Camfrog Sampler

Partini in Paradise Quick Page Sampler 1.0 MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking 

Partini in Paradise Quick Page Sampler - Print Shop digital scrapbooking kits.
High-resolution (print quality) JPG and PNG files (with transparency).
Partini in Paradise Quick Page Sampler -Design elements of this pack coordinate with the following products: Partini in Paradise Quick Pages Pack.. Freeware download of Partini in Paradise Quick Page Sampler 1.0, size 23.24 Mb.


Solace Sampler 1.0 Becca Herman 

A free sampler to give a taste of the style of my kit Solace.

Contains one background, a swoosh, scattered crosses and three word arts.

High-resolution (print quality) JPG and PNG files (with transparency).

Design elements of this pack coordinate
with the following products:
Solace Pack. Freeware download of Solace Sampler 1.0, size 6.08 Mb.

Random Sampler 5.06 LLC 

Random Sampler is an Excel add-in that enables the user to extract random cells or rows from one or more workbooks. The user can specify the data range that contains the elements that need to be sampled.

The results of the sampling operation can be saved in the same workbook or in another file.

. Free download of Random Sampler 5.06, size 0 b.

Batch Sampler 1.0 Thomas Havlik 

Batch Sampler is a simple application designed to help you extract rectangular regions from images and save them to your disk as separate pictures.

It processes PNG, TGA, or JPG files and generates an output image of a given size. The application runs in the command prompt, thus it won't pose any problem to those who are familiar with. Freeware download of Batch Sampler 1.0, size 0 b.

Cell Sampler 1.0 Gareth Smith 

The accessible, user-friendly and useful Cell Sampler plugin was developed in Java for ImageJ.

Cell Sampler was created as a sampling plugin that can extract time series from microscopy images of oscillating cells expressing the GFP or Luciferase reporter molecule.

. Freeware download of Cell Sampler 1.0, size 0 b.

Inview TV Sampler 1.35 Inview 

Inview TV Sampler is a useful and reliable application which enables you to scan for local television signals and save your favorite channels.

Another advantage is that with Inview TV Sampler you have the possibility to view what is being broadcasted in your region and collect all the electronic program guides.

. Free download of Inview TV Sampler 1.35, size 0 b.

DVS Drum Sampler 1.1 Dream Vortex Studio 

DVS Drum Sampler is designed for quick and simple drum programming, you can load any length 16bit wav file (24bit is not supported) into the channels, you can preview the sound by clicking the keyboard on the interface, Midi Keys are C1 to C2.. Free download of DVS Drum Sampler 1.1, size 1.70 Mb.

Glyfz Icons Sampler Glyfz 

A small, free sampler of our Office style toolbar/ribbon bar icons for you to evaluate and keep. Our developers icons are high quality yet afforable and will greatly enance the appearance of any application and is an essential element in the success of a product. They are a must for any developer who takes pride in the appearance of their. Freeware download of Glyfz Icons Sampler, size 681.57 Kb.

Audio Sampler 0.2a Nathaniel Meyer 

Audio Sampler is a quick 'n dirty tool to generate sounds from manipulating and combining variations in sinusoidal waves. In some ways it aims to become a sound synthesizer; however it lacks many filters and tools used in professional packages. As such, it's mostly for experimentation and personal entertainment.

In time, I hope to add. Free download of Audio Sampler 0.2a, size 723.52 Kb.

Ravenhurst Sampler 1 Ravenhurst Studios 

Sampler Screensaver featuring 10 random photographs including our unique Aurorae images and scenes from nature screensavers. By photographer J. Barnhurst. All graphics are 1024X768 resolution. . Freeware download of Ravenhurst Sampler 1, size 1.64 Mb.

Wood Clips Sampler Set 2.0 Science Translations 

Wood Clips Sampler Set is a collection of old-fashioned, black and white images in PCX format.The images include knights, cupid, dragon, horses, moth, skull with wings, chimney sweep, and trees.. Free download of Wood Clips Sampler Set 2.0, size 423.94 Kb.

Virtual Sampler SDK 1.5.1 Polyhedric Software 

The Virtual Sampler Library (VSL.DLL) provides applications runningon Pentium-class PCs under MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with a MIDI-controlled, low-latency, fully programmable wavetable module implemented entirely in software.The Virtual Sampler SDK contains the documentation and code needed touse the Virtual Sampler Library in your own programs.. Free download of Virtual Sampler SDK 1.5.1, size 957.44 Kb.

Virtual Sampler Library 1.3 Polyhedric Software 

Virtual Sampler Library is a DLL that provides a programmable, MIDI-controlled, emulated wavetable sound engine.The wavetable module is low-latency, and is implemented entirely in software. This download contains the documentation and code needed to use the Virtual Sampler Library in your own programs. It also includes the Mellosoftron, a popular. Free download of Virtual Sampler Library 1.3, size 875.52 Kb.

Disk2File 1.31 Zicweb 

Disk2File is a must have utility for sampler users. It can read any SCSI sample media and write it into an ISO image file, ready to record with yout favorite CD recording app.. Free download of Disk2File 1.31, size 412.67 Kb.

Mellosoftron 3.4 Polyhedric Software 

The Mellosoftron is a low latency, fully programmable virtual sampler.In short, it turns your PC into a sampler which you can play live with a MIDI keyboard, with a sequencer or with any MIDI file player. Any sound card with a DirectSound 3 (or later) driver will do - you don't need a particular brand or model. You can edit all instrument patches. Free download of Mellosoftron 3.4, size 1.91 Mb.

IMEA Drums Creator 1.1 IMEA 

Sequencer / Sampler designed specifically to generate drums with a powerful tool to create patterns. It is ideal for creating loops that can be used by loops sequencers software. Easy to use, you can record live, but also create audio files with the timings of start and end automatically adjusted. It comes with the effects IMEA (Chorus, Flanger,. Free download of IMEA Drums Creator 1.1, size 24.68 Mb.

Maize Sampler 2 7 MAIZESOFT 

Maize Sampler 2 is a cross-platform tool for sound developers to create sample-based virtual instruments. As main features are: standalone Windows and Mac OS X application; group selections by key / controller / MIDI channel; disk-streaming / memory reading mode; poly / mono / legato voice mode with glide time; LFO, ADSR envelope and reverb effect;. Free download of Maize Sampler 2 7, size 2.51 Mb.

Split Movie Sampler 1.0 Harmony Hollow Software 

Split Movie Sampler is a must-have for users who download large videos from Usenet and other p2p clients. With most moderate Internet connection speeds, it takes at least from several hours to few days in order to download a full DVD movie.

Therefore, it's essential to preview the video before you spend all of these hours and. Freeware download of Split Movie Sampler 1.0, size 37.56 Mb.

Ainsworth Sampler 4 2 Ainsworth 

The Ainsworth Sampler includes demo versions of both the Keypad Trainer and the Keyboard Trainer programs.A demo version of the Report Manager is also included, with a sample class roster, ordering information and other information necessary for you in order to work with these programs correctly. Freeware download of Ainsworth Sampler 4 2, size 7.15 Mb.

The RHETI Sampler 1.0 Enneagram Institute 

The RHETI Sampler identifies your most likely Enneagram type. It consists of 36 paired statements taken directly from the scientifically validated, full-length Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. The RHETI Sampler includes automatic scoring that generates a graph of the results, as well as short descriptions of all nine types.

This. Freeware download of The RHETI Sampler 1.0, size 3.91 Mb.