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Kournikova Search 1.1 Pop Singers 

No more need to type 'anna kournikova' in search input of web-search systems like google and yahoo, just type what you want find about anna kournikova in this utility and click 'search' and you will got everything you want! Type 'photo' for example, and click 'search' and you will get large list of web-sites with britney spears photos! Its very. Freeware download of Kournikova Search 1.1, size 210.24 Mb.


Anna's Ice Cream 7. 3. 2019 Oberon Media 

Anna’s Ice Cream is an arcade game in which, naturally, Anna is the protagonist. This young lady is about to inherit her uncle’s ice cream island, an ice cream paradise. Her uncle is getting old and tired and is thinking about retiring, but he wouldn’t like to sell his island to some unknown reach. So he had thought. Free download of Anna's Ice Cream 7. 3. 2019, size 0 b.

Aquarius DIS PDU Suite 1.0.0 aquariusdispdu.sourceforge.net 

The Aquarius DIS PDU Suite is a collection of simple tools supporting the Distributed Interactive Simulation protocol used by the modeling and simulation industry. The suite provides the capability to easily heartbeart, record and playback DIS PDUs.. Freeware download of Aquarius DIS PDU Suite 1.0.0, size 186.95 Kb.

arm-dis 1.0 Arm-dis 

Arm-dis is a simple disassembler for BFLT(flat format arm elf format running under unclinux). It can be used to watch the header of the file,watch and modify the asm-code.

arm-dis 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of arm-dis 1.0, size 0 b.

Dis# - .NET decompiler 2.2 NETdecompiler.com 

The typical problem with decompilation is the absence of full source information in the executable file. Dis# is a .NET decompiler which allows you to edit local variables and other names and keep the changes in a project file. The decompiled code is similar to the original source. A trial version is available. . Free download of Dis# - .NET decompiler 2.2, size 716.80 Kb.

Annas Ice Cream 1.03 GameOn 

Help Anna show her kind uncle that he doesn't need to sell his life's dream - Ice Cream Island - to his cruel competitors when he retires. Run an ice cream paradise on a beautiful tropical island with six ice cream bars located in different amusement areas and challenge your entrepreneurial skills in this fun and fast paced game Make delicious ice. Free download of Annas Ice Cream 1.03, size 23.61 Mb.

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest 32.0 Silverback Productions 

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret is a hidden-object game in which you must help Anna, who has awaken in a strange underwater world, recover her identity and discover the mystery of the Dark Empress. Throughout the game you will visit many scenes looking for clues and playing hidden-object games. In every new scene you visit, use your mouse. Free download of Empress of the Deep: The Darkest 32.0, size 0 b.

Farm Mania - Hot Vacation Realore 

Anna, Bob, Grandma and Grandpa are coming back again!This time while being on vacation they decided to take part in the Best Farmer competition. Help them to prove everyone that they are the best! Travel all over the hot countries together with our heroes, visit Australia, Egypt and China.. Freeware download of Farm Mania - Hot Vacation, size 2.07 Mb.

Hide and Secret - Cliffhanger Castle Zylom Games 

Join Will and Anna for another thrilling hidden object adventure in Hide & Secret - Cliffhanger Castle Deluxe, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Hide & Secret Deluxe.

Scour the globe for hidden objects on an exciting quest to collect the pieces of King Arthur's armor before times out.

Play the game. Free download of Hide and Secret - Cliffhanger Castle, size 1.26 Mb.

Curse of the Pharoah - Tears of 1.0 Phoenix New Media 

Join Anna and the Professor as they travel the world in a race to find the seven Tears of Sekhmet! Anna has made her way to the heart of a hidden temple to find the source of Napolean`s downfall. After collecting crucial artifacts to end Nefertiti`s curse, she must now protect them from her stepbrother, who would love to use the power for evil!. Free download of Curse of the Pharoah - Tears of 1.0, size 20.89 Mb.

Picture Identification 1.0 Parrot Software 

A real-life picture is dis- played on the screen. A list of three possible names is pre- sented. The user must select the word that best describes the picture. The program includes 50 pictures and client progress is tracked and available for retrieval in report form.

Performance records for each individual using the program are. Free download of Picture Identification 1.0, size 72.66 Mb.

Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Domini Games 

Help Anna follow an ancient map and conquer the obstacles in her way to find the lost treasures of ancient Atlantis! As a young and ambitious archaeologist, Anna discovers a fragment of a mysterious map leading to the underwater kingdom. Dive into Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventions, and scour awesome Hidden Object scenes to discover secrets. Free download of Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient, size 126.88 Mb.

Farm Mania-Hot Vacation 1.0 Realore 

Anna, Bob, Grandma and Grandpa are coming back again! This time while being on vacation they decided to take part in the Best Farmer competition. Help them to prove everyone that they are the best! Travel all over the hot countries together with heroes, visit Australia, Egypt and China. Set out on a world tour together with Anna and her family in. Free download of Farm Mania-Hot Vacation 1.0, size 77.31 Mb.

Farm Mania 2 1.0 MyPlayBus.com 

Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Do you want to take up farming? Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories all await you in Farm Mania 2! Help Anna and her husband, Farmer Bob make all their dreams come true! Prove you are the best farmer in the neighborhood.. Freeware download of Farm Mania 2 1.0, size 69.67 Mb.

ComingNext 1.36 comingnext.sf.net 

ComingNext is a calendar homescreen widget for the Symbian S60v5, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle smartphones. It sports a triple panel mode where each panel can display 4 upcoming events directly on your homescreen. The widget can easily be customized to your needs.. Freeware download of ComingNext 1.36, size 408.75 Kb.

DISMap 0.04 dismap.sourceforge.net 

An application that will display DIS entities on a map.. Freeware download of DISMap 0.04, size 5.61 Mb.

Dice Roller Pro 2.2 dicerollerpro.sourceforge.net 

I wanted to make my own RPG dice roller, i know there are lots of programs out there that do dis, but HEY! i did this myself and i have just started learning C at the university.. Freeware download of Dice Roller Pro 2.2, size 122.37 Kb.

The Acheron Limbo Compiler 2.0.1 acheron-l.sourceforge.net 

This is a port of the Dis virtual machine system to POSIX-compatible operating systems, based on the original Inferno sources, including a Limbo compiler. The port is intended to make the virtual machine and runtime environment more general and easily ex. Freeware download of The Acheron Limbo Compiler 2.0.1, size 528.19 Kb.

gfarceGestionFac 1.0 Gfarcegestionfa 

Projet universitaire pour l'annA©e de master 1 informatique 2010-2011.
Temps limitA© 5 semaines A temps partiel

Gestion des candidatures A des formations organisA©es par l'universitA©

gfarceGestionFac 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of gfarceGestionFac 1.0, size 0 b.

UnityDIS 1.0 Unitydis 

Coming Soon - An open source implementation of DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) written for the Unity3D game engine.

Estimated Release date Q2 2013 for 1278.1(DIS 5).

DIS 5 - IEEE 1278.1 - First Release

UnityDIS 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of UnityDIS 1.0, size 0 b.