Desktop Calendar Gadget Freeware

Desktop Calendar DesktopCal, Inc. 

Desktop Calendar is a cool calendar placed on your windows desktop. It will helps you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more.... Freeware download of Desktop Calendar, size 2.68 Mb.


Car Art Desktop Calendar CAR ART, INC. 

Award-winning desktop calendar for car lovers - with no expiration date! This stylish drop-down calendar fills any size monitor with superb automotive art, and links to the artists' galleries. Enjoy ten classic cars: Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Delahaye, Duesenberg - and two beautiful ladies! Easy-to-use. Freeware download of Car Art Desktop Calendar, size 8.71 Mb.

Calendar Gadget 0.1 Blue Onion Software 

Calendar Gadget is a simple application for your desktop that displays a calendar. The calendar can be moved across the screen, but you cannot customize its size, which is pretty big, nor minimize it to the tray. It allows you to add appointments, selecting a title, category, start date and time, duration, description, and you can even add. Freeware download of Calendar Gadget 0.1, size 715.78 Kb.

PresbyCal Desktop Calendar 1. 1. 2008 Ten Mile Software 

PresbyCal Desktop Calendar is a full-featured calendar and event scheduling application based on the liturgical seasons of the Christian church year. It includes an onscreen calendar that integrates into your desktop wallpaper for easy viewing of your daily appointments, and a scheduler for scheduling events and appointments. The scheduler shows. Freeware download of PresbyCal Desktop Calendar 1. 1. 2008, size 11.56 Mb.

Sikh Desktop Calendar 1.0 Nanakshahi Trust, SAS Nagar, Panjab 

Sikh Desktop Calendar The calendar was issued with the hope that it would fulfill the Sikh community's need for an independent, Gurmat-based calendar. Despite minute levels of appreciation, however, the calendar failed to achieve its intended objective. Currently, the calendar lacks popularity because the majority of Sikhs find it difficult. Freeware download of Sikh Desktop Calendar 1.0, size 68.22 Mb.

k5n Desktop Calendar 0.9.7 

The k5n Desktop Calendar (k5nCal) is a Java-based calendar application that leverages existing standards (iCalendar, WebDAV) to create an open source cross-platform multi-user desktop calendar application.. Freeware download of k5n Desktop Calendar 0.9.7, size 1.27 Mb.

HyperCalendar Free 3.32 

Welcome to HyperCalendar!
- The powerful Personal Information Manager.

It combines a transparent desktop calendar, a multimedia reminder, an analog clock, an encrypted rich text diary and a sound recorder.

Main features:

A transparent calendar, analog clock and reminder. It can stay on. Freeware download of HyperCalendar Free 3.32, size 1.57 Mb.

Interactive Calendar 1.3 CSoftLab 

These days, being efficient means being organized - that is, able to efficiently plan available time, not miss appointments, relocate without losing much time and so forth. All of this requires keeping countless events in your memory and making sure none of them are conflicting or using specialized software that will do all the hard work for you.. Freeware download of Interactive Calendar 1.3, size 11.46 Mb.

Desktop iCalendar Lite Desksware 

Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop. It allows subscribing public Google Calendar, such as holidays, election or NBA. It is full customizable. A build in skin editor makes it easy to set the skin by your own taste. Desktop iCalendar is full compatible with. Freeware download of Desktop iCalendar Lite, size 1.47 Mb.

Cozi Family Calendar 1.0.3716.18874 Cozi 

The Cozi Family Calendar gadget allows you to view your Cozi calendar, see upcoming appointments color-coded by family member, and quickly add new ones.. Freeware download of Cozi Family Calendar 1.0.3716.18874, size 73.40 Kb.

gMigrate 1.0 CompanionLink Software, Inc 

Want to use Google Calendar but are afraid to lose your Outlook or Lotus Notes data.

gMigrate automatically moves your appointments, reminders and notes from your Desktop Calendar to Your Google Calendar account. All this in one step.. Freeware download of gMigrate 1.0, size 9.01 Mb.

Koala Calendar Project 1.0 Koalacalendar 

Koala Calendar is a complete Calendar platform for use both by end-users wishing to use a cross-platform, multi-user desktop calendar for personal or group scheduling and by developers wishing to use the platform APIs in other applications.

Koala Calendar Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Koala Calendar Project 1.0, size 0 b.

k5nCal 0.9.7 cknudsen 

The k5n Desktop Calendar (k5nCal, for short) is a Java-based calendar application for your desktop. It shares features with applications like Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook, but it's open source (free) and cross-platform (Mac, Linux, Windows).

The application is built upon Java Calendar Tools (also developed by, and all data is. Freeware download of k5nCal 0.9.7, size 1.05 Mb.

Expense Calendar Free 1.0 Neal Goldstein 

Expense Calendar makes it fast and easy to note expenses as they are happening, and is the first app that will add them as events to your calendar (which can then be synched with your desktop calendar). Expense Calendar automatically fills in the date, time, and location of an expense. All you have to do is add what it is for and the amount - and. Freeware download of Expense Calendar Free 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Calendar M8 Buckinghamshire Software LTD 

Desktop Calendar for your Windows Phone, simple, clean and clear.. Freeware download of Calendar M8, size 1.05 Mb.

Delivery Scheduler 1.0 Delsched 

Create a graphical desktop application that uses a desktop calendar for creating delivery schedules within a workgroup or organization. Real time updating as well as printing and exporting of schedules. With web publishing capabilities.

Delivery Scheduler 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Delivery Scheduler 1.0, size 0 b.

Effective WriteCalendar 5.0 Effective Aspects 

You can manage your home life and appointments via an editable calendar.
If you have ever tried to keep a clean and neat desktop calendar only to change plans, then you will notice your calendar not looking so neat and clean after a while. Well this calendar acts just like a desktop calendar with the helpful extra touch of being cleaned. It's. Freeware download of Effective WriteCalendar 5.0, size 2.90 Mb.

VueMinder Lite 9.0.0 VueSoft LLC 

VueMinder Lite is a FREE calendar and reminder program. If you're looking for the perfect offline PC-based companion to Google Calendar, you've found it in VueMinder, which supports automatic synchronization with Google Calendar and can show your schedule regardless of whether you happen to be online or offline. Data is also backed up. Freeware download of VueMinder Lite 9.0.0, size 11.98 Mb.

webd jquery event calendar planner 1 2 

wdCalendar is a javascript event calendar. Simply to say, this jquery plugin is google calendar clone, which is similar to desktop calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook or iCal on Mac OS X. It’s easy for users to view, add, and drag-and-drop events from one date to another. It supports view modes such as daily, weekly, monthly. It. Freeware download of webd jquery event calendar planner 1 2, size 119.81 Kb.

SI Swimsuit Calendar MercurySports Network 

SI Swimsuit Calendar is a desktop calendar for your PC, with SI Swimsuit models.

This program is ad sponsored by Honda, so you will see an ad of the Honda Civic car every time you run the program.

You can customize the calendar, choosing a different model for each month of the year. You can choose to display photos. Freeware download of SI Swimsuit Calendar, size 18.69 Mb.