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Post Back patWare 

Post Back - (PB) Reply to classified posts without composing a new email message. PB allows you to browse posts and reply to them without using your email client or logging in to your web mail. Browse and respond all in the same interface. Now you can relax while checking the classifieds knowing that you don't have to minimize or. Freeware download of Post Back, size 1.12 Mb.


AmoK LEO Translator 1.1 AmoK - The Art of Coding 

AmoK LEO Translator is a small frontend for the online translation service 'LEO' ( LEO is one of the most excellent online dictionaries for Englisch/German/French/Spanish but available online only - so far. AmoK LEO Translator gives you access to LEO from your local Desktop PC. Just press a hotkey and the current word in the clipboard. Freeware download of AmoK LEO Translator 1.1, size 226.30 Kb.

A LemonLdap Plugin for 1.0.1 

A Plugin for the mailing list manager. This plugin is an authentification engine with project).. Freeware download of A LemonLdap Plugin for 1.0.1, size 24.50 Kb. Pricing Calculator rc.0.4.1 Pricing Calculator (CDPC) is a calculator for financial instruments. The project is now discontinued. The project had reached alpha development status, when it was decided to not continue with the project.. Freeware download of Pricing Calculator rc.0.4.1, size 27.60 Kb. add-ons pack for Celestia 1.0 

This package is a collection of all Celestia add-ons required to work with the scripts available at website.. Freeware download of add-ons pack for Celestia 1.0, size 2.77 Mb. 2.0.0 

The reference libraries encode and decode IPDR usage documents in either XML or the binary format. Libraries are available in C and Java.. Freeware download of 2.0.0, size 1.92 Mb.

Java organization chart 2 

A nice looking java applet to draw an org-tree..Staff units are presented as oval shapes at the sides and normal childs as boxes below.. all units are drawn with arrows for navigation, and nice shadow effects.And yes you can navigate the tree structur. Freeware download of Java organization chart 2, size 136.35 Kb. 3 is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Created for people who don't have Internet to install additional software. It includes Multimedia support, Sinhala/Tamil Unicode support, Additional Software and complete suite. Freeware download of 3, size 3455.82 Mb. Kernel 1 

Welcome to the modified Linux kernel. We start with a vanilla Linux kernel and then update/patch it to improve performance and make installation easier on the Linux newbie.. Freeware download of Kernel 1, size 34.37 Mb.

Literal - grammar checker rc 

Literal is a project for development a spell and grammar checker plugin for and suite in Brazilian Portuguese.. Freeware download of Literal - grammar checker rc, size 52.88 Kb. 1.0 

To provide Polish translation of all products.... Freeware download of 1.0, size 15.03 Mb.

OCP online collaboration platform 1.0 

OCP: Online Collaboration Platform facilitates users to cooperate in communities, across org. boundaries, on the development of products, services & knowledge. ECM-tool + handy UI (by Logica). Knowledge/content can be developed, secured, disclosed.. Freeware download of OCP online collaboration platform 1.0, size 45.11 Mb. Export As DAISY 1.0 

odt2daisy is an Writer extension, enabling to export in DAISY XML, Full DAISY (xml+audio) and Audiobook format. DAISY is an NISO Z39.86 standard for blind, visual impaired, print-disabled, and learning-disabled people.. Freeware download of Export As DAISY 1.0, size 21.75 Mb. Macros 0.5 

OOoMacros is a repository for macros/add-ins, and documentation about writing macros and/or extending Freeware download of Macros 0.5, size 137.82 Kb. PDF Importer 1.0 

The aim of this project is to develop a Portable Document Format (PDF) importer for Writer based on XPDF. This project was inspired by the PDF importer within KWord.. Freeware download of PDF Importer 1.0, size 1.58 Mb. Report AutoPilot 11 

Create powerful reports within from any supported database with this easy to use Add-on written in's own macro language. Supports both tabular and columnar reports with breaks, sub-totals, totals, etc.. Freeware download of Report AutoPilot 11, size 17.89 Kb. Romanian Localization 1.0 

oo-ro project intends to carry on the task of localization of office suite in Romanian Language. This is an accessory project to the official Romanian Native Language Project located at: Freeware download of Romanian Localization 1.0, size 138.62 Kb. components 1.0 

Simple components for use in Delphi. Works with Now only part of CalcApplication released. Can create new document or open existing, change text/formula, font, color, border for cell.. Freeware download of components 1.0, size 4.36 Kb. en Espaol 1.0 

Proyecto de soporte a la versin en Espaol de y sus herramientas relacionadas. Entre ellas el diccionario de sinnimos LGPL (tesauro) y el separador silbico LGPL (hyphenation).. Freeware download of en Espaol 1.0, size 1.11 Mb. Writer pre-export filter 1.0 

This add-on component to 2.0's Writer program will convert the open document to be compatible with Microsoft's .DOC format. Documents saved to .DOC after using this component work as well or better than documents exported directly to .DOC.. Freeware download of Writer pre-export filter 1.0, size 32.88 Kb.