Daycare Spreadsheet

Basic Home Budget 9.0.5 Bottomline Budget 

We offer a unique Budget spreadsheet for your home budget that offers the look and feel of a contemporary household budget ledger book while implementing the power of the PC to perform lighting fast financial calculations. Personal budgeting that allows for on the fly bill movement to meet real world issues. The straightforwardness of our family. Free download of Basic Home Budget 9.0.5, size 973.86 Kb.


EZChangeLog Reporter 2.0 Encourager Software 

EZChangeLog Reporter - READS ONLY - LANSRAD EZChangeLog PRO data files and creates custom Spreadsheet reports using these features - Project Version History (Change Log), Bug Tracking, ToDo List, Feature Requests, and Ideas. Microsoft Excel required. Saved layouts for Spreadsheets, Queries and Custom Views. Choose only the fields you need,. Free download of EZChangeLog Reporter 2.0, size 7.84 Mb.

Formula Navigator 2.0 Spreadsheet Guys 

Formula Navigator is a clever tool for understanding the linkages within a complex spreadsheet. It is both a spreadsheet productivity enhancer and spreadsheet review tool, useful for anyone working with large and complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis. Formula Navigator allows you to navigate through complex multi-sheet Microsoft. Free download of Formula Navigator 2.0, size 5.76 Mb.

Simple Spreadsheet 1.3 SSS 

A Simple Spreadsheet without the bloat of commercial packages. Public domain. Source code (Delphi) included.. Freeware download of Simple Spreadsheet 1.3, size 1.37 Mb.

Little League Lineup 1.000 Yinzer Productions 

Little League Lineup is a spreadsheet developed to help put together a lineup for a Little League baseball (or softball) game. It visually helps set your players where you need them, and helps to equalize playing time for all your players.. Free download of Little League Lineup 1.000, size 149.50 Kb.

Gnumeric Spreadsheet 1.10.5-20100530 Gnumeric 

The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the GNOME desktop environment: a project to create a free, user friendly desktop environment.The goal of Gnumeric is to be the best possible spreadsheet. We are not attempting to clone existing applications. However, Gnumeric can read files saved with other spreadsheets and we offer a customizable feel that. Freeware download of Gnumeric Spreadsheet 1.10.5-20100530, size 18.41 Mb.

The Pre-School Partner Live 8.0 ON-Q Software, Inc. 

The Pre-School Partner is a complete daycare management system designed specifically for the daily administration of preschool and day care centers. It is characterized by its simple, easy to use and comprehensive user friendly design.

It facilitates the daily functions and management of your center by tracking and instantly making. Free download of The Pre-School Partner Live 8.0, size 21.97 Mb.

GemBox.Spreadsheet Free 11. 1. 1935 GemBox 

GemBox.Spreadsheet is a .NET component that enables developers to read, write and convert spreadsheet files (XLSX, XLS, CSV, ODS or HTML) from their .NET applications using one simple API. GemBox.Spreadsheet requires only .NET Framework and is many times faster than Microsoft Excel automation.. Freeware download of GemBox.Spreadsheet Free 11. 1. 1935, size 3.17 Mb.

Day Care Manager 1. 7. 2005 Pinnacle Software Systems 

Daycare Software offering an affordable solution for the In-Home Daycare as well as Daycare Centers.

Why pay up to $2,000 for daycare manager software when our product may suit your needs for only

Download a fully functional copy of Daycare Manager for a free 45 day evaluation. If it suits your needs all you. Free download of Day Care Manager 1. 7. 2005, size 6.61 Mb.

FamilySearcher 2 2 Kevin Owen 

FamilySearcher is a windows program that can read a GEDCOM file and display a list of all names contained in the file in a spreadsheet format.

Using a simple point-and-click it is possible to search the Internet IGI (International Genealogical Index) and the other resources at the LDS FamilySearch web site for any matching entries.

