Data Entry Accuracy Checking Software

OSPInSight Edit 7. 5. 2001 Advance Fiber Optics, Inc. 

OSPInSight®-Edit is the flagship application where data entry and graphical mapping occurs and from which the rest of the OSPInSight® system is supplied with its required data. Use OSPInSight®-Edit to document with exactness your actual network as you build it; easily modify updates as new additions are made; and, use it to. Free download of OSPInSight Edit 7. 5. 2001, size 7.65 Mb.


Joulemeter 1 2 Microsoft Research 

Joulemeter can be used for gaining visibility into energy use and for making several power management and provisioning decisions in data centers, client computing, and software design. Joulemeter estimates the energy usage of a VM, computer, or software by measuring the hardware resources (CPU, disk, memory, screen etc) being used and converting. Freeware download of Joulemeter 1 2, size 0 b.

ContactGrabberPE 2 7 ibs-quadrat GmbH 

Manual data entry is a non effective, annoying way to retrieve contact informations from e-mail message signatures, websites or documents. But fortunately there is a more affordable way for getting addresses in seconds: ContactGrabber !

Save names, addresses, phone numbers, signatures etc. from any source, like mails, webforms and. Freeware download of ContactGrabberPE 2 7, size 12.67 Mb.

RTS-XQuery Freemium 1.0.3 Shweta Softwares 

RTS-XQuery Freemium is a FREE Tally add-on utility that allows transfer of data from Tally Accounting Software (or XML data-file) to MS-Excel, DBFs, SQL-Server, MySQL and many Other popular databases. FREE utility to transfer Tally data into Excel, DBF, SQL-Server, MySQL and Other popular databases. Freeware download of RTS-XQuery Freemium 1.0.3, size 5.15 Mb.

HanDBase for Symbian S60 4.1.5 R1 DDH Software, Inc. 

HanDBase is a light and fast relational database manager for desktops, PDAs, and smartphones which offers data entry, searching, sorting, filtering, printing and synchronization across a wide variety of desktop computers, handheld computing devices and smartphones.. Free download of HanDBase for Symbian S60 4.1.5 R1, size 4.51 Mb.

Qslip 2 10 Qtools Software 

Qslip maintaines customer list to speed data entry: recalls bank numbers on imported deposits, and performs auto-fill of customer name and bank number on user-entered deposits.
-Prints to pre-printed business-size deposit slips (any size that will run through a printer).
-Fully customizable list of deposit slip. Free download of Qslip 2 10, size 1.60 Mb.

PHP MySQL Web Database Application 10.0.3 City Business Logic 

PHP/MySQL Web Database Application Code Generator is a Windows application which automatically creates Ajax enabled, Data-Entry / Enhanced CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Web applications written in PHP, straight out of your MySQL Database in minutes without writing a single line of code.. Free download of PHP MySQL Web Database Application 10.0.3, size 7.97 Mb.

GLSU 4 1 Z Option Inc. 

General Ledger Spreadsheet Uploader (GLSU) allows an organization to streamline its financial data entry functions. GLSU provides a flexible and intuitive spreadsheet interface for collecting and posting transactions to SAP. From simple recurring general journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long, GLSU solves many common SAP data entry. Free download of GLSU 4 1, size 45.88 Mb.

Kofax e-Transactions Kofax 

Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that automates the electronic delivery of documents to a business process via secure email, removing the need for printing, mailing, scanning and data entry. Kofax e-Transactions allows enterprises to eliminate paper as quickly as possible, potentially at its source, and. Free download of Kofax e-Transactions, size 25.11 Mb.

PLUS Glass Quote 1 4 Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

PLUS Glass Quote is an entry level quotation software which helps you to make quotations and invoices for glass windows with just one click of a button. All you have to do is input the Glass Sizes and the Fittings required and with a single click generate quote and other reports. Your schematics generated with PLUS Glass Quote are very simple to. Free download of PLUS Glass Quote 1 4, size 37.82 Mb.

UniArt 1.0 Control Applications Ltd 

UniArt is a PC based Windows platform that offers easy to use monitoring, data logging and controlling SCADA software for DDC/PLC.

It establishes a natural Man Machine Interface between the control staff and the site’s control systems.

This system is especially designed for HVAC systems as well as energy,. Free download of UniArt 1.0, size 20.80 Mb.

ClassiCollect 0.3 

Classicollect is an SQL schema and data entry frontend for cataloguinga classical CD collection. It is written in Python and usesPostgresql for the database backend and gnome-python for userinterface. Currently it runs in the GNOME environment.. Freeware download of ClassiCollect 0.3, size 554.58 Kb.

Eclipse FieldViewer 1.0.0 

Eclipse FieldViewer is a structured viewer component that displays data entry fields for model objects in a user defined, form based layout.. Freeware download of Eclipse FieldViewer 1.0.0, size 65.96 Kb.

MathFrame++ 8 

MathFrame++ allows scientific C++ applications to be easily coded and provides various services to these applications like drawing in 2D/3D, data entry dialogs, clipboard, printing - all this, while not having to deal with windows programming directly.. Freeware download of MathFrame++ 8, size 8.04 Mb.

OmniPHP 0.1.2 

The OmniPHP Framework is a set of OOP libraries to build advanced PHP applications; such as dynamic web forms, CRUD, data entry, reports, enterprise or business applications, and others. Web 2.0, scalability, db abstraction, session management.. Freeware download of OmniPHP 0.1.2, size 605.78 Kb.

TableTag 0.2 

TableTag is JSP tag library intended to build simple data entry pages, like ASP.NET's DataGrid. It has plugable renderers for table, rows and columns, event driven data handling, and data feeding based on java.util.List.. Freeware download of TableTag 0.2, size 5.14 Mb.

trialCODE 08 

Trial Criteria Online Data Entry (trialCODE): a Java-based user interface that codifies eligibility requirements used to automate the screening of potential subjects to clinical trials.. Freeware download of trialCODE 08, size 1.45 Mb.

Xross Tab / QScript 0.21 

XTCC - Xross Tabulation compiler, is a set of tools to assist in Market Research Data Processing QScript: A Data Entry Programming language for Pen and Paper Market Research Studies. Freeware download of Xross Tab / QScript 0.21, size 363.97 Kb.

ProdUI 1.0 

ProdUI is designed to be used when a GUI needs to be manipulated automatically (Prodded), either for testing, or to perform human UI interactions for data entry on systems that don't allow back-end access.
The ProdUI toolset is developed in C#, using the UI Automation API and failing back on Win32 calls if that fails. Every attempt is made. Freeware download of ProdUI 1.0, size 0 b.

Simple Notepad for any Braille Keyboard 1.0 Braillenotepad 

A Notepad interface which will interface with the BrailleKeyboard to enable simple data entry. Special features to send email easily by using special short cuts. It has an added functionality which will enable converion of the typed text to speech

Simple Notepad for any Braille Keyboard 1.0 License - GNU General Public License with. Freeware download of Simple Notepad for any Braille Keyboard 1.0, size 0 b.

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