Building Elevation

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Building Elevation Web Results

Longaberger Office Building

Craig S. Thom provides a photograph and brief description of this 1998 building in Newark, Ohio, in the shape of a basket, headquarters of a firm that makes baskets.

Architectural Building Manuals

Online ordering for "Building Geodesic Domes" and "Building A-Frame Homes" by David C. Martin III

Elevation Music

Guitars, bass, drums, cases and straps, amplifiers, and accessories.

Sustainable Building Envelope

Online resource for the design and construction of sustainable building envelope and environmental control systems. Contains resources, web simulation tool, project database, and discussion forum.

DOE's Building Technologies Program

Research and dissemination of information about energy-saving appliance technologies (washers, and refrigerators), energy-efficient building construction, and related topics such as indoor air...

Estimation Building Services Software

Tailored computer solutions for building services contractors.

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

UK-based institution for building heating, ventilation and air conditioning.