Concrete Proposal

Proposal Pro by Helzberg Diamonds 2.0.2 Helzberg Diamonds 

Ready to propose to your girlfriend?

Use Proposal Pro to plan the perfect proposal, from start to finish.

For more than 90 years, Helzberg Diamonds has been synonymous with Love. Our extensive background in engagement planning gives us unique insight into the entire proposal process. Weve collected everything youll need in an. Freeware download of Proposal Pro by Helzberg Diamonds 2.0.2, size 14.16 Mb.


A Rogue’s Proposal (by Stephanie Laurens) Folium Partners 

Expand your enjoyment of literature with A ROGUE'S PROPOSAL by Stephanie Laurens (unabridged), presented by Recorded Books. This audiobook app was created with the Folium enhancedAudio™ framework, and contains a multitude of features and content to help take you beyond the words, including 5-star professional narration, background extras, and. Free download of A Rogue’s Proposal (by Stephanie Laurens), size 162.53 Mb.

Gantt Designer 0.9 Timios Ideas 

How can a business proposal be taken seriously if it does not contain a graphical presentation of your schedules or activities? If you need a nice Gantt chart fast to demonstrate that you have done due dilligence, Gantt Designer is the tool for you.Most acknowledge that Microsoft Project is too difficult to use if all you want is a nice-looking. Freeware download of Gantt Designer 0.9, size 499.71 Kb.

Stock List 1.3.02 WaverlyStreet 

A companion utility to create item lists for WaverlyStreet Purchase Order and 1 Form Proposal / Invoice Programs. Vendors - make it easier for your customers to purchase things from you - do the data entry for them! Creates stock list and data import file that can be emailed to customers using a built-in mail form, and uploaded to a web site using. Free download of Stock List 1.3.02, size 3.22 Mb.

Street Credit 1 Free Web Games 

Officials down the line have cleared the onlookers, the concrete strip radiates heat, and the rumble of 6000 RPMs fills the afternoon air. This is Street Cred? and you?ve got to prove you?ve got the skills or lose your car and your reputation. Drive at top-speeds through the closed off city track or in Miami and reach the finish line before time. Freeware download of Street Credit 1, size 573.44 Kb.

Response-2000 1.0.5 Evan Bentz, University of Toronto 

Response-2000 is an easy to use sectional analysis program that will calculate the strength and ductility of a reinforced concrete cross-section subjected to shear, moment, and axial load. All three loads are considered simultaneously to find the full load-deformation response using the latest research based on the modified compression field. Freeware download of Response-2000 1.0.5, size 2.10 Mb.

QuickConcreteWall 2.0.0001 IES 

QuickConcreteWall specializes in reinforced concrete shear walls and is an excellent tool for detailing a concrete wall subject to in-plane forces. Complex ACI interaction checks are done instantaneously as you tweak design parameters and view the results. Complete rebar detailing is provided in a productivity-quick format.
QuickConcreteWall. Free download of QuickConcreteWall 2.0.0001, size 16.05 Mb.

Sins of a Solar Empire 1.182 Stardock Corporation 

With Sins of a Solar Empire, you will be able to conquer space in real time - that is the attractive proposal of this game, which is full of the best space RTS ingredients. A long history, several factions, hundreds of weapons, strong multiplayer component and many ships and flying hours.

The real-time strategy genre comes back with an. Free download of Sins of a Solar Empire 1.182, size 0 b.

Real Environment Xtreme - Overdrive 2.5.2010.1027 Real Environment Simulations, Inc. 

REX customers can enjoy this FREE gift of 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, 2 sets of tropical water and reef. Freeware download of Real Environment Xtreme - Overdrive 2.5.2010.1027, size 4.10 Kb.

DSAnchor 4 3 Dimensional Solutions 

With DSAnchor, designing anchors for concrete foundations is no longer tedious or time-consuming.

This software allows you to quickly and accurately design safe anchorage in a few short steps. The intuitive graphical interface provides an easy way to determine safe anchorage of equipment and structures.

-Anchor Patterns:. Free download of DSAnchor 4 3, size 52.53 Mb.

