Dms Backbone

BonDMobile Gen.ius GmbH 

Direktannahme fur Volkswagen und Audipuartmner. Kommuniziert mit dem Dealermanagementsystem.

Damit die App funktioniert ist ein kostenpflichtiger Kommunikationsserver erforderlich.

Kommuniziert uber DMS-Backbone mit der Handlersystem.. Freeware download of BonDMobile, size 1.05 Mb.


Doxplore Classic - DMS 2.2 Noveline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Doxplore Classic - DMS is a lighter version of the Doxplore document organizer which allows you to easily find your files. The program is designed to create a clear document structure and apply classification methods that facilitate the document retrieval.

In order to locate files you need to attach a set of properties and values to each. Free download of Doxplore Classic - DMS 2.2, size 0 b.

BACKBONE Annotator 3.8 Backbone Spain 

The BACKBONE Annotator tool is specially built in order to allow teachers and researchers to annotate text with information which goes beyond its boundaries.

The tag set used can be easily customized according to the specific needs of the user. This feature turns BACKBONE Annotator into an extremely generic tool since literally any kind. Free download of BACKBONE Annotator 3.8, size 0 b.

USB Monitor (DMS) HHD Software 

USB Monitor (DMS) monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis with data acquisition and control. You can use this USB aquisition system as connection testing and diagnostic tool, modem data transfer viewer, packet analyser, interface tester and so on.

USB. Free download of USB Monitor (DMS), size 0 b.

Backbone Software NT Services 1.2.1 Backbone Software 

The Backbone Software NT Services is a web based tool for Microsoft windows server administrators that need to monitor, access and edit windows services from remote locations using a pc, pda or a smartphone.With it's simple-to-use interface, administrators can easily browse their way through workgroups and computers to get an overview of the. Free download of Backbone Software NT Services 1.2.1, size 446.46 Kb.

Backbone Software NT Services for PDA 1.1 

The Backbone Software NT Services is a web based tool for Microsoft windows server administrators that need to monitor, access and edit windows services from remote locations.With it's simple to use PDA interface administrators can easily browse their way through workgroups and computers to get an overview of the currently running, stopped and. Free download of Backbone Software NT Services for PDA 1.1, size 0 b.

DMS To GCal 1.0 Toothsoft 

Take your dental management software calendar out of the office. DMS To GCal allows you to view your DMS/PMS schedule on your
iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, Outlook Calendar, and Google Calendar. Stay up-to-date with autosyncing your calendar with a Google Calendar account.
-DMS To GCal integrates with Dentrix and Abeldent.

Falcon/DMS Workstation 6 5 tsaADVET 

Falcon/DMS offers a comprehensive and flexible solution to any document management challenge—easy to implement, configure, and use.

No matter your industry, Falcon offers a complete solution for wide and local area network, as well as Web-based document management efforts. Whether the focus is general document, CADD,. Freeware download of Falcon/DMS Workstation 6 5, size 1.41 Mb.

DMS Agent 3 1 Swift Water Software 

DMS is the latest in computer management applications from Swift Water Software. DMS makes executing commands and gathering information on many computers a trivial task that only takes minutes.

You may use DMS to manage up to 25 devices with a single DMS server for free. Additional Licenses may be purchased from Swift Water Software.. Free download of DMS Agent 3 1, size 13.84 Mb.


DMS-Shuttle is a Content Migration Tool for SharePoint. Intuitive user Interface allows to transfer folder structures between SharePoint Online / Office 365, 2010 / 2013 and File Shares by using drag-n-drop or copy-paste shortcuts.
Bulk Operations for check-in or update document properties save user a lot of time. The Tool supports also. Free download of DMS-Shuttle, size 3.84 Mb.

BanPro-DMS 1.0 

The BanPro DMS is a solution for any Internet or Intranet site which requires a rich-text environment for the creation and sharing of documents.Perfect for anyone who wants to run a blog, journal or other rich-text document pages on their network.. Freeware download of BanPro-DMS 1.0, size 15.74 Kb.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management - DMS 3.4.2 

bitfarm-Archiv is a powerful Document Management (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Knowledge Management System (KMS) with Workflow Components. Features: Scanning, OCR, Full text search, Email archiving. See Freeware download of bitfarm-Archiv Document Management - DMS 3.4.2, size 171.36 Mb.

Kapok Backbone 1.0 

The Kapok backbone creates a binary file that can be executed in bothwindows, dos and x86-elf based versions of unix (currently linux,but it should be very easy to extend this), and using a datafile, itcan execute a binary, relative to which system. Freeware download of Kapok Backbone 1.0, size 188.11 Kb.

OpenKM Document Management - DMS 1.0 

OpenKM is powerful scalable Document Management System (DMS). OpenKM uses Jboss + J2EE + Ajax web (GWT) + Jackrabbit (lucene) Open Source technologies. For product information and support please see our website at Freeware download of OpenKM Document Management - DMS 1.0, size 192.85 Mb.

Ufnasoft-DMS 10 

Ufnasoft Document Management System (Ufnasoft-DMS), Java Document Management System developed in Java Swing, Servlets, Tomcat, and MySQL. The features are Document History, Version Control, User group based permission, Project Level Permission, Docum. Freeware download of Ufnasoft-DMS 10, size 1.17 Mb.

xinco - Document Management System, DMS 3 

xinco [eXtensibe INformation COre] is a powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) for files, text, URLs and contacts, featuring ACLs, versioning, full text search, an FTP-like client (easy install, J2EE+MySQL/PostgreSQL). Freeware download of xinco - Document Management System, DMS 3, size 57.82 Mb.

DMS Barcode Label Generator 1.0 Dmsbarcodegener 

DMS Bar-code Generator is Total Free software for Everyone that creates 39 based bar-codes in A4 sheets. This software generates 2 Sized Labels Large:38x17mm and small:18x12mm User can select either sized on combo-box. Project Developed by C#.NET 1.1 and near future I wish to Submit the source for Community. Please install .NET framework 1.1 before. Freeware download of DMS Barcode Label Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

iFap DMS 6.0 Infygen USA 

iFap DMS is an easy to use document and finance management software that helps personal and small business users to manage their documents, information and financial status. iFap DMS is the productive and cost effective way to scan, organize, find and share all type of documents whether pdf, doc, images, videos etc. While managing the documents at. Free download of iFap DMS 6.0, size 183.70 Mb.

tifftagslister 1.0 AB Software 

Retrieve tif tags from tiff files for DMS. Support for adding custom tags to be retrieved from tiff files. The result will be exported to a scv file to be used within other files or a DMS.. Free download of tifftagslister 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

DMS Umzug & Logistik Tobit.Software 

Jetzt gibt es DMS als offizielle App fur's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, klingelt's auf dem Smartphone. Und weil ein Smartphone eben auch ein Telefon ist, lasst sich per Knopfdruck gleich eine Verbindung herstellen. Die DMS-App sorgt immer fur. Freeware download of DMS Umzug & Logistik, size 4.19 Mb.