Buffer Speaker

Speaker Identification 1.1.1 Phonexia 

Our technology will help you to find given speaker in a list of spoken audio record. We will allow you to sort audio records according the probability of appearing the speaker in the record. If you are in the security/defense sector, our speaker identification system will allow you to dig the most of telephone calls. Useful for call-center or. Free download of Speaker Identification 1.1.1, size 25.20 Mb.


VolumeTouch 1.0.2029.5776 Anton 

A freeware replacement utility to replace the Windows speaker icon. Controls the master volume. Supports various keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Supports mute/unmute, access to andvanced controls, has different skins for cool look and more. Easy configuration. Volume can be controlled with both mouse wheel and mouse positioning control so you. Freeware download of VolumeTouch 1.0.2029.5776, size 29.98 Mb.

Eminence Designer 1.0.0010 Harris Technologies, Inc. 

Eminence Designer is a versatile speaker box design program for PCs running Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, Me or 98.
Eminence Designer is a bass speaker design program.
The demo version includes the information for the Eminence Sigma Pro-18 woofer. This is the only driver that can be used in the demo program. Although the driver. Free download of Eminence Designer 1.0.0010, size 8.25 Mb.

Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker 2 20 Spesoft 

Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker uses "Text to Speech" technology and can convert text into a MP3/OGG/WAV audio file. It uses standard SAPI technology and is an easy to use solution to convert any text file or cut and pasted text to an audio file. The rate of the voice along with volume and pitch can be modified.. Freeware download of Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker 2 20, size 6.22 Mb.

CTSS - Chat Translator & Speaker for TheUberOverLord Creations 

CTSS ("Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype") translates Skype chat messages in 43 different languages in real-time.
CTSS allows your Skype chat messages to be spoken, and in many languages, call it Your Caller Id and for Skype chats, so that you can decide if you want to respond to a chat message.. Freeware download of CTSS - Chat Translator & Speaker for, size 68.36 Mb.

Wavefile Spanish 1.0 TT-Software Databases 

Wave file Spanish native speaker toned with 14,385 words. For privat or commercial use.. Freeware download of Wavefile Spanish 1.0, size 13.82 Mb.

Wavefile Russian 1.0 TT-Software Databases 

Wave file Russian native speaker toned with 13,450 words. For privat or commercial use.. Freeware download of Wavefile Russian 1.0, size 12.55 Mb.

Wavefile Italian 1.0 TT-Software Databases 

Wave file Italian native speaker toned with 29,098 words. For privat or commercial use.. Freeware download of Wavefile Italian 1.0, size 14.09 Mb.

Wavefile French 1.0 TT-Software Databases 

Wave file French native speaker with 28,933 words. For privat or commercial use.. Freeware download of Wavefile French 1.0, size 11.53 Mb.

Wavefile English 1.0 TT-Software Databases 

Wave file English native speaker toned with 40,633 words. For privat or commercial use.. Freeware download of Wavefile English 1.0, size 15.82 Mb.

embedded Buffer Pool Manager (eBPM) 03062011 ebpm.sourceforge.net 

The embedded Buffer Pool Manager (eBPM) supports the creation of pools of fixed buffer sizes. The user may allocate a buffer from the pool and queue to any other pool. A freed buffer is returned to its original pool.. Freeware download of embedded Buffer Pool Manager (eBPM) 03062011, size 176.74 Kb.

FFT of 1 dimensional time buffer 20110512 fftof1dimension.sourceforge.net 

Program that does an FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) algorithm on a 1 dimensional time buffer read from a file. It will display graphically.. Freeware download of FFT of 1 dimensional time buffer 20110512, size 5.81 Mb.

intel740 linux frame-buffer driver b.021013 i740fbdev.sourceforge.net 

This is a frame buffer device driver for Intel740 based video boards.. Freeware download of intel740 linux frame-buffer driver b.021013, size 31.08 Kb.

Peer to Speaker 0.3 p2s.sourceforge.net 

Peer to speaker is an open p2p application that enables you to listen to music on demand. No more need to mantain an mp3 collection, your collection now is virtually all existent music, and you can access it from any computer connected to internet.. Freeware download of Peer to Speaker 0.3, size 1.56 Mb.

SDAK: Speaker Development Army Knife 0.1 sdak.sourceforge.net 

SDAK is a small app for making the formulas for making speaker cabinetssimple.. Freeware download of SDAK: Speaker Development Army Knife 0.1, size 33.49 Kb.

EC Speaker 1.05 7AMP Around Music Portal 

Speaker simulator.. Freeware download of EC Speaker 1.05, size 1.05 Mb.

Linux Frame Buffer Device Development 1.0 Linux-fbdev 

This is the development site for frame buffer video drivers and video subsystem for Linux.

Linux Frame Buffer Device Development 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Linux Frame Buffer Device Development 1.0, size 0 b.

Fiber Loop Buffer VOD Server 1.0 Osproj4a 

To design and implement a fiber loop buffer for an edge server and to create an implementation that handles multimedia (video on demand) on a Linux-based system.. Freeware download of Fiber Loop Buffer VOD Server 1.0, size 0 b.

Bleeper Music Maker 0.9.148 Beta Robbi-985 

Bleeper Music Maker was created as a fun and handy application that allows you to create and play music with the help of the system speaker.

The system speaker is a component that can only generate electronic 'beep' noises. You can now easily create the music you want.

Furthermore, Bleeper Music Maker also features support. Free download of Bleeper Music Maker 0.9.148 Beta, size 0 b.

SL Story Speaker 0.1 www.JackPotFruit.com 

Children will love this educational game ! Does your child enjoy writing stories ? With SL Story Speaker your child writes the story and the computer then reads it back to them. With features including Speak, Pause, Resume, Voice Speed, Save As. Includes customizable display features. They can even Date Stamp their work. Stories can be saved as. Free download of SL Story Speaker 0.1, size 0 b.

Buffer Speaker Web Results

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A Speaker Odyssey. The Speaker Recognition and Language Characterization Workshop

31 May - 4 June 2004, Toledo, Spain. Cover new techniques and forensic speaker recognition. Schedule, program, committee, topics of interest and downloadable call for papers.

Native Speaker's Perspective on Hawaiian Pidgin

Native speaker's perspective on the origin and nature of Pidgin, including example phrases.

Eminence Speaker

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Speaker and hi fi stands by Atacama Audio UK

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