LEAP Bridge Suite 9.0 Bentley 

LEAP Bridge is powerful concrete bridge analysis and design software trusted by more than 1,800 engineers worldwide. It offers seamless parametric bridge modeling and substructure and superstructure analysis in one integrated offering. A central project database ensures that bridge data is always accurate and up-to-date. LEAP Bridge is developed by. Free download of LEAP Bridge Suite 9.0, size 52.22 Mb.

SY-Pilecap 2 3 SY Perunding 

It is to design reinforced concrete pile cap (in rectangular shape with main bar and secondary bar direction perpendicular to each other) and determine each pile load for a designed pile group, which is arranged either in symmetrical and unsymmetrical for either/both axis, with an axial compressive column load with or without bending moment. The. Freeware download of SY-Pilecap 2 3, size 4.00 Mb.

SAFE ED 12. 3. 2001 Computers and Structures 

SAFE is the ultimate tool for designing concrete floor and foundation systems.SAFE integrates every aspect of the engineering design process in one easy and intuitive environment.Laying out models is quick and efficient with the sophisticated drawing tools, or use one of the import options to bring in data from CAD, spreadsheet, or database. Free download of SAFE ED 12. 3. 2001, size 1.60 Kb.

Floorcad 2010 37.0 Parker Presatress Designs Ltd. 

FloorCAD is Software specializing in Concrete Hollowcore Flooring, Concrete Wide Slab, General precast units.

Main Features :
- Integrates with AutoCAD
- Fully Eurocode and British Code compliant
- Automatic floor layout
- Automatic Production Make Sheets
- Automatic costing/quantities spreadsheets
. Freeware download of Floorcad 2010 37.0, size 33.68 Mb.

Jordahl 1 2 Jordahl 

Jordahl software allows a secure verification of the calculation for anchoring in concrete with JTA anchor channels. Now a technical and economical optimization of anchoring is possible with a design that meets the requirements of individual connection situation.
Thanks to interactive 3D graphics JORDAHL® EXPERT is easy to use and. Free download of Jordahl 1 2, size 47.61 Mb.

RC Building 1.0 INDUCTA Engineering 

R/C BUILDING is a software package that is used for 3D modelling, analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings. R/C BUILDING provides a comprehensive solution for concrete building design including: vertical and horizontal load analysis, wind and earthquake loading, 3D Frequency analysis, Spectral analysis, column and wall design, walls /. Free download of RC Building 1.0, size 39.77 Mb.

ASDIP Foundation 2.0.1 ASDIP Structural Software 

ASDIP Foundation is a suite of modules specifically dedicated to the design of concrete footings.This software is based on IBC / ACI 318 specifications, that greatly simplifies the time-consuming calculations in any structural engineering office.ASDIP Foundation includes the design of Spread Footings and Strap Footings. Free download of ASDIP Foundation 2.0.1, size 1.26 Mb.

Monomakh-SAPR 4 5 LIRA SAPR 

MONOMAKH-SAPR software is intended for analysis and design of monolithic reinforced concrete structures and structures with brick walls. It is possible to perform analysis of the whole structure or its separate parts and generate working drawings and reinforcement patterns for structural elements.

MONOMAKH-SAPR software includes. Free download of Monomakh-SAPR 4 5, size 98.40 Mb.

EverFE 2 24 EverFE 

EverFE is a user-friendly 3D finite-element analysis tool for simulating the response of jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP) systems to axle loads and environmental effects. EverFE is useful for both concrete pavement researchers and designers who must perform either complex nonlinear or simple linear stress analyses of JPCP.

. Freeware download of EverFE 2 24, size 14.71 Mb.

WinRECOL 5.0.0002 Imbsen Software Ststems 

WinRECOL analyzes, designs or checks a reinforced concrete column. The program has the option to choose one of the following design specifications:

- CLFD = Caltrans Bridge Design Specification LFD, September 2004, with Revisions
- ALFD = AASHTO Bridge Design Specification LFD, Sixteenth, Edition 1996, 1998 Interims and Division. Free download of WinRECOL 5.0.0002, size 10.17 Mb.