Csv To Ldif Freeware

lib_data_io 1.0 Lib-data-io 

lib_data_io is a set of PHP libraries designed to easily move complex sets of data between PHP array data structures and a variety of sources and destinations including JSON, XML, ICAL, MySQL, HTML, Trac WIKI, text, LDIF, and plot images.

JSON style B-tree representation of data in PHP arrays, Inputs data from MySQL, JSON, CSV, XML,. Freeware download of lib_data_io 1.0, size 0 b.


LDIF to CSV 0.0.1 ldiftocsv.sourceforge.net 

LDIFtoCSVConverts LDIF(LDAP Data Interchange Format)text files to CSV(comma-separated values) text files.The file can then be manipulated in a text editor orspreadsheet program easier.. Freeware download of LDIF to CSV 0.0.1, size 356.14 Kb.

csv2ldif 1.0 csv2ldif.sourceforge.net 

A tool to convert data from CSV form to LDIF form.. Freeware download of csv2ldif 1.0, size 25.91 Kb.

csv2ldif2 1.0.1 csv2ldif2.sourceforge.net 

csv2ldif2 is a command line tool written in perl that converts CSV files to LDIF files. Features: Platform independent, reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT, ignoring/selecting specific fields of the CSV, choosing a custom base-dn and much more!. Freeware download of csv2ldif2 1.0.1, size 12.82 Kb.

File Type Transformer 1.0 File-trans-gui 

This project will create a GUI which can be used transform a file types such as CSV to and from an LDIF file type using user mapping. As the project matures, more file types may be DSML, Java properties files and general delimited values files.

File Type Transformer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of File Type Transformer 1.0, size 0 b.

CSV reformatter Alpha Philip K 

CSV reformatter was developed as a small and accessible Command-Line app that's been written in C++ to help you change the format within the fields of a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

The rationale for having such a tool is that sometimes we export data to CSV file from a system/library that doesn't allow fine control over the exact. Freeware download of CSV reformatter Alpha, size 0 b.

CSV-to-ICS Converter 1.0.0 VueSoft LLC 

CSV-to-ICS Converter is a free and simple tool for converting calendar data from the CSV format into the standard iCalendar (ICS) format. It runs locally on your computer, so you don't need to upload your sensitive calendar data to a website to perform the conversion.

A wide variety of input fields are supported, including fields for. Freeware download of CSV-to-ICS Converter 1.0.0, size 13.45 Mb.

CodeTwo Outlook Export 1.2.6 CodeTwo 

CodeTwo Outlook Export is an easy-to-use free tool for quick and advanced export of data from Microsoft Outlook to CSV text files. The program allows exporting much more data than offered by the built-in export feature in Outlook, allowing the export of non-standard user-defined fields from Outlook and is quicker and easier to use. Data can be. Freeware download of CodeTwo Outlook Export 1.2.6, size 3.68 Mb.

Algoware Active Directory Bulk Export 1.0 Algoware 

Algoware Bulk Export for Active Directory is amazingly simple to use yet a powerful application that allows you to export as much information as you require from Microsoft Active Directory relating to your Users, Contacts, Groups and Computer objects.The export file is constructed in Excel, CSV (comma separated value) and other formats. The product. Freeware download of Algoware Active Directory Bulk Export 1.0, size 239.12 Kb.

FlowHeater FlowHeater GmbH 

FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes childs play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC data sources as well as text. Freeware download of FlowHeater, size 10.12 Mb.

Bank2CSV ProperSoft 

Bank2CSV is an useful utility to convert your OFX, QFX, QIF, QBO, OFC files to CSV (comma separated value) format. Simply browse for your file, review transactions, select all or less and save it or copy to clipboard.. Freeware download of Bank2CSV, size 1.19 Mb.

DBX to CSV Extractor 1.1.7441 DevSlide, Inc. 

