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MailUtils 1.01 Brian Taylor 

Five utilities for administrators of MSmail postoffices* are provided in one program:
'User List > Text File' generates a list of all local users giving details of their mailbag number, MMF file size and the number of e-mails waiting for them.
'Mailbag > Text File' identifies the owner of any mailbag and creates a list of all. Free download of MailUtils 1.01, size 63.49 Kb.


Corporate Directory View2C 

Use this quick search utility to find contact details of your co-workers. Turn the contact details already in the organization's MS Active Directory into a phone book. Corporate Directory retrieves in 2 seconds any extension, mobile number or e-mail address (and other details) of anyone in your organization. Corporate directory is optimized to. Free download of Corporate Directory, size 37.13 Mb.

Pocket PC Forensics Tool Data Recovery 

Pocket PC forensic software is a powerful PDA examiner application which is capable to find whole details of any branded Pocket PC, Handheld device or other similar windows based mobile phone in easy, quick and professional manner. Cell phone examiner tool show entire hardware or software details such as OS type, version, database record, registry. Free download of Pocket PC Forensics Tool, size 1.23 Mb.

PDA Investigation software Password Recovery 

PDA analyzer application investigates details of hand held devices such as pocket PC, PDA, Windows mobile, palmtop and other similar mobile devices. Pocket PC investigation utility is useful for scientific investigation of PDA. Windows mobile analysis program checks PDA efficiently under environment of windows 98, ME, 2000, NT (terminal, server and. Free download of PDA Investigation software, size 1.23 Mb. 2.8 

Filesplitter - split any file any size into any number of parts by size or number of lines. Ideal for managing list files, storing and emailing large amounts of data. Free download of 2.8, size 2.00 Mb.

Disk Volume Serial Number Changer 1.73 Keylack Software 

Disk Serial Number Changer helps you to modify your disk drive's Volume Serial Number (not hard disk's physical serial which you can find at back of your hard disk), the format of Volume Serial Number is: XXXX-XXXX (X - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F). Volume Serial Number is a serial number assigned by the Operating System to a. Free download of Disk Volume Serial Number Changer 1.73, size 1.95 Mb.

Allen Face Download Manager 1.0 Allen Face and Companies LLC 

Detail Grid – The detail grid holds the details of data read from the meter. You can navigate, via he expandable grid layout, to see individual Session, Run and Data Point information. You can even click on a Chart button on a Run grid row to see a chart of the Run’s data points.. Freeware download of Allen Face Download Manager 1.0, size 3.01 Mb.

Frostbow Home Inventory Lite 5. 2. 2007 Frostbow Software 

Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Pro provides the tools you need for cataloging, organizing, and tracking all the details of your household possessions. But getting the data in is only half the battle! This program also allows you to create standard or customized reports with details on each item, including photos, for your own records, or to share with. Freeware download of Frostbow Home Inventory Lite 5. 2. 2007, size 13.24 Mb.

USBLogView 1.10 Nir Sofer 

USBLogView is a small utility that runs in the background and records the details of any USB device that is plugged or unplugged into your system. For every log line created by USBLogView, the following information is displayed: Event Type (Plug/Unplug), Event Time, Device Name, Description, Device Type, Drive Letter (For storage devices), Serial. Freeware download of USBLogView 1.10, size 209.92 Kb.

OutlookAddressBookView x64 1.50 Nir Sofer 

OutlookAddressBookView x64 is a simple utility that displays the details of all recipients stored in the address books of Microsoft Outlook. For every recipient entry, the following information is displayed: Email Address, Display Name, Address Type (MS-Exchange or SMTP), Street Address, Phone Number, Created Time, Modified Time (Works only with. Free download of OutlookAddressBookView x64 1.50, size 0 b.

Alot Celebrity Toolbar 2.5.7 

Photos and eye-opening Details of all your favorite celebrities.
Continuously updated celebrity and entertainment news.
Music and movie previews, reviews and more!. Freeware download of Alot Celebrity Toolbar 2.5.7, size 671.09 Kb.

Is-It-On 2.300 eRightSoft 

A tiny FreeWare program showing Details of all Network connections running on your PC.

o Is-It-On is a tiny single exe file requiring a very low amount of system resources.
o Is-It-On shows ALL your Intranet/Internet IP / DNS / DHCP / WINS / Adaptors name & description etc...
o Is-It-On detects your LAN connection.

CSBuilder 1.0 Gabriel Kniznik 

This tool uses the built-in OLE DB Wizard to prompt the user for the Details of a data source connection and then retrieves the connection string from the Data Initialization object.. Free download of CSBuilder 1.0, size 62.91 Kb.

Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software 1.0 

Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software (Standard edition) is a complete financial and managerial accounting system used to manage the billing and inventory (stock) details of the company. Easy-to-use accounting software effectively maintains the overall company/customer records, bookkeeping details, inventory/stock details and. Free download of Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software 1.0, size 6.34 Mb.

Audio Auto-Replayer 2 3Ears Software 

This program makes it easy to auto-replay (loop) any part of an audio or video clip by only one click of the mouse, which can help you to focus your attention on every details of the voice, and write down the contents that you hear. The following people will need this product: 1, foreign language learners who intend to improve their listening. Free download of Audio Auto-Replayer 2, size 3.66 Mb.

7000 Years Calendar 1.4.2 June Calends 

The Program demonstrates local time and date for chosen calendar (Julian, Gregorian, Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Islamic, Khayam, Persian, Slavic-Aryan) for various locations on Earth, number of the Julian Day, number of the day in the year, number of days in the year, local time of Sun/Moon rise/set, Moon age, dates of. Free download of 7000 Years Calendar 1.4.2, size 3.42 Mb.

OfficeIns 1.02 NirSoft Freeware 

OfficeIns is a small utility that displays the details of all installed Microsoft Office add-ins on your computer, and allows you to disable/enable them. . Freeware download of OfficeIns 1.02, size 36.86 Kb.

DayCount 2.O8 DaC-Soft 

DayCount is a small easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly calculate number of days( hours) between dates, and date of the day any number of days( hours) from another date. The program stores all dates you have entered, and you can select dates from a list quickly.. Free download of DayCount 2.O8, size 227.33 Kb.

Home Brew Kit Master 1.2 Kevin Solway 

Home Brew Kit Master is a program for recording the details of your home brews, printing reports, generating tasting sheets, and providing a searchable knowledge base of tips on home brewing.. Free download of Home Brew Kit Master 1.2, size 615.42 Kb.

Annivrem Anniversary Reminder 1.02 Correllan Computing Services 

This is a utility program that allows you to enter details of annual events such as anniversaries, birthdays and insurance renewal dates etc. When you start your PC, it can advise you of any forthcoming events and tell you how many days there are until the event arrives. You can fully configure how much advance warning you are given so you need. Free download of Annivrem Anniversary Reminder 1.02, size 759.81 Kb.

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