0 b.

SystemStar Softstar Systems 

SystemStar Systems Engineering Estimation Software.

Main features:
-Estimate & plan your Systems Engineering work
-Based on Dr. Ricardo Valerdi's COSYSMO model
-ISO 15288 framework
-3 built-in estimating models (you can make more)
-15 reports
-User-definable Phases & user-definable. Free download of SystemStar, size 1.92 Mb.

SigGenRP 4 4 TDT 

SigGenRP is a powerful stimulus design package that provides systematic control of stimulus variables across a range of experimental conditions. The intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to build a variety of complex signal waveforms from basic building blocks such as clicks, noise, sweeps, and sine waves. You control all aspects of the. Free download of SigGenRP 4 4, size 5.22 Mb.

Hang Time - Virtual Laser Level 1.0.2 Exact Magic Software, LLC 

Free for a limited time to welcome our friends from Serious Monster!

Easily level and center picture frames with augmented reality!

Using the live video camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Hang Time virtually projects a self leveling laser line on your wall to make picture hanging a snap. No tape measure required!

Windows battery meter Beta Anisimov Victor 

Windows battery meter was developed as a simple and useful tool that can display the current battery charge in the system tray.

Windows battery meter shows the 100% charge as 99%, because the software only supports two digit positions. The status icon is updated every 30 seconds.

. Freeware download of Windows battery meter Beta, size 0 b.

nanoWatt XLP Battery Life Estimator 1.0 Microchip Technology Inc. 

The XLP Battery Life Estimator is a free software utility to aid you in developing eXtreme Low Power applications with Microchip’s PIC MCUs featuring XLP technology.

The tool estimates average current consumption and battery life.

The utility allows users to select the target device, battery type, the. Freeware download of nanoWatt XLP Battery Life Estimator 1.0, size 42.21 Mb.

RC Battery Manager 1.0 Stefano Grassi Software 

RC Battery Manager is a powerful tool for the management of your RC batteries.

Tabs for your LiPo/LiFe or NiMH batteries with a friendly User Interface
Tracking of the usage of your batteries, with the history of charging, discharging or storaging events, with runtimes and environment information
Statistics. Free download of RC Battery Manager 1.0, size 19.03 Mb.

OziMapConverter 3.34 Igor Borisov 

OziMapConverter is a handy tool designed to help you easily convert OziExplorer calibration files, tracks and points.

The application can also extract calibration data from KAP files, generate calibration files for TTQV, convert OziExplorer PLT files to KML maps and more. You can also use it to decrease the size of OziExplorer maps by. Free download of OziMapConverter 3.34, size 0 b.

Off Grid Calculator Venkatesh Pampana 

Off Grid Calculator is a simple tool that can determine the size of the solar panel, inverter and the battery, considering your load configuration.

You only have to enter a few details (wattage, quantity and usage hours for every component, battery volts and autonomy etc.) and the application will generate a complete report on the. Freeware download of Off Grid Calculator, size 0 b.

Kurbi Beacon Tool 1.0 Infonomi 

Kurbi Beacon tool provides BLE peripheral connection in order to configure or read the following data of Kurbi BLE beacons:
-power value
-broadcast interval
-tx power level
-device name
-alert level (to call beacon)
-battery level
-HW revision
-SW revision
-Firmware. Freeware download of Kurbi Beacon Tool 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.