DBX to CSV Extractor is a tool developed for MS Windows which lets you extract email addresses from Outlook Express (OE) DBX files. The extractor tool allows you to select multiple DBX files and avoids duplication of email addresses in the resulting CSV or TXT file.

Key Features

1. Extract email addresses from Outlook. Freeware download of DBX to CSV Extractor 1.1.7441, size 492.54 Kb.

SharePoint List Data Export to CSV/Excel SharePoint-Web-Parts.net 

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) is a widespread, cross-platform file format for exchanging structured data sets. For example, Microsoft Office Outlook imports contacts stored in CSV format (called 'DAT data files'). Microsoft Office Excel offers bi-directional (read and write) support for CSV files.
Items in SharePoint lists and libraries are. Freeware download of SharePoint List Data Export to CSV/Excel, size 5.28 Mb.

SharePoint Listen Export nach CSV/Excel SharePoint-Web-Parts.net 

ExportZen -- schlanker, wiederverwendbarer Datenexport aus SharePoint

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) ist ein weit verbreitetes, plattformuebergreifendes Dateiformat zum Austausch strukturierter Datensaetze. Microsoft Office Outlook z.B. importiert Kontakte im CSV-Format (Outlook nennt sie 'DAT-Datendateien'). Microsoft Office Excel. Freeware download of SharePoint Listen Export nach CSV/Excel, size 5.27 Mb.

Exporter Listes SharePoint a Excel/CSV SharePoint-Web-Parts.net 

CSV (Comma Separated Values) est un fichier de format multi-plateform tres repandue pour l'echange structure des ensembles de donnees. Microsoft Office Outlook importe par exemple des Contacts en format CSV (Outlook les nomme 'fichiers de Donnees DAT'). Microsoft Office Excel offre un acces bi-directionel (Lire et Ecrire) aux Tableaux en format. Freeware download of Exporter Listes SharePoint a Excel/CSV, size 5.08 Mb.

CSV Export 2 1 Mark Harrison 

CSV Export is a plug-in meant to replace the CSV Export feature found in DVDProfiler 2.4 and earlier versions. It is easy-to-use and enables you to export your DVD collection in a comma-separated value format as a .csv file. It allows you to export different types of collections such as ordered DVDs, owned DVDs, DVD wish list, filtered profiles,. Freeware download of CSV Export 2 1, size 33.20 Mb.

CSV to Shapefile Converter 2.0 Christopher Michaelis 

CSV to Shapefile Converter is a tool for converting CSV ("Comma Separated Value") files, or any delimited text files, into ESRI Shapefiles, the format used by ArcMap and MapWindow. This software is open source under the MPL and was created using MapWinGIS.. Freeware download of CSV to Shapefile Converter 2.0, size 26.39 Mb.

CSV AdStats CSV AdStats 

CSV AdStats is an application that allows you to analyze the CSV formatted logfiles that are made available for Google AdSense. The tool calculates valuable statistical information like CPM, number of clicks, moving averages, accumulated by period and much more.

The extensive charting options will give you a fast and easy to. Freeware download of CSV AdStats, size 18.56 Mb.

CSVTOXML 0.6 Jacob 

As the name suggest, csv2xml is a simple csv to xml converter. It reads csv files from standard input, and output a valid xml file on standard output. csv2xml is great if your client asks you to resend a data file as xml, no need to modify your scripts, or for when you have a large csv file and you would like to be able to view/edit it with your. Freeware download of CSVTOXML 0.6, size 495.62 Kb.

iCreateOFX Basic 3.0 Phillip Katete 

Convert CSV and QIF files to OFX using iCreateOFX Basic, the leading OFX converter utility. he program comes with a set of pre-configured banking scripts plus three generic scripts. If your bank's CSV file layout is neither included in the pre-configured scripts nor the downloadable bank scripts, AND the file layout does not fit the generic. Freeware download of iCreateOFX Basic 3.0, size 19.79 Mb.