Football Squares Spreadsheet 5.0 Pool Spreadsheets 

Football Squares Spreadsheet can save you a lot of time because it is a customized, automated spreadsheet. Here are some ways that this spreadsheet is the perfect solution to quickly and easily run your pool:
-Enter pool participants and number of squares each participant wants. As people enter your pool, this spreadsheet will keep track of. Free download of Football Squares Spreadsheet 5.0, size 11.45 Mb.

'bob' the Child Care Manager 2011.1 Focus Technology Solutions Inc. 

'bob' the Child Care Manager is international and meets most, if not all, requirements of most clients we are a Canadian Daycare Software developer focused on the Canadian Child Care Software industry. Found that many of the client requirements of Canadian Daycare Software businesses generally meet those of other countries.Whatever you. Free download of 'bob' the Child Care Manager 2011.1, size 74.97 Mb.

SignIn Module PRO 2004 4.0 SDS Software Solutions 

The SignIn Module PRO 2004 provides your daycare center with the ability to record, and track the times that each employee, and child are at your daycare. Basically it is an enhanced time clock.

This version of the SignIn Module software is the 4th generation, and the majority of the enhancements and changes to the software are a. Free download of SignIn Module PRO 2004 4.0, size 9.06 Mb.

Generic Spreadsheet Charts 11 5 Opera widgets 

This widget is a generic spreadsheet parser using Opera's graph library. It comes with presets for CSV, TSV, ACII art table. The user can create and save his/her own presets by typing the value and lines separators.
Features :
- fixed the 'Open current chart in a browser tab' feature.
- added window.resizeTo() to be. Freeware download of Generic Spreadsheet Charts 11 5, size 923.65 Kb.

QCTool 2 2 PetRos Eikon Inc. 

Memory connected spreadsheet, plotter and 2D grid-style display: spreadsheet functionality and information display is critical when working with data but multi-dimensional relationships are also important. The plotter provides the ability to plot one channel (function) versus any other in the file or versus record number but the application allows. Free download of QCTool 2 2, size 50.75 Mb.

Multiple File Import / Export Utility 2 1 sam308 

Multiple File Import / Export Utility is an new and useful software that can imports data from a single file or all files within a directory and exports each row of data within a spreadsheet to individual files.

A powerful software that you can get it at a low price on your computers. Multiple File Import / Export Utility is a powerful. Free download of Multiple File Import / Export Utility 2 1, size 78.20 Mb.

PerpetualBudget 5.0.0163 Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. 

PerpetualBudget is a spreadsheet networking Windows application designed to create, and manage the updating process of any working Excel spreadsheet used for budgeting or forecasting. PerpetualBudget works with your existing budgeting software (or forecasting software) to extend the collaborative process of updating the master file spreadsheets.. Free download of PerpetualBudget 5.0.0163, size 0 b.

Expense Sheet Manager 3 1 Microsheet Systems 

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program that creates professional and complete business/travel expense reports. It's ideal for small or home-based businesses as a recordof expenses for reimbursement, accounting, or tax purposes. The colorful, easy-to-complete spreadsheet lets you enter major expense items daily for each week or each month. It. Free download of Expense Sheet Manager 3 1, size 955.39 Kb.

Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel 2 3 Jabsoft 

Whether you need to check your models or understand the structure and problems of models developed by others, Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel features a set of tools that will allow you to identify, analyze and correct errors in a simple, easy manner – just in seconds – probably saving you millions of Dollars, or your lifetime. Free download of Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel 2 3, size 0 b.

ExcelReport LJZsoft 

ExcelReport is a report generator for Microsoft Excel that uses Microsoft Excel as reporting tool and outputs reports in Excel spreadsheet, HTML, XML, Lotus 1-2-3 or other format. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel and write SQL statements, you can use ExcelReport to create all kinds of reports as you need.
ExcelReport can read an Excel. Free download of ExcelReport, size 1.48 Mb.