Dns Speeder

NxFilter 1.1.4 Jinhee Lee 

NxFilter is a DNS filtering software controlling user activity on Internet. You can monitor Internet usage in your network and block user request for websites with NxFilter.

* Active Directory integration
* Unlimited custom categories
* User or Group based policy assignment
* Embedded webserver and. Free download of NxFilter 1.1.4, size 9.02 Mb.


DNSQuerySniffer 1.00 Nir Sofer 

DNSQuerySniffer will basically monitor all the DNS queries sent on one's computer. The application displays a wide range of details for each query, such as the host name, request type, response time and code, duration and the number of records.

Additionally, a report can be saved to a TXT or HTML file, so that users can analyze it at a. Free download of DNSQuerySniffer 1.00, size 0 b.

PyQueryDNS 1.0 LGCoft 

PyQueryDNS is an easy to use application designed to provide you with a simple DNS client that can run queries and save the result for later use.

There are multiple criteria to run queries by. Address, server name, mail exchanger, alias, text, localization, pointer, services, host IPv6, to name some. The generated content can be saved in. Freeware download of PyQueryDNS 1.0, size 0 b.

DNS2SOCKS 1.4 ghostmaker 

This is a command line utility to resolve DNS requests via a SOCKS tunnel like Tor.


Provides anonymous DNS for any Windows application in combination with Tor
This way you can force Opera or Internet Explorer (examples) to use Tor for all communication
New V1.3 can also be compiled and used on Linux. Freeware download of DNS2SOCKS 1.4, size 0 b.

DeeEnEs 2.3.30 Antonio D+aTsaz-Ca+aT-abate 

This program is for those people who have an account at one of the website that provide dynamically updateable DNS entries for people who don't have a fixed IP address but still would like to have a host name where they can be reached. An example of one of those sites is dyndns.org where you could register myname.dyndns.org if that one was still. Free download of DeeEnEs 2.3.30, size 0 b.

Free PacketTrap DNS Audit 2.3.11 PacketTrap Networks, Inc. 

FREE PacketTrap (http://www.PacketTrap.com) DNS Audit is a free utility that matches one or more IP addresses to their corresponding DNS names. The tool does forward lookups on the DNS name so you can ensure that the forward and reverse lookups match. The tool also displays NetBIOS, local host and lmhost file values for each IP. DNS Audit is part. Free download of Free PacketTrap DNS Audit 2.3.11, size 9.99 Mb.

Personal advanced DNSmasq server 0.2 Alpha Branimir Zivkovic 

Personal advanced DNSmasq server is a command line utility that allows you to run a DNS server. All you need to do is fill the hosts.txt file and run the application.

The application is designed for personal and SOHO use and features wildcard support, external resolving and caching.

. Free download of Personal advanced DNSmasq server 0.2 Alpha, size 0 b.

JDNSS 1.6.0 DrB80 

JDNSS is a handy and reliable DNS server designed to act like a "leaf" server and currently supports A, MS, NS, CNAME, PTR, SOA, TXT, and AAAA lookups via UDP and TCP.

It reads zone files listed on the command line. It was written to be both more portable and more secure due to its implementation in Java.

. Freeware download of JDNSS 1.6.0, size 0 b.

MaraDNS 2.0.05 Sam Trenholme 

MaraDNS was specially designed as a package that manages to implement the Domain Name Service (DNS).

Users like MaraDNS because it's small, lightweight, easy to set up, cross-platform, and remarkably secure.

. Freeware download of MaraDNS 2.0.05, size 0 b.

DNS Bind Editor 2.1 DnsBindEditor.com 

DNS Bind Editor is a powerful and reliable configuration editor for DNS Bind. DNS Bind Editor makes the job of managing your DNS Configuration using ISC Bind a doddle.

ISC Bind is powerful and flexible but comes with a trade-off: it can be difficult to manage named and zone files. DNS Bind Editor makes the job of managing your *ISC Bind. Free download of DNS Bind Editor 2.1, size 43.73 Mb.

DNS Jumper 1.0.4 Sordum 

if you want to change your DNS settings with one click , Dns Jumper is the best solution for you .its freeware and portable (no installation needed

Because of the fact that Google recently released its new Google Public DNS service to speed up browsing experience and fix DNS issues, DNS Jumper will help you in easily switch to Google. Freeware download of DNS Jumper 1.0.4, size 471.86 Kb.

D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 Setup Wizard D-Link Systems Inc 

D-Link's DNS-320 2-Bay Network Storage device allows you to back up and share your digital files over the network without breaking the bank. Enjoy the flexibility of using your own SATA disk drives.

The D-LinkdlT« ShareCenterdlT« 2-Bay Network Storage device with USB printer support is the perfect way to store, safeguard, and share. Freeware download of D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 Setup Wizard, size 80.77 Mb.

D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325 Setup Wizard 1.00 D-Link Systems Inc 

D-Link's DNS-325 2-Bay Network Storage device allows you to back up, share and stream your digital files, photos, music and videos over the network. Enjoy the flexibility of using your own SATA disk drives.

The D-LinkdlT« ShareCenterdlT« 2-Bay Network Storage device with USB printer support is the perfect way to store, safeguard, and. Free download of D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325 Setup Wizard 1.00, size 130.43 Mb.

Python DNS Library 3.0.1 Beta Anthony Baxter 

Python DNS Library is as the name says a Python DNS library to help you with your development.

DNS, also know as Domain Name System is a hierarchical naming system built on a distributed database for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network.. Free download of Python DNS Library 3.0.1 Beta, size 29.36 Kb.

ZoneEditDynUpdater 1.0 8Mail.de 

ZoneEditDynUpdater is a dynamic DNS updater that works with your ZoneEdit accounts. This application lets you synchronize your domain/s name with your current Internet IP allowing you to run Web Servers or FTP Servers directly from your PC.
Username Field - This is your zoneedit.com username. Password Field - This is your zoneedit.com. Free download of ZoneEditDynUpdater 1.0, size 4.86 Mb.

Smart DNS 1.0.1 Overplay.net 

Native iOS locale switcher and IP address updater for use with Overplay's Smart DNS service.. Freeware download of Smart DNS 1.0.1, size 7.86 Mb.

Smarter DNS 1.1 VPNSecure 

VPN.S Smarter DNS allows you to access websites while you're abroad. Do you live in the USA or UK and are travelling overseas? Can't access your favourite streaming content?

You can register for a free account. The DNS based service which allows you to "update" your external IP address to our system and view country specific. Freeware download of Smarter DNS 1.1, size 11.85 Mb.

Cloud DNS Xtracut 

The only DNS Update client for CloudFlare with support for Automatic IP Detection and Live Tiles.

Version 1.0
-> Automatically detect your Current Public IP

Version 1.5
-> Various Bug Fixes
-> Live Tiles (All Sizes)
-> Fast App Switching
-> Compatible. Freeware download of Cloud DNS, size 1.05 Mb.

DNS Lookup Annie Tse 

This is a very simple and easy to use tool to perform DNS Lookup of hostname and resolve to the matching IP addresses.

Supports looking up of multiple IP addresses entries if applicable.

Please show support by rating this app!. Freeware download of DNS Lookup, size 1.05 Mb.

DNS Tools DNSSniffer 

DNS Check, Blacklist Check, DNS Tools, the DNS App from DNSSniffer has it all. With our DNS App you can check and troubleshoot DNS & mail server configurations.

Tools Summary :

DNS Check
- Run a full DNS Check for a domain.

Blacklist Check
- Check if a mail server is blacklisted. (checks over. Freeware download of DNS Tools, size 1.05 Mb.