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Source CFG Editor 1.0 nonagonprime 

Source CFG Editor is a lightweight, handy application that you can use to edit source engine configuration files (CFG) for your Xbox games.

It enables you to insert new commands to the configuration file, such as incremental var, noclip or gravity modifier.

. Freeware download of Source CFG Editor 1.0, size 0 b.


My first spidy-cfg. project 1.0 Spidy-cfg 


My first spidy-cfg. project 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of My first spidy-cfg. project 1.0, size 0 b.

CFG Resume Blast 1.3 Mediumware Solutions 

CFG Resume Blast is a tool that enables your resume, including a cover note to be distributed and targetted to recruiters in locations of your choice. Locations are selected by state or city.. Freeware download of CFG Resume Blast 1.3, size 566.23 Kb.

CFG Generator CFG Generator 

A utility for creating various Server.cfg files. Also creates Mani-Admin-Plugin Clients.txt and mani-server.cfg. Allows saving of cfg files too, for later editing or for large deployments.
CFG Generator is a simple, easy to use utility specially designed to enable users to create various Server.cfg files. Also creates Mani-Admin-Plugin. Freeware download of CFG Generator, size 619.52 Kb.


An agent-based situated language learning simulation that focuses on lexical learning and grounding, featuring a unigram syntax structure and a CFG-based semantic grammar. Created as a MSc thesis project, using python.. Freeware download of IGETIT 32, size 32.83 Mb.

MetaPHP 1.0 Metaphp 

Many Tools: PHP-based context-free grammar (CFG) parser generator, simple scanner generator, and nascent object relational mapping/query language in PHP. Talks to Postgres, MySQL for now. Needs PHP5. Comes with (relies on) many convenience functions.

MetaPHP 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License. Freeware download of MetaPHP 1.0, size 46.23 Kb.

SSM_API 1.0 

Netcool/SSM API are the java class to generate the CFG file in easy way. It re-map all SSM objects into Java Objects.Support Netcool/System Service Monitors 4.0.0 SSM_API is ditribuited by

SSM_API 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License; Public Domain. Freeware download of SSM_API 1.0, size 0 b.

CFG Experimenter 1.0 Curtis Clifton and Brian T. Kelley 

Many students learn best from concrete examples. Generating concrete examples of the algorithms used in LL(1) and LR(1) parsing can be tedious for instructors and students. CFG Experimenter is a tool for generating such examples, but beyond that, it is also scaffolding for a programming project where students learn the algorithms by implementing. Free download of CFG Experimenter 1.0, size 0 b.

Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X 7.3.0001 Joseph Stearns 

When you install scenery, Addit! Pro can automatically update Flight Simulator's scenery library (Scenery.cfg). A full-featured scenery library editor provides all of the functionality of Flight Simulator's scenery library manager plus much more! The program handles aircraft, adventures, A.I. airport and facilities data flights, flight. Freeware download of Addit! Pro For Flight Simulator X 7.3.0001, size 11.18 Mb.

Natural Mod 2.0.3 pydon 

The provided "System.cfg" removes HDR glitches and enables all necessary effects to fully enjoy the Natural Mod. However, low-end systems may encounter performance drop with these settings, because it activates certain very high effects.

If the framerate of the game is too low, open the "System.cfg" with the. Freeware download of Natural Mod 2.0.3, size 21.60 Mb.

FS Panel Studio 2.0 Microsoft 

FS Panel Studio is the best tool available for creating and editing Microsoft Flight Simulator Panels. The fully graphical interface lets you drag, drop and stretch your gauges and immediately see the results. You don't have to be a programmer or understand Microsoft Flight Simulator panel.cfg file syntax to create great looking custom. Free download of FS Panel Studio 2.0, size 4.09 Mb.

VMREAD Wizard 0.3 Ajuba Solutions 

his program tries to take most of the hassle out of the management of your 747IPC VMREAD.CFG key file. You get a simple selection list of programs, you pick what you need, and the file comes out automatically minimized to what you really need. No more typos, no more duplicates.

In case more data becomes available, you should download a. Freeware download of VMREAD Wizard 0.3, size 1.55 Mb.

FS9toFSx Migration Tool 1.1.2007.906 The FlightSim Store 

FS9toFSx Migration Tool is designed to process the FS2004 folder. However, it is possible to also select FS2002 and even FS2000.
This tool analyses the aircraft.cfg, mdl and air files to find all resources required. For instance, it looks at a mdl file to extract a list of the textures used and verifies if they exist. It also searches for non. Free download of FS9toFSx Migration Tool 1.1.2007.906, size 25.23 Mb.

TweakAircraft for FSX 1 1 TweakFS 

Edit your FSX aircraft config files with confidence and ease.

TweakAircraft gives you easy access to up to 500 aircraft.cfg variables:

Each Aircraft.Cfg file contains a wealth of information and TweakAircraft presents this vast array of data in an easy to understand format in keeping with all our TweakFS series. The logic. Free download of TweakAircraft for FSX 1 1, size 3.86 Mb.

Ogre Meshy 1.4 Matias N. Goldberg 

Meshy (formely wxOgreMeshViewer) is a simple, powerful, easy to use mesh viewer for OGRE 3D mesh format. Features skeleton view, animation preview, detailed mesh information, resources.cfg loading for power users, dockable windows, and more.. Freeware download of Ogre Meshy 1.4, size 3.77 Mb.

BBWin GUI 2.2 

The BBWin GUI is uses a multi tab display to configure the different areas of the BBWin.cfg file. As you navigate across each TAB, different options will be displayed for you to modify as needed. We have incorporated sliders and simple presets areas to make it easier to adjust thresholds without making mistakes to format of the XML file. After. Freeware download of BBWin GUI 2.2, size 628.74 Kb.

0 byte 1.0 

0 byte, is a SLAX modification to security. Download order: Boot directory: -slax.cfg -vmlinuz -initrd.gz -dban.bzi Slax directory: +base directory: -001-core -002-xorg -003-desktop -004-kdeapps -005-devel -008-0byte +modules directory -driverrak -segurt. Freeware download of 0 byte 1.0, size 492.38 Mb.

NagiosMailACK 1.1 

It's a supporting service for Nagios, which enables the Nagios Admin {& Contact.cfg's Moderator} to ACK any Alert/Notification mailed to them by just forwarding that mail to a GMail-id owned by them.One ID can be used for multiple Nagios Servers.. Freeware download of NagiosMailACK 1.1, size 5.31 Kb.

Ram Disk STUFF Utility 386 

Small utility to stuff a file into an initrd.img file inside a bootnet.img image. This is quite handy if you are preparing kickstart files and want to include the ks.cfg in the initrd.img. I created this for Merrill Lynch\'s Standard Build Deployment be. Freeware download of Ram Disk STUFF Utility 386, size 3.29 Kb.

Soul Menu / Map 1.0 Soulmenumap 

This menu and map are for SauerbratenThere is a read me .cfg in the file you are downloading. every [Soul} member must have.

Soul Menu / Map 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Soul Menu / Map 1.0, size 0 b.

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DOS utility to modify and update batch and other text files on a network. Modify AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, NET.CFG. Many conditionals supported. Can copy or update files conditionally.

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