Book History Of Islam In Urdu

CVS History 0.8.0 

A web application for searching the history of CVS actions.. Freeware download of CVS History 0.8.0, size 108.39 Kb.


Dreams of Elendin alpha1 

Interactive history of opening the moments in Life / Death. Science fiction adventure fox in Sleepy World will plunge into a mini world filled with logic puzzles amusing dialogue and the search response to the question what is real in this life.. Freeware download of Dreams of Elendin alpha1, size 286.39 Mb.

File History Flow Visualization 

A eclipse plugin for the history of a single file. The history is fetched from the repository and visualized based on annotations. The color describes the authorship or the changes and can be changed. It comes with a powerful metric extension point.. Freeware download of File History Flow Visualization, size 7.98 Mb.

JMX History rc 

JmxHist keeps monitoring history of your application's state, via JMX, and stores in a csv file. You can specify MBeans/Attributes to be stored. You can take certain action when an attribute meet a threshold. It shows charts of the data via web.. Freeware download of JMX History rc, size 1.29 Mb.

The Encyclopedia of Youth Empowerment 1.0 Encyclopediaye 

The mission of The Encyclopedia of Youth Empowerment Online is to document the history of youth leadership in the U.S. and inspire the current generation of youth to become agents of social change.

The Encyclopedia of Youth Empowerment 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of The Encyclopedia of Youth Empowerment 1.0, size 0 b.

Asian American Experience 1.0.0004 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Asian American Experience was created as an useful quiz that allows you to learn more about the culture and history of the Asian American people.

Being developed in the Java programming language, Asian American Experience can run on a variety of platforms.

. Free download of Asian American Experience 1.0.0004, size 0 b.

African American Experience 1.0.0005 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

African American Experience was developed as an educational quiz tool that allows you to test your knowledge when it comes to the history of the African American people found in the United States of America.

African American Experience is a cross-platform tool that's been designed with the help of the Java programming language.

BrowsingHistoryView 1.21 Nir Sofer 

BrowsingHistoryView is a utility that reads the history data of 4 different Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari) and displays the browsing history of all these Web browsers in one table. The browsing history table includes the following information: Visited URL, Title, Visit Time, Visit Count, Web browser and. Free download of BrowsingHistoryView 1.21, size 0 b.

Orion Browser Dumper 1.0.0 LESUEUR Jean-Pierre 

Orion Browser Dumper is a console application that can extract the whole history of your web browsers. It supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, COMODO Dragon, Rockmelt and Opera.

You simply have to specify the dump file name and location. The program automatically detects the installes web browsers and starts. Free download of Orion Browser Dumper 1.0.0, size 0 b.

MANDIANT Web Historian 2.1 Mandiant 

Web Historian is an application designed to help you scan, display, save and analyze the history of your browser.

Web Historian is designed primarily as a tool for computer forensic examiners; however, it is simple, intuitive and quite useful for any person who simply wants to review the browser history files on a given system.

Mahjong - Legacy of Toltecs 1.0 GameHouse 

Discover the rich history of an ancient empire in Mahjong - Legacy of Toltecs, a relaxing journey through a forgotten land.

Plunge into the fantastic world of an ancient culture as you revel in the classic game of tiles. Simply find an identical match and remove them from the board by first making sure that they are clear of others on. Free download of Mahjong - Legacy of Toltecs 1.0, size 1.67 Mb.

Manuel COELHO for WINDOWS!!!!.exe 1 Efka (Avak Avakyan) 

Change the standard Windows sounds on fragments of the music of XVI century by composer Padre Manoel Rodrigues COELHO da Costa (1555-1635; Portugal) from His book: "FLOWERS OF MUSIC" (printed in 1620 year). The audio was created on the synthesizer: "ENSONIQ TS 12". FREEWARE. 1983 Kb. The distributive will install the five music. Freeware download of Manuel COELHO for WINDOWS!!!!.exe 1, size 1.98 Mb.

FutureWare CholesterolCounter FutureWare SCG 

TheFutureWare CholesterolCounter program for Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP that maintains a history of cholesterol readings, typically obtained with readily available home testing kits, along with exercise periods and types, and an additional selected health sign tracking item, which is displayed in a color-coded bar chart, which can be printed, and. Free download of FutureWare CholesterolCounter, size 1.98 Mb.

PrivacyWatcher 1.2 ManageBytes Software 

PrivacyWatcher is an award-winning program for cleaning up the history of your PC and Internet activities and more.It can clean up all the Internet tracks left by Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla,Opera and others, including browser history, cache, cookies (with manager), recently useddocuments, Microsoft Office tracks and more.PrivacyWatcher. Free download of PrivacyWatcher 1.2, size 1.03 Mb.

Evidence Killer 2005 1 Solution inc. 

Evidence Killer 2005 completely eliminates all hidden evidence of activities on your computer and allows you to clean up the history of all activities on your PC. It can clean your browser's cache, cookies, web forms data, entries in your recent documents history, recent applications history, find files history, your temporary files, recycle bin,. Free download of Evidence Killer 2005 1, size 2.11 Mb.

Alive Internet Eraser AliveComputing, Inc. 

Alive Internet Eraser is a privacy protection software to erase the history of your activities on a computer. It allows you to erase browser cache, cookies, history, visited URLs, typed URLs, autocomplete data, index.dat in one click. Alive Internet Eraser support all recent versions of Internet Explorer, and popular browsers such as Netscape, AOL,. Free download of Alive Internet Eraser, size 1.16 Mb.

AntiSpy Pro 1.02 DevelopEx 

AntiSpy Pro is designed to clear the history of your activities on a PC. You can eliminate the traces of your work in Internet Explorer (IE), AOL, Netscape Navigator,Opera, Mozilla, Start Menu, Windows, Multimedia and Messenging programs, Common Controls and popular applications. AntiSpy Pro professionally cleans your PC. AntiSpy Pro speed up your. Free download of AntiSpy Pro 1.02, size 1.67 Mb.

BarIE 1.2 Sequin Software 

This Study Tool is a Dictionary that keeps a history of all words previously looked up organized by website. It has many European Languages as well as Japanese. Now with Acronyms and a thesaurus. By simply copying a word on a website, the definition comes up and the program remembers the word for further study. Along with the dictionaries, it is. Freeware download of BarIE 1.2, size 872.45 Kb.

Tetris Revolution 1.2 TERMINAL Studio 

This game is yet another 3D remake of one of the best all-time classics in the history of PC games-Tetris. BUT it is in fact LIKE NO OTHER! It's got absolutely fantastic 3D industrial style graphics, it's got 5 different game types to suit any kind of player: Revolution, Pentix, Emptix, Kids and Retro, it's got superb stereo sound. Well, it's got. Free download of Tetris Revolution 1.2, size 7.53 Mb.

Tetra Mania 1.2.1 Metalex Soft 

Tetra Mania is a collection of the best and interesting variations of all-time classics in history of computer games - Tetris. It contains three different games, each of them has it's own rules: Tetris, Columns and Tetcolor. All games has got high-quality sound, excellent graphics and very convenient controls. Each game has various graphical styles. Free download of Tetra Mania 1.2.1, size 3.07 Mb.

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