Dns Charger

Simple DNS Plus 4 JH Software 

The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003Thanks to DNS servers we surf the Internet using names such as "www.simpledns.com" instead of impossible to remember IP addresses.DNS servers translate these domain names into machine readable IP-addresses needed to locate the requested web-server on the Internet.With Simple. Free download of Simple DNS Plus 4, size 7.65 Mb.


DNS Watcher 1.2 SB-Software 

DNS Watcher is a program designed to monitor and query DNS servers. DNS Watcher is mainly intended for use by webmasters and website operators to keep watch on their DNS entries and make sure the name servers are responding correctly. DNS Watcher allows you to enter a list of server names and host names, and DNS Watcher will query those servers. Free download of DNS Watcher 1.2, size 651.26 Kb.

PageFix DNS error fix 2.0 Fix DNS errors 

PageFix DNS error fix software fixes websites that display the 'The page cannot be displayed' 'Cannot find server or DNS Error' in Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are able to visit certain web pages on your laptop or on another computer but not on the one you're using now then PageFix may be able to fix the problem for you. PageFix works with. Free download of PageFix DNS error fix 2.0, size 1.46 Mb.

Dns Monitor 1.0 TallSoft 

Dns Monitor is a powerful graphic network monitor tool. It is able to monitor simultaneously the working states of thousands of dns servers ,send messages when states of these dns servers change and take necessary steps to deal with troubles.

Dns Monitor is very useful for network administrators, server administrators, webmasters . It. Free download of Dns Monitor 1.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Interactive DNS Query 1.2 SB-Software 

Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix 'dig' or 'nslookup' commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Interactive DNS Query allows you to query for all types of DNS records, including A, MX, TXT, NS, etc.. Freeware download of Interactive DNS Query 1.2, size 534.53 Kb.

Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM 1. 1. 2004 JH Software 

What makes Simple DNS Plus "simple" is its user interface and automation features. All options and settings are available directly from the intuitive Windows user interface. It provides wizards for common tasks such as setting up new zones, importing data, making bulk updates, etc.

You never need to mess with cryptic. Free download of Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM 1. 1. 2004, size 3.53 Mb.

Acrylic DNS Proxy 0.9.19 mayakron 

Acrylic is a local DNS proxy which improves the performance of your computer by caching the responses coming from your DNS servers.
When you browse a Web page a portion of the loading time is dedicated to name resolution (usually from a few milliseconds to 1 second or even more) while the rest is dedicated to the transfer of the page contents. Freeware download of Acrylic DNS Proxy 0.9.19, size 408.58 Kb.

DNS Benchmark 1.2.3925.0 Steve Gibson 

DNS Benchmark is a unique, comprehensive and accurate application to determine the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers. This DNS Benchmark will give you visibility into what's going on with your system's currently assigned DNS servers by automatically comparing their performance with many well known publicly available. Freeware download of DNS Benchmark 1.2.3925.0, size 167.94 Kb.

Java DNS Component LavanTech 

Java DNS Component provides DNS Record lookup for A, A6, AAAA, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, TXT and WKS type records. Along with DNSLookup class, a SimpleDNSLookup class is provided for simple use.

Get Java DNS Component and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you! for WindowsAll

. Free download of Java DNS Component, size 0 b.

DNS Blacklist Editor 1.0 Build 4 JH Software 

DNS Blacklist Editor is a lightweight tool designed to create a list of blacklisted DNS addresses by using IP range parameters. You can define a DNS by specifying the exact IP address or by entering an IP range.

The user can also include a subnet in the black list and manage multiple entries by joining the similar values. It is a good. Free download of DNS Blacklist Editor 1.0 Build 4, size 0 b.

Public DNS Server Tool 0.91 TrishTech.com 

Public DNS Server Tool is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to help you change the DNS servers for your network interface card.

It comes with preset pairs of DNS servers that you can choose from, but you can change the DNS servers manually if you want to. A system restart might be required for the changes to take. Free download of Public DNS Server Tool 0.91, size 0 b.

FCC DNS Grade 0.9.7 Olafur Gudmundsson 

Small and simple, FCC DNS Grade is a tool that can be used to classify the DNS service level from Resolver.

FCC DNS Grade is a cross-platform instrument that's been designed in the Java programming language, and can be very useful if you need to evaluate a Resolver's DNS service level.

. Freeware download of FCC DNS Grade 0.9.7, size 0 b.

F-Secure DNS Check New F-Secure Corporation 

F-Secure DNS Check is a very lightweight application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of restoring your computer's Domain Name System (DNS) configuration in case it was altered.

If F-Secure DNS Check detects any modifications, it will reset the settings to OpenDNS, DHCP or Google DNS.

. Free download of F-Secure DNS Check New, size 0 b.

Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector New BitDefender LLC 

Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector is a dedicated tool that scans your computer looking for damage caused by the DNS-Changer trojan.

Unlike typical antivirus solutions that can detect and remove the malware, this application can also fix DNS settings so as to reconnect the infected PC to the Internet.

. Free download of Bitdefender DNS Changer Detector New, size 0 b.

Portable DNS Cache 1.08 Verigio Communications 

Portable DNS Cache is a simple application that allows you to record the DNS cache and save it to a file for later use.

With this utility, you can view the communication channels between a computer and the DNS server, by monitoring requests and responses. It differentiates requests resolved locally from requests resolved via DNS servers,. Free download of Portable DNS Cache 1.08, size 0 b.

DNS Cache Tool for Forefront TMG 7.0.7734.100 Microsoft 

The DNS Cache Tool for Forefront TMG can be run on a computer with Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway installed. The DNS Cache Tool can display the contents of the Domain Name System (DNS) cache and can delete entries in the DNS cache.

Get DNS Cache Tool for Forefront TMG and try it for yourself to see what it can actually do. Free download of DNS Cache Tool for Forefront TMG 7.0.7734.100, size 0 b.

ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable Eric Arnol-Martin 

ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client is a lightweight application that allows you to scan for IP address changes.

It allows you to use dynamic DNS with your local BIND DNS installation. ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client has a clean, simple GUI with few options but lots of functionality.

Specify the scanning interval for retrieving your IP in. Free download of ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable, size 0 b.

Eagle DNS 1.1.2 Unlogic 

Eagle DNS a handy, multithreaded, authorative DNS server written in the Java programming language. It is based on the very reliable and proven dnsjava API and it supports both primary zones and secondary zones using secured AXFR transfers.

. Free download of Eagle DNS 1.1.2, size 0 b.

Windows Server DNS Management Pack 6.0.7000.0 Microsoft 

The Windows Server Domain Name System (DNS) Management Pack monitors DNS health, availability, configuration, security, and zone-transfer issues on DNS servers running the Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

The Windows Server DNS Management Pack also collects performance data that you can use for capacity. Free download of Windows Server DNS Management Pack 6.0.7000.0, size 0 b.

ASUS Ai Charger 2.0 ASUS 

With the exclusive ASUS Ai Charger, all of your motherboards, and desktops become universal chargers for your iPod, iPhone and now, the new iPad. Ai Charger turns any PC into a flexible power-up station for popular Apple devices through a simple USB connector, extending their usability and benefit in every lifestyle. Charging goes up to 50% faster. Free download of ASUS Ai Charger 2.0, size 1.96 Mb.