Battery Power Measure

Power Measure 2.2 Meter System, Inc 

Power Measure is an advanced power manager for Windows 2000/XP. Saving you from several clicks when you are finishing work with computer. This Program was designed as an alternative to the native Microsoft Windows services of power control. It is very useful for Laptops/Notebooks as it displays the charge of batteries in a separate window that can. Free download of Power Measure 2.2, size 1.28 Mb.


Laptop Battery Power Monitor 1.0 

Laptop Battery Power Monitor allows you to track the battery power of your laptop. This cool little widget can be dragged across your desktop and placed over any window. To eliminate intrusiveness on your other programs, users can adjust the transparency of the battery. In addition, the battery can be resized to 33%, 50%, or 75% of its original. Freeware download of Laptop Battery Power Monitor 1.0, size 1.93 Mb.

Battery Watcher 1.6.2 STECHWARE 

Small application used to monitor your battery power. When your battery is low or full, this program will make a sound. Then you can plug or unplug power cable.

. Free download of Battery Watcher 1.6.2, size 0 b.

SapphireBattery 01.00 Sapphire Solutions Ltd. 

Battery power is not infinite. It is important to ensure that your users don+oOeCOaot find themselves without any battery power right when they need it the most. The Sapphire Battery Function Library allows you to read the current battery level and inform the user whether the device will require recharging. This will ensure the user can plan ahead. Free download of SapphireBattery 01.00, size 167.77 Kb.

FatBatt 1.2.0 MiserWare, Inc 

FatBatt helps users be informed about how much time they can truly work while their laptop runs on battery power. This way, they will no longer be interrupted mid-project because they need to find a power source and charge the battery.

Due to FatBatt, one can also receive notifications regarding the applications that eat up the most. Free download of FatBatt 1.2.0, size 0 b.

Mz Shutdown Scheduler 2 1 Mz Ultimate Tools 

Mz Shutdown Scheduler is a Windows schedule application that can be used to restart, hibernate (hibernate settings can help you manage your battery power, giving you maximum mobility when you are away from your desk for an extended period of time), log off, shutdown and force shutdown your workstation whenever you like it, depending on the time of. Freeware download of Mz Shutdown Scheduler 2 1, size 1.25 Mb.

PowerRouter InstallTool 2 2 Nedap NV, Energy Systems 

The PowerRouter is more than just an inverter, it’s a fully integrated power management system. The PowerRouter allows you to simply connect solar, wind and battery power to one product, without technical and installation hassle. Apply the PowerRouter to feed-in, maximize the use of self-generated energy (self-use), supply backup power or. Freeware download of PowerRouter InstallTool 2 2, size 22.02 Mb.

Notebook battery Drain Meter New Hashim Habiballa 

Notebook battery Drain Meter is a lightweight application that displays the power drain when your notebook is running on battery.

Notebook battery Drain Meter displays the current power consumption in Watts and can be set to change the system tray icon (to green, yellow or red) when the power drain overpasses a user-defined limit.

Battery Guard for Notebooks 0.04 Alex Konuhoff 

Battery Guard for Notebooks is a program to display the notebook battery charge as colored bar.
The bar is situated on the edge of the screen, always on top, always in sight. It does not interfere with work, but allows to notice the reduction of battery power to the critical in time.
As the reduction of the charge indicator bar changes. Freeware download of Battery Guard for Notebooks 0.04, size 63.68 Mb.

PowerPanel Personal Edition 1. 3. 2002 Cyber Power Systems, Inc. 

The cyber Power PowerPanel Personal Edition is an exclusive software that allows the user to control and monitor his UPS so as to ensure protection of the computer system, all its components and peripherals, and the data. If there is a power loss, the software automatically saves all the user files and safely turns off the computer in an orderly. Freeware download of PowerPanel Personal Edition 1. 3. 2002, size 0 b.

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a Vladimir Plenskiy Software 

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 is a multiple award-winning software, created to redefine the Windows 7 laptop experience. Power Plan Assistant has been designed to work with any Windows 7-compatible hardware (32-bit and 64-bit). In addition, it can install the truly unique features, specific for Boot Camp-enabled Apple Macbook Pro / Air. Freeware download of Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a, size 1.56 Mb.

Battery Checker Sony 

Battery Checker is a utility that was created to help those who have a Sony VAIO laptop verify the status of the device battery and see if it is affected by any problems.

The program will only work with specific models of VAIO noteboks, therefore you should check the list of supported devices (available on this page) before installing. Free download of Battery Checker, size 0 b.

Laptop Battery Monitor 1.0 exoSyphen Studios 

Laptop Battery Monitor, is an intelligent laptop battery monitoring software. It accurately displays an estimated time, until your battery will discharge, or fully charge. You no longer have to worry on how much battery power you have left, when you can have this information in hours, minutes and seconds.

Features :
- Display. Free download of Laptop Battery Monitor 1.0, size 796.92 Kb.

BatteryCare Filipe Lourenço 

Taking reasonable precautions to obtain the best performance from your laptop's battery is really a wise decision to prolong its life. BatteryCare is a simple but very useful application that enables you to take constant care of your laptop's battery in a simple way.

Once installed, the program will be available from the. Freeware download of BatteryCare, size 1.12 Mb.

Mac Gadger 2.0 Creative Mindz, Inc. 

With MacGadger Alpha Release, you can Emulate the Mac OSX Volume Bezel and lots of more notify Stuffs like CD/DVD Ejection Control , Brightness Control , Hardware Notification , Battery Notifications , Visualize Volume Channels Output on Screen , Controls Power Features like Turn Off Monitor , Power Off PC etc.

Controls Volume ,. Freeware download of Mac Gadger 2.0, size 11.38 Mb.

AutoShutdown Pro 5.0 Barefoot Productions, Inc. 

With the AutoShutDown 5.0 Pro software you can enable your computer to shutdown on its own without assistance and at the same time save money because you will use less power. The program is a manager utility and you can choose when the computer is supposed to shutdown without you being around.

The computer can also be restarted, set. Free download of AutoShutdown Pro 5.0, size 0 b.

Auto Shutdown Pro II 3.0 Auto Shutdown Pro 

The software is an automation launcher for scheduling of multiple events to shutdown, hibernate, or sleep your computer based upon triggers of time, a countdown of time, busy or idle CPU, heat, and with mobile computers battery charge.

The software is available in 66 languages with internal tutorials.

Based upon your. Free download of Auto Shutdown Pro II 3.0, size 831.49 Kb.

PCTuneUp Free Auto Shutdown 4.1.6 PCTuneUp, Inc. 

It's not especially difficult to use the Windows Task Scheduler to shut down your PC at a specific time, but it's not particularly convenient, either. PCTuneUp Free Auto Shutdown is free PC shutdown software that provides an innovative way to control the hows and whens of computer shutdown. Now, shutdown your computer automatically at a time period. Freeware download of PCTuneUp Free Auto Shutdown 4.1.6, size 611.86 Kb.

DVD Cloner Copy 2.20 1st DVD Copy Inc. 

DVD Cloner II is an excellent DVD copying product and one of the few available that includes the CSS decryptor. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand and the Help menu is very useful in finding the answers to all DVD copying questions.The quality of the movies copied using DVD-Cloner II is as good as it gets. We didn't notice any. Free download of DVD Cloner Copy 2.20, size 3.43 Mb.

Copernic Desktop Search Professional Copernic Inc. 

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