Boat Captain Licence

International Cricket Captain 2005 1.15 Childish Things 

International Cricket Captain 2005 is the ultimate cricket management sim, allowing you to take charge of any domestic or international team and steer them to victory through every match of the season.

You control all aspects of the team s progress, from transfers, team selection, and training: to detailed match tactics. Choose your. Free download of International Cricket Captain 2005 1.15, size 106.56 Mb.


International Cricket Captain 2008 8.14 Childish Things 

International Cricket Captain 2008 comes with a complete statistical update, a remodelled game engine and a vastly enhanced and re-designed interface, as well as the most up to date statistics available. All it remains is for you to win every match!


dlTE 2 days trial. Free download of International Cricket Captain 2008 8.14, size 106.86 Mb.

Captain Shiner 1.6532 Rev. Josh Wilhelm 

A TTF character that comes with a special appearance to it.

Captain Shiner is a truetype font that will enable you to give a whole new look to all your written papers.
. Freeware download of Captain Shiner 1.6532, size 20.97 Kb.

Omega Install Maker 1 DigitalOmega.Net 

An easy to use install maker with the features of expensive alternatives which include encryption, compression, file checking, multiple licence screens, multiple information screens, uninstaller, and much more. . Free download of Omega Install Maker 1, size 240.64 Kb.

DupeTrasher 1.2 Assembly Developers 

Here's the deal: you find the faster and more optimized duplicate file finder, and we will give you the DupeTrasher licence for free! DupeTrasher will help you to get rid of the duplicated files from your system, fast and easy. Identical files which are located in different folders and drives, are present on virtually every computer today. They are. Free download of DupeTrasher 1.2, size 292.86 Kb.

WB Haron 2.1 WEBaby Corp. 

An old man is sailing down the eternal Forget-river in his small boat. Who is he? He is the eternal ferryman taking souls from one world to another. He is still there to help you get across.There were times when we also knew the way there, to the other side of the Forget-river, and back, but then we were caught by this world's memory. And it is. Free download of WB Haron 2.1, size 17.60 Mb.

Storage Facilities Database 1.0 Oddity Software LLC 

This database contains listings for businesses classified in the following categories: Boat & Boat Trailer Storage, Business Records Storage & Management, Self Service Moving & Storage, Moving & Storage, Mini & Self Storage, Mini & Self Storage Warehouses, Moving & Storage Consultants, Household Goods Moving &. Free download of Storage Facilities Database 1.0, size 1.64 Mb.

Boat And Canoe Renting 2.0 Software 

This software is for anyone who rents boats or canoes. Now you can easily keep track of customers. You can know at a glancewhat customer rents the most or least boats or canoes. Also know what boats or canoes are rented out the most, know at aglance the time a boat was rented, the time returned, And any other info you may wish to keep on each. Free download of Boat And Canoe Renting 2.0, size 1.12 Mb.

NuTest Nu-Ware 

Obtain or upgrade your amateur radio licence using this complete training package. Create tests from the official ARRL question pools. Browse the question pools. Read in-depth explanations of each question. FCC Part 97 rules and RF exposure tables included. A unique system of hypertext links takes you from each question to technical explanations,. Free download of NuTest, size 1.78 Mb.

Bird Pirates 1.16 

Sail away on a buccaneering adventure with the blue jay pirate Captain Sparrow and his faithful flock of pirates. Shoot birds from your cannon and match their colors to visit seven different islands and find great treasure. Beware of lurking dangers, native birds, feathered crooks, and swash-buckling evil pirates.. Free download of Bird Pirates 1.16, size 16.16 Mb.

Secret Island 3D ScreenSaver 1.6 

Take a boat to the fairy ship which will get you to the secret equatorial island. Crystal clear waters, tender clouds and evergreen palms will create atmosphere of calm and happiness. Soft little waves will teleport you to the source of your dreams.. Freeware download of Secret Island 3D ScreenSaver 1.6, size 9.81 Mb.

Log Sailing 1.2 Ossisoft 

Row your boat across the Niagara Falls using the arrow keys on the keyboard trying to avoid the logs. No installation or un-installation required, just unzip the files and run the exe. Simple, clean, easy and free.. Freeware download of Log Sailing 1.2, size 582.66 Kb.

International Cricket Captain 2010 1.0 Childish Things 

Take control of your favorite side from the English County, International or Australian Domestic system. You control your team's fortunes. Have you got what it takes to be a world champion?

International Cricket Captain 2010 is the most detailed, accurate and exhilarating version yet of the number one cricket management simulator.. Free download of International Cricket Captain 2010 1.0, size 104.05 Mb.

Greedy Spooks 2.0 

The game Greedy Spooks - a brave captain is going to a mysterious island to find the ancient treasures.
The action of the game takes place in those times when wind-driven frigates were plowing the seas, and the life was full of adventures and surprises. Once a brave captain John Tailor met an old man in a port tavern who told him the legend. Freeware download of Greedy Spooks 2.0, size 31.51 Mb.

Sail Simulator 5. 2. 2003 Stentec Software 

Sail Simulator is a realistic boat simulator with a lot of interesting features.

Developed using the new DirectX simulation technology for an extraordinary realistic sailing experience.

For sailing select the spectacular Stentec Laser, the Dutch Valk National class (6,5m), the Dutch Valk National keel yacht or the fast. Free download of Sail Simulator 5. 2. 2003, size 45.41 Mb.

Contra - The American Hero 1.0 Softendo 

Contra The American Hero is created to be an exciting and attractive game which lets you play as brave and mighty Captain USA and shoot all the enemy soldiers and vehicles through various challenging levels to score maximum points. Use many various of wepons from shotgun, auto pistol, cannons etc.

You're a Lieutenant and You must. Freeware download of Contra - The American Hero 1.0, size 6.05 Mb.

HoowaBall 1.0 HappyCoin 

In HOOWABALL you are steering a boat on the bottom of the screen and trying to destroy different blocks in the playfield with a ball. Line up against the thugs leaded by the master of blocks called “Brick Dude”. Fight in many rounds on different day times in a world called “MARADEE”. There are some new game. Freeware download of HoowaBall 1.0, size 9.46 Mb.

Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage 1 1 Novel Games Limited 

Move the wolf, sheep and cabbage to the opposite shore using the boat. Each time the boat can only take one item and so multiple crosses is necessary. Be careful, when the man is not around, the wolf will eat the sheep, and the sheep will eat the cabbage. Plan your moves carefully so that all three items are put on the opposite shore.. Freeware download of Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage 1 1, size 26.66 Mb.

SinkSub Pro 2 6 Wihlborg Entertainment 

Take control over a Swedish patrol boat and sink submarines by releasing depth charges while avoiding the enemy float mines, missiles and target seeking bombs and more.


- 50 action packed levels
- Three difficulty modes
- Challenging enemies
- Highly addictive!. Free download of SinkSub Pro 2 6, size 93.51 Mb.

Battle Boattle 2 1.0 AquaPack Games 

Battle Boattle is a funny naval shooter where you control a tiny boat. You will need to fulfill different missions in this game.

First you need to select the game mode you want to play: you may choose the campaign, duel or battle mode. The campaign mode takes you to complete different missions, but at the beginning you will have to. Free download of Battle Boattle 2 1.0, size 1.37 Mb.