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Ricks HTML Index Generator $2.00 with Resale Rights 3.1 Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 

Software to index your web pages and make it very easy to make changes to your web site EVEN from your pocket pc or PDA. You can use it for the internet or to index a CD. The shareware can be customized for YOUR Advertsing. Free download of Ricks HTML Index Generator $2.00 with Resale Rights 3.1, size 13.82 Mb.

Pocket PhoneTools 5 Avanquest (BVRP) Software 

Pocket PhoneTools 5 communications software for your Pocket PC includes 3G and GPRS Internet connectivity, SMS, fax, and cell phone synchronization. Connect your PDA to your cell phone via Bluetooth®, infrared or cable and turn your Pocket PC into a mobile office.If you are the owner of an HP IPAQ, a Dell Axim or Toshiba Pocket PC, this is the. Free download of Pocket PhoneTools 5, size 7.60 Mb.

Matco PC Link 1.0.9 INNOVA 

Matco PC Link is designed for use with Internet Explorer. The “Unable to send data to server” message displays if Internet Explorer is not set as your default web browser. You will need to configure Internet Explorer as the default web browser in order to access Matco PC Link.. Freeware download of Matco PC Link 1.0.9, size 332.10 Mb.

OneXess 0.9 One-X Technologies 

Protect your family Most children who have a PC at home use the internet for games, education and other recreational purposes. Although it opens a world of increased opportunities for children; it also exposes them to threats and dangers posed by cyber criminals. Take a proactive stance with your childrena€™s computer and internet use.. Free download of OneXess 0.9, size 42.15 Mb.

Parental Key 2.06 Proxymis Multimedia 

Works with any existing USB key and USB drive Select the retrictions you want to apply to your PC Locks out computer users, Prohibits use of the internet. Select the softwares and programs that you want to be blocked. Protectyour important datas and documents from being deleted or formater. Parental Key Software v1.01 for Winwows XP. Totally. Free download of Parental Key 2.06, size 599.04 Kb.

Tether Now 2 2 Tether Now 

Tether Now will let you use your phones internet connection to connect your computer to the internet. It's that simple. You get a highspeed connection anywhere you are. Without paying that dreaded extra fee from your mobile carrier. As long as there is a signal on your phone you will be able to use your phone to connect your PC to the. Freeware download of Tether Now 2 2, size 182.02 Mb.

PointerWare Seniors Computer 1.4 PointerWare Innovations Ltd 

PointerWare Seniors Computer Software makes Windows PC easy-to-use for the elderly for functions such as internet, email, games and photos! PointerWare can be remotely administered by friends and family. It can be used with a touchscreen or a normal keyboard and mouse. PointerWare is the absolute easiest solution to introduce a senior into the. Free download of PointerWare Seniors Computer 1.4, size 22.00 Mb.

COMODO Internet Security (64 bit) 6.0.264710.2708 Comodo Inc 

Complete protection against viruses and Internet attacks for Windows x64 computers

Why Use Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo Internet Security is the free, multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, CIS offers. Free download of COMODO Internet Security (64 bit) 6.0.264710.2708, size 131.07 Mb.

COMODO Internet Security (32 bit) 6.0.264710.2708 Comodo Inc 

Complete protection against viruses and Internet attacks for Windows computers

Why Use Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo Internet Security is the free, multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, CIS offers. Free download of COMODO Internet Security (32 bit) 6.0.264710.2708, size 131.07 Mb.

Saharavoip Saharavoip 

Saharavoip is a PC utility designed as a free Internet telephone software. All you have to do is to register your details, purchase call time at a reasonable cost and make the call. You will be able to make phone calls directly from your PC to different locations of following countries : India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and U.S.A.. Freeware download of Saharavoip, size 8.26 Mb.

Linphone for Mac OS X 3. 4. 2001 

Linphone is an easy to use, handy internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP).
This tool will enable you to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.
Linphone also complies to the SIP protocol, an open standart for internet telephony. The application should be able to interoperate. Freeware download of Linphone for Mac OS X 3. 4. 2001, size 12.06 Mb.

Trellian FTP 3 Trellian 

Trellian FTP is a file transfer client that allows you to transfer files between your PC and any FTP server on the Internet. It comes complete with a list of the most popular FTP sites so you can access drivers, shareware and other software via the Internet. Trellian FTP is the next generation of FTP clients, providing many advanced features such. Free download of Trellian FTP 3, size 1.73 Mb.

logonmypc 3.6 

LogOnMyPC is the next level Web-based service that allows you to remote control your office PC or network from any Internet-connected computer include wireless PDA even if both sides behind firewall. You don't need open any port on your office firewall,integrate your exist network security. Access to your PC and network resource(email,. Free download of logonmypc 3.6, size 640.00 Kb.

Stock Quotes for Pocket PC OLSOFT 

Stock Quotes for Pocket PC is an easy-to-use application for modern mobile platform. It allows you to monitor stock quotes information provided by Yahoo in real time. Besides, you can view news relevant to the selected stock, set customizable alerts, search for ticker and get company summary information by its stock symbol. Stock Quotes for Pocket. Free download of Stock Quotes for Pocket PC, size 3.32 Mb.

MDE InfoHandler 2008 11.1.64 MDE Software 

MDE InfoHandler is a multipurpose information manager for your PC and Pocket PC that you can use to organize notes, documents, web links, dates, programs, and more, using a uniform and sophisticated interface. InfoHandler version 11, also called InfoHandler 2008, is a new generation of this software, completely re-implemented using current. Free download of MDE InfoHandler 2008 11.1.64, size 8.00 Mb.

Fear of Public Speaking 1.0 Fear of Public Speaking 

Fear of public speaking toolbar for use with Internet Explorer. This toolbar will make sure that you can get the information you need on how to overcome fear of public speaking without wasting time and energy on ineffective solutions. The worst thing about having the fear is that at any moment it could totally ruin your performance and then. Freeware download of Fear of Public Speaking 1.0, size 1.31 Mb.

eConceal Pro for Windows MicroWorld Technologies Inc. 

eConceal Pro for Windows is a powerful, highly advanced Network Firewall designed to protect your PC against attacks via the Internet or Local Area Network. eConceal Pro offers customizable security with user-defined rules for Packet Filtering and Access Control. Working at a low level, it allows you to create rules based on non-IP protocols such. Free download of eConceal Pro for Windows, size 13.11 Mb.

Zeus Internet Marketing Robot 4.2.38 Cyber-Robotics, Inc. 

Zeus is an easy to use Intelligent, Internet Robot, that creates traffic to your web site, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. Zeus creates thousands of link trades by automatically finding web sites you train him to find and then doing 95% of the work involved in Link Marketing.

Zeus is the original and only web crawling robot,. Free download of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot 4.2.38, size 26.21 Mb.

ToolbarCreator 1. 5. 2002 Diodia Software 

ToolbarCreator allows you to create toolbars without having to worry about which COM objects to implement, which type libraries to register, which interfaces to expose, how to use a CToolBarCtrl in an Internet Explorer rebar, how to make Windows XP visual styles work in an Internet Explorer toolbar, how chevrons work, how to add combo-boxes and. Free download of ToolbarCreator 1. 5. 2002, size 3.79 Mb.

Vip Prepaid Internet Vip mobile 

Vip Prepaid Internet application enables you to use your mobile Internet connection and send messages in a simple and easy way.
Vip Prepaid Internet application enables you to:
- Set up mobile Internet connection
- Send and receive text messages (SMS)
- Manage your contacts
- Select networks manually or. Freeware download of Vip Prepaid Internet, size 14.29 Mb.

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