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Basic Bob: Island of Misfits 1 Spunky Games 

Basic Bob: Island of Misfits is a 3rd person adventure game starring Basic Bob, a 3D stickman on a quest to rid the misfit islands of furry little creatures called bumbles. You'll laugh your socks off using all Bob's crazy weapons to squish, fry, zap, roast and otherwise try to stop the bumbles. You see, Bob doesn't really care about the bumbles,. Free download of Basic Bob: Island of Misfits 1, size 13.53 Mb.


ASD Clock Axonn Software Development 

With such awesome features like Alarm Synchronization, Atomic Clock, super customizable alarms and display, you will probably find at least one thing you will love about ASD Clock. Alarm Synchronization uses servers provided for free (no strings attached, no annoying commercials or anything) to automatically teleport your alarms from one computer. Freeware download of ASD Clock, size 7.43 Mb.

Wild Tribe 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

In the teeny tiny village of Tribesville, a Wild Tribe of little creatures called Wobblies have lived peacefully for thousands of years. Dark times are on the horizon, however, as the food and water supplies are diminishing and hyenas are stealing resources. Can you use your Time Management skills to transform these simple creatures into a tribe of. Free download of Wild Tribe 1.0, size 62.55 Mb.

Wacky Santa 1 Free Downloadable Games 

It is the Christmas Eve and you are walking through that fresh winter snow. Suddenly a crazy little Santa runs through that field of snow. You think you are dreaming but than the second Santa runs the same way. And it would not be so strange if those Santa Clauses would not be all naked. Except for that red hat. What would you do if this happens?. Freeware download of Wacky Santa 1, size 1.15 Mb.

BootStatus 1.0 David De Groot 

BootStatus is a software that keeps track of your startups. This little thing keeps a log with times when you rebooted the PC.

Main features:
-keeps track of the number your system boots
-via the QuickInfo button you can see how long the PC is up since last reboot.
-runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP. Freeware download of BootStatus 1.0, size 137.22 Kb.

Crazy Tao 2.0 TQ Digital Entertainment. 

Crazy Tao is a MMORPG, developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. It is based on the rich and exciting culture and history within China. In the world of Crazy Tao, you can experience romantic love, adopt and raise fascinating pets, and transport yourself into the uniquely mystical world of Taoism.. Freeware download of Crazy Tao 2.0, size 648.02 Mb.

MB Love Numerology 1.0 

MB Love Numerology Software helps you put your love relation on test and tells you how strong the love relationship between you and your partner is. You can take a love numerology test with this unique software that does love numerology calculations and lets you know the compatibility level between you and your partner. The love numerology reading. Free download of MB Love Numerology 1.0, size 1.28 Mb.

Remote Thing 1.1 

Ever wanted to connect from you office to your home pc, or needed files from your office overseas? Remote Thing is fast, secure, reliable software which enables you to remotely control any pc anywhere. Remote Thing enables you to connect to any and from any pc, Remote Thing is also able to make your pc available through Internet, Network or any. Free download of Remote Thing 1.1, size 637.95 Kb.

DC1A for Windows 1.1 Klanghelm 

DC1A is the little brother of the compression monster DC8C. I've taken one of my favourite settings from DC8C and tried to make it work in a two control context. Soundwise it's comparable to the PUNCH mode in DC8C. It's kind of a mixture of classic opto and FET designs.
I've always wanted to do a compressor with just an input and output knob,. Free download of DC1A for Windows 1.1, size 3.26 Mb.

Coconut Queen 1.0 iwin 

In Coconut Queen, the island of Lui Lui beckons you to bask amid miles of sun-drenched coastline. Disembark into its floral air, and discover that you are the island's much-awaited Coconut Queen.

Your own private getaway is devoid of females, so find company among the brawny native gents who welcome you with succulent fruits. What's the. Free download of Coconut Queen 1.0, size 4.33 Mb.

