Candle Scanner

VIPRE Rescue Scanner Sunbelt Software 

The VIPRE Rescue Scanner application was developed to be a command-line utility that will scan and clean an infected computer that is so infected that programs cannot be easily run.

The VIPRE Rescue Program is packaged into a self-extracting executable file (.exe) that prompts the user for an "unpack" or installation location,. Free download of VIPRE Rescue Scanner, size 0 b.


F-Secure Online Scanner F-Secure Corporation 

F-Secure Online Scanner is an efficient malware cleaner designed to scan for and remove threats such as viruses, Trojans and spyware.

F-Secure Online Scanner inspects your computer's files and folders in-depth in order to detect infections that could affect its performance. Once located, these are removed and you can enjoy a clean,. Free download of F-Secure Online Scanner, size 0 b.

Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner BitDefender LLC 

60-Second Virus Scanner is a fast and free to use desktop app which utilizes in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect malicious programs and threats in less than 60 seconds! Even if you already have an antivirus software, it double checks the performance of your current solution. Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner takes full advantage of cloud. Free download of Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner, size 0 b.

Low-and-Slow FTP Scanner 1.0.0 File Transfer Consulting 

Low-and-Slow FTP Scanner is a simple and easy to use application designed to assist security analysts in testing FTP servers.

The application attempts to sign on the selected FTP / FTPS / SFTP server using a list of a list of usernames and passwords. Since the low and slow brute force sign-ons can take a long time, it can be set to write. Free download of Low-and-Slow FTP Scanner 1.0.0, size 0 b.

SPAV Malware Scanner 1.0 Beta SPAV 

SPAV Malware Scanner is a simple and lightweight antivirus application that allows you to protect your computer against malware.

The software automatically updates the virus database at startup. You can change the scanning speed in order to lower system resources consumption.

. Free download of SPAV Malware Scanner 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner 8.2.1 SecPoint ApS 

Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner is a complete solution for thoroughly scanning your corporate network, regardless of its size and complexity. The vulnerability scanner is ideal for small businesses to much larger enterprises. The program scans all of its clients, servers and devices for vulnerabilities. Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner automates. Free download of The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner 8.2.1, size 28.16 Mb.

StableBit Scanner / Beta Covecube Inc. 

StableBit Scanner is a handy application that was designed to continuously scan all of your hard drives, ensuring that every precious bit remains readable.

It monitors the on-disk SMART health parameters at all times and informs you at the first sign of trouble.

. Free download of StableBit Scanner / Beta, size 0 b.

Simple SharePoint Security Scanner Alpha Adam Buenz 

Simple SharePoint Security Scanner is a handy and reliable utility designed to search for user interface WebForms throughout the SharePoint environment.

The application is broke up into two parts, the primary scan will execute against main SPWeb pages and web services, and report whether they are reached. The secondary scan option will. Free download of Simple SharePoint Security Scanner Alpha, size 0 b.

Macrorit Disk Scanner Freeware 2.6.3 Macrorit 

Macrorit Disk Scanner it a smart disk bad sectors scan free software, It can help you quickly test the disk and mark the location of bad sectors,Support automatical shutdown after the scan is completed , and automatically save the scan results in the specified location.Select the fastest "smart" falgorithm, the scanning speed should reach. Free download of Macrorit Disk Scanner Freeware 2.6.3, size 2.42 Mb.

SSL TLS Version Scanner New Saurabh 

SSL TLS Version Scanner is a lightweight application that checks whether a server supports TLS protocols (version 1, 1.1 and 1.2) and SSLv3.

The application scans the SSL and TLS protocol versions supported by the server. To do this, it uses the following command:
java -jar SSLTLSVersionScanner.jar [proxy=:]

. Freeware download of SSL TLS Version Scanner New, size 0 b.

Windows System Scanner New Computing.Net 

Windows System Scanner was developed as a simple and accessible tool that will display your system configuration.

You will able to view your computer manufacturer, model, CPU, RAM, video and sound card displayed on the website. Windows System Scanner is a handy tool developed using Java.

. Free download of Windows System Scanner New, size 0 b.

Crucial System Scanner New Micron Technology, Inc. 

The Crucial System Scanner automatically analyzes your computer memory information and suggests an upgrade that's guaranteed compatible.

The scanner simply looks in your BIOS for information and then searches the Web site for compatible matches

Get Crucial System Scanner and give it a try to see just how useful it. Free download of Crucial System Scanner New, size 0 b.

BitWay Backup Scanner BitWay 

BitWay Backup Scanner is your Swiss Army knife to identify files under risk of loss in your local hard drive. It is a information collector and backup helper.

No installation is required. Download and double click to run! Easily locate and backup your most important files using BitWay Backup Scanner.

. Free download of BitWay Backup Scanner, size 0 b.

Ancysoft Data Recovery Scanner 1.0 Ancysoft Data Recovery 

Data Recovery Scanner will scan your hard drive and build a list of deleted files on any logical drive of your computer with an NTFS file system. Windows uses the Master File Table (MFT) as an index to the files it stores on your hard drives. When you delete a file, Windows marks its MFT entry as 'deleted', so the file is left on the hard drive.. Free download of Ancysoft Data Recovery Scanner 1.0, size 398.46 Kb.

MB Candle Magick 1.15 

MB Candle Magick displays the correspondence between different magick rituals and the colors of candles that should be used. Candle magick is very effective when the right candles are used for the right purposes. This needs to be repeated many times before your purpose is solved. Note that you do not harm to anyone. Candle magick is an ancient. Free download of MB Candle Magick 1.15, size 1.22 Mb.

Fast Port Scanner 1.0 Global Web Monitor 

Fast Port Scanner is a fast multithreaded port scanner that scans about 400 ports a second. It supports both the TCP/IP and UDP protocols. You can select address ranges to scan multiple interfaces or hosts. Any open ports will have the any suspect Trojans listed with it. This program is free when using Global Up Time website monitoring service.. Free download of Fast Port Scanner 1.0, size 650.12 Kb.

YAPS - Yet Another Port Scanner SteelBytes 

Fast TCP/IP port scanner.

* Supports simultaneous connecting to many targets
* Supports command line and GUI mode
* Customisable timeout
* Can scan range of addresses, or single address
* Can resolve addresses
* Includes names for well known ports. Freeware download of YAPS - Yet Another Port Scanner, size 136.31 Kb.

ThreatExpert Memory Scanner Threat Expert Ltd. 

ThreatExpert Memory Scanner (TEMS) is a prototype product developed by the ThreatExpert team.

TEMS provides a "post-mortem" diagnostic to detect a range of high-profile threats that may be active in different regions of a computerd-deOaos memory. This tool is designed to assist in answering a common question asked by many. Free download of ThreatExpert Memory Scanner, size 1.55 Mb.

Machine Scanner Component Database 4.2 NRLComputers 

Effortless agent-less remote discovery, management and monitoring of assets

The Machine Scanner Component Database is aimed at management of any server, workstation, laptop or network equipment (over 1700 types of device supported) on any scale, continually scanning subnets using parallel processing and multi-threading technology to. Free download of Machine Scanner Component Database 4.2, size 40.34 Mb.

Advanced LAN Scanner 1.0 Famatech International Corp. 

Advanced Lan Scanner is a small, easy-to-use, highly configurable network scanner for Win32. And it's fast. It's VERY fast. Advanced Lan Scanner uses multithreading technique, that gives it ability to scan more than 1000 elements per second! If used to scan ports, Advanced Lan Scanner can scan all 65536 ports in less that minute! Also, fast scan is. Freeware download of Advanced LAN Scanner 1.0, size 576.72 Kb.