Castle Of Winds

Stone Castle Screensaver 1.0 

Stone Castle is a nice screensaver which shows an old castle made of stone, in the middle of a lake. The image was taken during the evening and the sky is overcast so the the only light available is the one coming from the castle. The castle is reflected in the lake, which has slight movement and there are water sounds. These three things make the. Freeware download of Stone Castle Screensaver 1.0, size 6.49 Mb.


Castle Clout Return of the King 

Castle Clout is a interesting physics puzzle game. Time the launch of your trebuchets’ ammunition to cause maximum damage to the opposing castle and its occupants. Hit Space button to release trebuchet counterweight. Hit Space again to release ammunition. The king has returned in this awesome update to the original game Castle Clout. Now. Freeware download of Castle Clout Return of the King, size 1.18 Mb.

Castle Window 1 FlashDo 

Castle Window is a beautiful ornamental animation featuring an old castle grate window opening up to a view of a castle on a reflective lake. Fun to watch over and over or as a creative addition to any website. Zip file includes CS4 Fla, Swf and JPG and Png files. Help file is included!. Free download of Castle Window 1, size 535.55 Kb.

Scooby Doo Castle Hassle 1.0 Mario Games 

Play Scooby Doo Castle Hassle: Drop the items on the ghosts while avoiding dropping anything on members of the gang!. Freeware download of Scooby Doo Castle Hassle 1.0, size 3.71 Mb.

Castle Project 3.0.0 

Castle aspires to simplify the development of enterprise and web applications. Offering a set of tools (working together or indepedently) and integration with other open source projects, Castle helps you get more done with less code.. Freeware download of Castle Project 3.0.0, size 4.35 Mb.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Dreamcast rc.04.06.2008 

The main goal is build a remake of Return To Castle Wolfenstein game for the Dreamcast video console, but it will be multiplatform and totally free.. Freeware download of Return To Castle Wolfenstein Dreamcast rc.04.06.2008, size 733.44 Kb.

Defender Element 1.0 Staff32003 Prod 

Defender Element is a tower defence type game in which you command knights, archers, mages, and catapults each with unique special abilities to defend your castle from hordes of invaders. Invader bosses have special abilities also.. Free download of Defender Element 1.0, size 7.11 Mb.

Fate Of The Dwarf 1.0 

Fate Of The Dwarf is an interesting shooting game for free. Nice defense castle game and you have to defend your village from waves of deadly monsters. Your weapon is your trustworthy cannon. Use your mouse to aim at the monsters. Hold the left mouse button to adjust your power and release the button to fire. You can choose from several different. Freeware download of Fate Of The Dwarf 1.0, size 3.77 Mb.

Magicville: Art of Magic 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

In the shadow of Spellgarth Castle lies the sleepy hamlet of Magicville in the heart of the Fogmere Archipelago. Long banished from Fogmere for the practice of dark magic, an evil wizard now holds the kingdom under a reign of darkness. With the help of Tiana, the faerie queen, only Eldric can restore peace to this troubled land. Use your Match 3. Free download of Magicville: Art of Magic 1.0, size 187.06 Mb.

Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc 

After answering her uncle's call, Eva Witheby winds up far from home and amidst strangers in Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight Heart! It's hard to know who to trust when treacherous trails and veiled secrets abound. Alongside Eva, uncover relics in eye catching Hidden Object scenes. Unearth tools that will help you reveal shards of the. Free download of Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart 1.0, size 295.05 Mb.

Castle Dracustein 001.000 Chad Savage 

Castle Dracustein is a TTF character that was designed in order to help you change the ordinary appearance of yoru digital papers.. Freeware download of Castle Dracustein 001.000, size 62.91 Kb.

Ancient Casttle 3D Photo Screensaver 1 Photo Screensavers 

Ancient Castle 3D Screensaver invites you inside to walk through and outside majestic stronghold once belonging to a powerful medieval lord. These walls remember the long days of sieges and furious attacks. But they also remember days of feasts, tournaments and chivalry. Knights from all over considered it to a great honor to be invited here. The. Free download of Ancient Casttle 3D Photo Screensaver 1, size 13.01 Mb.