GoldenSection Notes 3 TGS Labs 

What? You’ve not heard about GSNotes? Everybody on the Internet is talking about it. GSNotes is a user-friendly e-notebook that organizes your notes in a folder tree format for your convenience. The program has received dozens of awards and supports over 20 languages. In addition to keeping and organizing notes, GSNotes can perform any word. Free download of GoldenSection Notes 3, size 5.17 Mb.

Catalyst Sigma 1 Satansam 

Based on a game I made many years back, Catalyst Sigma follows the game style of Catalyst (2000). Its a very basic game which was inspired by a number of classic Sinclair Spectrum games; you control a ship that can only move in 2 directions, but always slightly moves in one direction with objects hurdling towards you. CS is a pretty small but crazy. Freeware download of Catalyst Sigma 1, size 1.63 Mb.

ZenLife 1.2 lyteCube 

ZenLife , A suite of tiny applications working together to give you a birds eye view of yourself through your possessions. A quick reference of your family members and contacts, A handy reference of your property, A home inventory tracker, A collectibles tracker for almost any kind of collection and a secret vault to store information all working. Free download of ZenLife 1.2, size 24.97 Mb.

100% Free Rummy Board Game for Windows 7.40 DreamQuest Software 

Plunder Melds and Run with this Jewel! No one knows whether Rummy originated in Spain, Mexico, China, or even America! But we do know one thing-- you'll love playing Championship Rummy! Vivid graphics enhance game play across five skill levels. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, our endearing characters and exciting game variations will keep. Freeware download of 100% Free Rummy Board Game for Windows 7.40, size 6.65 Mb.

Pepsky Free CD Maker 5 2 Pepstyle International Limited 

With Pepsky Free CD Maker you will be able to create your data and audio CDs and DVDs in seconds with its easy, wizard-like, guided process. It allows you to burn bootable CDs and DVDs, ISO images, as well as pure audio discs (from a variety of audio formats) or data/music discs with audio files (MP3, WMA, and AAC).

The beauty of this. Freeware download of Pepsky Free CD Maker 5 2, size 24.89 Mb.

PowerDVD Copy 1.0.3716 CyberLink Corp. 

PowerDVD Copy is a DVD copier that creates perfect copies from your DVDs. With this application, all you have to do is insert your DVD movie into the drive and select copy. It's that simple. The graphical user interface is really simple and all the options are pretty self explanatory. The support is great, so if you don't know what to do,. Free download of PowerDVD Copy 1.0.3716, size 0 b.

SoftX Internet Logger 1 2 

Internet Logger is an open-source software tool developed by, a very useful utility to record all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic for every local application using an Internet connection, like browsers, instant messaging tools, FTP and e-mail clients, etc. All the recorded information is very detailed, and is stored on text files. Freeware download of SoftX Internet Logger 1 2, size 13.17 Mb.

Yzshadow 1 9 Y'z@Home 

Yzshadow is a simple application for modifying your system appearance. There are a lot of people out there that are unsatisfied with their operating system; most of them are Windows users. They want to change every little thing that they possibly can. And that is where applications like Yzshadow come in. This particular application doesn't. Freeware download of Yzshadow 1 9, size 24.04 Mb.

Cyber-D's Xtra Switch 2 3 Dario Volaric 

When using xtras like DirectOS ( you have to frequently switch between the authoring xtras and the runtime xtras, if you want to include the xtras in your executable. To make the switching easy i have made a little program called Cyber-D's Xtra Switch.. Freeware download of Cyber-D's Xtra Switch 2 3, size 0 b.

Adlor's Stationery Creation Program 1 1 R&C Productions 

AdStat was the first program that it released to the public. It, like everything else Ido is FreeWare, and thus far I have had a good response.

For those that don't know, Micro$oft's Outlook Express (Found with Internet Explorer) has a quaint little function called stationery. Stationery gives your email a more personal look. Freeware download of Adlor's Stationery Creation Program 1 1, size 1.79 Mb.

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