Blank Family Tree Template In Spanish

Family Lines Beta CodeFuglee 

Family Lines is a handy and reliable application designed to organize and manage your family's genealogy tree in a comfortable manner.

You can create new projects from scratch or import data from GEDCOM files. Family Lines is based on Family.Show, but features extended functionality.

. Free download of Family Lines Beta, size 0 b.


Lesson Plan Template 1.0 Gigra LLC 

Lesson planning can be very time consuming for a new or experienced teacher. A lesson plan template makes lesson planning way easier. Below you can download a simple, yet straight to the point lesson plan template where you just need to fill in required fields and print it off.. Freeware download of Lesson Plan Template 1.0, size 407.30 Kb.

Family Finder - Genealogy Software 1.06 

Find Lost Family Members & Research Your Genealogy. Search millions of vital records (birth records, marriage records, death records, divorce records, property records, public records, court records) and more to find lost family members or friends in just a few clicks. YourSpyingEyes is a simple & powerful application that taps you directly. Free download of Family Finder - Genealogy Software 1.06, size 492.83 Kb.

Service Invoicing Template 1.10 

A service invoice, bill of service or service receipt is a document that is provided when collecting due payments for services rendered. The invoice template can be used as a repair invoice template, consulting invoice template, contractor invoice template, solicitor invoice template, adviser invoice template, and many other small businesses. Line. Freeware download of Service Invoicing Template 1.10, size 40.21 Kb.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Per 1.10 

A sales invoice, bill of sales or sales receipt is a document that is provided when collecting due payments for products sold. The template has a big title "SALES INVOICE" in light green color on the top-right corner of the form indicating this is a sales invoice. If you like to use it as a receipt template, simply type in the word. Freeware download of Sales Invoice Template with Discount Per 1.10, size 32.72 Kb.

Excel2GED-family.xls 1.0 S2 Services (Gods Kings and Heroes Soft) 

This Excel file features the ability to convert Excel data into the genealogy standard, gedcom format including the ability to specify family relationships. Gedcom generation is initiated with a push of a VBA coded macro button.

Excel2GED-family distinguishes itself from other Excel2gedcom converters that do not 'draw' the. Freeware download of Excel2GED-family.xls 1.0, size 81.92 Kb.

Genota Gather 

Genota is a free form research organiser designed to assist genealogists and family historians alike manage and document the seemingly endless array of information normally collected during research, whether it be in electronic form or transcribed from archive resources, letters, e-mail, etc.. Free download of Genota, size 0 b.

cvbFT 4.01 Charlie Bishop 

cvbFT is a simple to use application for the recording and viewing of information relating to family history. It was developed for my own personal use but is freely available to anyone else who wishes to make use of its features.

cvbFT supports a range of facilities to allow the creation, display and export of a family tree,. Freeware download of cvbFT 4.01, size 849.35 Kb.

GEDmill 1 11 The Logic Mill 

Genealogy and family history research are becoming more and more popular, and with so many people online these days, sharing your research with others can be very rewarding. GEDmill is an easy-to-use program that lets you create webpages from your family history data. It accepts output from today's most popular family history programs and uses. Freeware download of GEDmill 1 11, size 1.16 Mb.

Geves 1. 3. 2028 Gevesoft Ltd. 

Geves is a new concept in Family History Software.
It concentrates on the events which happen during a person's lifetime. These events go from their birth to their death, and include events such as marriages, employment and resident information.
Geves is a powerful and flexible genealogy package which concentrates on recording. Free download of Geves 1. 3. 2028, size 8.80 Mb.

GenealogyJ 6755 

GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data, suitable for hobbyist, family historian and genealogy researcher. GenJ supports the Gedcom standard, is written in Java and offers many views like family tree, table, timeline, geography and more.. Freeware download of GenealogyJ 6755, size 11.36 Mb.

AhnMan 3.0.2 Dipl. Inform. Holger Osterbuhr 

With dAM you get your ancestor administration into the handle. You can save extensive data for persons (*1), families, addresses, relationships, pictures, sources, locations, event data (*2) and own criteria in the dAM data base. (*1) e.g. last name, maiden name, forename, first name, sex, more first names, father, mother, adopted, family line,. Free download of AhnMan 3.0.2, size 25.17 Mb.

GenealogyJ for Windows Nils Meier 

GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data, suitable for hobbyist, family historian and genealogy researcher. GenJ supports the Gedcom standard, is written in Java and offers many views like family tree, table, timeline, geography and more.. Free download of GenealogyJ for Windows, size 11.46 Mb.

GenSmarts 1.0.3 Underwood Innovations, LLC 

GenSmarts uses artificial intelligence to analyze your existing genealogy file and produce research recommendations. It helps you generate and track to do lists, print worksheets to record your search results, and plan research trips to libraries, court houses, etc. For online research sites, GenSmarts produces links that already have your. Free download of GenSmarts 1.0.3, size 4.10 Mb.

Wintree 4.81 David J. Cooke 

Wintree is a GEDCOM-based genealogy program that provides a simple data-entry interface to record, view, edit, and merge data, and produces charts, family trees and reports in a wide range of formats, including HTML, PDF, PNG, JPG, RTF, SVG, Postscript and SWF Flash, with the option of dynamic scrolling for Flash images. Charts can show all. Free download of Wintree 4.81, size 2.72 Mb.

Forever Yours Autobiography Maker Pro 2.1 One Deep Well 

Your life story told in your words. You are the author. With the pro version you have a full feature word processor with text formatting capabilities and you can add photographs anywhere you wish. Simply answer each question and you will have your complete life story saved. The questions will literally flood your heart with memories you have not. Free download of Forever Yours Autobiography Maker Pro 2.1, size 3.97 Mb.

DoroTree 2. 5. 2021 DoroTree Technologies 

The DoroTree software was created by veteran genealogists that were searching for a solution to their unique needs. Commemoration of the Holocaust, Date conversion, Bi-lingual reports, Jewish Lineage entry as well as an easy to navigate interface were only a few of the requirements.

Main Features:

- Easy to use entry. Free download of DoroTree 2. 5. 2021, size 9.53 Mb.

Relatively Yours 3. 4. 4085 Computability Pty. Limited 

Relatively Yours has the ability to record events of any nature, to record and cross-reference photographs and portraits, to record free-form narratives documenting the life history of individuals, to record research material as it is gathered regardless of its original format, its recognition of the extended family with adoptions and de facto. Free download of Relatively Yours 3. 4. 4085, size 44.05 Mb.

GedScape for MAC OS X 2. 6. 2002 Tenset Technologies Ltd. 

GedScape is a software utility for browsing, manipulating, converting and extracting data from GEDCOM files. It is the ideal GEDCOM viewer and converter, an essential tool for genealogists.
Easily browse all data for individuals and families within GEDCOM files, including photos, citations and notes with a simple, intuitive. Free download of GedScape for MAC OS X 2. 6. 2002, size 17.83 Mb.

International vehicles maintenance May2012 1.0 Plantilla excel 

Can register their vehicles, employees, maintenance, storage products, parts and service suppliers ... etc and know what is spent in their vehicles and when to perform their maintenance. Designed for you to keep track of vehicles with costs, repairs and maintenance up to 50 vehicles .Control of the parts they purchase each month and what you spend. Free download of International vehicles maintenance May2012 1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

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