Community Clips

clipsmm - A C++ CLIPS Interface 0.2.1 

clipsmm is a C++ interface to the CLIPS libray, a C library for developing expert systems.. Freeware download of clipsmm - A C++ CLIPS Interface 0.2.1, size 120.87 Kb.


CLIPS Rule Based Programming Language 0.3 

CLIPS is a forward-chaining rule-based programming language written in C that also provides procedural and object-oriented programming facilities.. Freeware download of CLIPS Rule Based Programming Language 0.3, size 3.30 Mb.

Community Bicycle Organization Database b.0.1 

A system for collecting and using data in the operations of community bicycle organizations. This includes recording volunteer information and tracking volunteering hours and membership status, tracking bikes received and sold, and other data.. Freeware download of Community Bicycle Organization Database b.0.1, size 28.81 Kb.

Community PHP 0.0.1 

My software project is called Community PHP. When it is completed (not even God know when) my software will allow anyone to create an interactive community on their site. Features will include: User managment, News Posting, Articles (to write revi. Freeware download of Community PHP 0.0.1, size 41.25 Kb.

Community Programmed Wiki 1.0 

A wiki which is reprogrammable by its community. Allows the wiki community to collaboratively edit the wiki source code in a similar way to how they write the textual content. Project activity mode: coma ( ). Freeware download of Community Programmed Wiki 1.0, size 770.74 Kb.

Community Services Coordinator 1.0.alpha 

Designed for universities, this web application helps a community to become more self-sustaining, allowing its members to offer various skills and services to other community members at supposedly reduced prices and a higher level of trust.. Freeware download of Community Services Coordinator 1.0.alpha, size 32.83 Kb.

Community Z Tools 1.5.0 

Community Z Tools Project (CZT):Tools for editing, typechecking and animating Zspecifications and related notations.Includes a Java framework for building formal methods tools.. Freeware download of Community Z Tools 1.5.0, size 5.42 Mb.

Counter-Strike Community Daemon 0.1.1 

A daemon that communicates user/server informaton with a central MySQL "community server" that allows Counter-Strike servers to form a network, by share user info, banlists and much more... Freeware download of Counter-Strike Community Daemon 0.1.1, size 323.16 Kb.

Data Atlas for the Community Foundation 3 

This project will facilitate the development of the community foundation Data Atlas project, which will build a provider neutral data mart integrating and supporting the work of the field across all applications. See documentation for project overview.. Freeware download of Data Atlas for the Community Foundation 3, size 1.14 Mb.

da-com (data analyzed - community) 1.0 

Analysis and interactive visualization of a web-based community. Supports different focuses on the given social network to present community groups to the user. Also specific information of each member is provided.. Freeware download of da-com (data analyzed - community) 1.0, size 5.09 Mb.

gvSIG Community Edition 1.0 

The Community Edition (gvSIG CE) is a branch of the gvSIG desktop GIS project at It is open to external contributors and serves as a testbed for community-supplied bug fixes and enhancements.. Freeware download of gvSIG Community Edition 1.0, size 198.38 Mb.

Krysalis Community Project 0.9.0.rc2 

-PROJECT CLOSED- The Krysalis Community Project -was- the home of projects that follow, and can help to follow, Apache-style project guidelines.. Freeware download of Krysalis Community Project 0.9.0.rc2, size 332.51 Kb.

Medscribbler Community 1.0 

Mescribbler Community is a completed electronic medical record, EMR, optimized for handwriting and voice recognition on the Tablet PC. It is currently in use by hundreds of doctors worldwide. Features: billing, progress note, document management, Rx.. Freeware download of Medscribbler Community 1.0, size 109.69 Mb.

OpenORB Community Project b.1.4.0 

This is a open, community based project based on a fork of the original Exolab OpenORB project providing a complete CORBA ORB, services and supporting facilities under an open management model, embracing individuals, industrial and academic contributions.. Freeware download of OpenORB Community Project b.1.4.0, size 8.70 Mb.

openSIS Community Edition 4.9 

This openSIS Community Edition is the official openSIS edition supported by Open Solutions for Education, Inc., the publisher of openSIS application. This edition is worked on by the OS4ED core development team and is also open to the public.. Freeware download of openSIS Community Edition 4.9, size 2.46 Mb.

Skyway Builder Community Edition 1.0 

Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) is an Eclipse-based, code generation tool for accelerating the development of Spring applications. Spring MVC scaffolding capabilities allow users to generate a Spring-based, Java CRUD application in minutes.. Freeware download of Skyway Builder Community Edition 1.0, size 95.13 Mb.

The CFML Community Platform 0.3 

This project differs from other Open Source projects - it will not only features OSS fuzzy-logic OCX methods, PHP tools and other software, but also have the well-known spirit of community with loooong discussions.... Freeware download of The CFML Community Platform 0.3, size 8.21 Kb.

UO's OpenSource Community 

OpenUO is an Opensource community for the development of Ultima Online emulators, primarily focusing on Ultima Offline eXperiment 3, an OpenSource UO emulator allowing for single or online/LAN play of your own shard.. Freeware download of UO's OpenSource Community, size 575.34 Kb.

VJo-Community-Plugins 1.0 

This project is a community project of the Visualjockey [VJo] community. We will develop a package of plugins for the Visualjockey VJ-Software.By sharing the sources of the plugin we can faster and better develop realtime plugins for VJo.. Freeware download of VJo-Community-Plugins 1.0, size 8.79 Kb.

WoW Community Platform API for Java 1.0 

World of Warcraft Community Platform API for Java. this library wish to provide an easy to use wrapper to the World of Warcraft Community Platform API. forum about the API : Freeware download of WoW Community Platform API for Java 1.0, size 12.11 Kb.