Kasse's Adventures 1 1.6 UpperGroove Software 

Kasse awakens to find herself deep in the depths of Shadie Castle. Help Kasse escape from the castle while avoiding the creatures that protect it's corridors. Kasse can throw water balloons to make the creatures disappear.There are plenty of bonus items and the levels are designed with some advantages to help younger players.Many improvements for. Free download of Kasse's Adventures 1 1.6, size 5.60 Mb.

Age of Castles 1 Anarchy Enterprises 

In a distant realm of sword and sorcery, a great evil had swept across the land. Demons from the underworld and their evil minions poured across the kingdoms of man, until the great cities lay in ruin, and there were naught but a handful of cowering souls remaining. The people were in need of a King. Someone of great strength and courage who could. Free download of Age of Castles 1, size 9.50 Mb.

Dark Castle 3D Screensaver 1.0 Rixane Interactive 

Fill your home or office with moonlight, flashing torches, rumbles of thunder, sound of rain and great mysterious music. Captivating and relaxing scenes of Dark Castle 3D screensaver will definitely immerse you into a Gothic fairytale and evoke a storm of emotions. The night Castle in the mountains recalls the atmosphere of Stephen King's. Free download of Dark Castle 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 6.96 Mb.

Castles 2 1.1 NexusMedia 

See the castles of the world in the second of two Castle Screensavers which rotates 37 full screen photos, accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus! support, the option to show images full-screen or at original size, plus the ability to set the delay. Free download of Castles 2 1.1, size 4.07 Mb.

Castles 1 1.1 NexusMedia 

See the castles of the world in the first of two Castle Screensavers which rotates 34 full screen photos, accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus! support, the option to show images full-screen or at original size, plus the ability to set the delay. Free download of Castles 1 1.1, size 3.53 Mb.

WB Rowan Castle 2.1 WEBaby Corp. 

One more recollection... An unknown drooping sun is gleaming, pulsing in unfamiliar skies. And there's an ancient Castle, from some faraway corners of your memory. Or maybe from a dream? The Castle looks completely desolate, nobody lives here now. But there were times, ages ago, or maybe, it was in a dream, when it was so pleasant and cozy here.. Free download of WB Rowan Castle 2.1, size 5.01 Mb.

Castle in the Sky 3D 1.0 Lacombo 

Make a journey to the very sky to have a look at the most mesmerizing castle ever seen! Flying above this miracle of medieval architecture, it's up to you to enjoy marvelous surroundings with quaint statues, flapping state flags and whimsical fountains! Grope your way through soft pinkish haze of the clouds to feast your eyes upon the real flying. Free download of Castle in the Sky 3D 1.0, size 17.89 Mb.

WB Home Zen 2 2.1 WEBaby Corp. 

The burning Fireplace in a large twilight room of an old castle. One can just watch the fire listening to the harpsichord and recollect the things that existed forever, just like these dancing bodies of flame.... Free download of WB Home Zen 2 2.1, size 2.60 Mb.

Castle Of Winds Web Results

Castle of Chaos

Home of the Sacred Order of O.D.D., an organization that collects documents pertaininng to Eris' home.

Bentivoglio, Family of

Originally from the castle of that name in the neighbourhood of Bologna, Italy. They claimed descent from Enzio (c. 1224-72), King of Sardinia, a natural son of Frederick II.

Elzéar of Sabran

Baron of Ansouis, Count of Ariano, born in the castle of Saint-Jean de Robians, in Provence, 1285; died at Paris, 27 September, 1323.

Herrad of Landsberg

A twelfth-century abbess, author of the "Hortus Deliciarum"; born about 1130, at the castle of Landsberg, the seat of a noble Alsatian family; died 1195.

Hildebert of Lavardin

Bishop of Le Mans, Archbishop of Tours, and celebrated medieval poet; b. about 1056, at the Castle of Lavardin near Montoir on the Loire; d. 8 December, 1133 or 1134.

Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends

An Archive of History and Historical Resources. All time periods from dawn of man to today.

Legault's Castle of Horror

Legault the Vampire is your guide through his castle filled with doors, secret passages, screams and sights to make your hair stand on end.